A sword that has never been out of body experience has crossed in front of him.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 A sword that has never been out of body experience has crossed in front of him.

The swordsman in black, who was blocked in the road ahead, didn’t look at the left and right. He stared at the figure of the bar corridor, and the dark mask flashed with a slight sneer. The sound started "You can’t win"
"Know" A swordsman answered simply and flatly.
The swordsman in black stretched out his hand and flicked the sword, making a crisp sound and shaking off the rain curtain!
He still looked at the figure in the gallery not far away, puzzled. "I have always understood that the famous swordsman should be cold-blooded, but are you willing to lose your swordsmen’s identity because you have lost a small fish?"
And he looked askance at a swordsman.
A swordsman face stained with rain with a smile "seems really not worth it! But … at the moment, I feel that I have never been happy. Maybe I … am myself since I put that bamboo fishing rod.
Hey ~ I vaguely remember the day I killed my son myself. For a moment, I felt that I had become a cold-blooded swordsman like you. "
Then he looked at the woman’s eyes not far from the right with a soft light and apologetic. "But … I don’t want to be like you, but this is what I asked for, and I have nothing to say because everything I have done is hidden."
A woman’s smile is also apologetic to her eyes.
"Oh ~ ridiculous!" The swordsman in black looked around and looked at the vivid expressions of the two. "Is it still a swordsman if the swordsman has feelings?"
Women are still looking at Jia Judo. "You’re right. A swordsman is not a swordsman when he has feelings."
With that, she smiled as if it were a beautiful scene, mumbling, "After all, there are times when feelings are exhausted … at that time, fate came to an end. It is better to blame yourself for your beautiful exit, let mountains become mountains and rivers become waters, and never meet again."
This ….. should be us, right? "
The swordsman in black smiled and nodded. He turned and dragged his sword slowly backward. At the same time, he said in a deep and cold voice, "I can make my own sword with you, but you have humiliated the word’ swordsman’, which is why I am doing this."
Then he stopped two feet away and turned to stare at them. "You should know that my sword … is fast."
Armored swordsman draws his sword out of its sheath slowly in front of him, showing his edge and swaying, and he retreats from the wind and rain!
Binocular since the blade condensed sharp light sonorous way "this ….. this is also our reason"
The woman also refers to the shallow water blade that splits and scatters like a whirlpool toward the water surface!
The swordsman in black raised his dark sword over his head, and then his left hand slightly pressed the sword anticlinal finger, and the darkness around him was like a night arrival.
His figure is slightly arched and ready to hang his head and stare like an eagle’s eye. "Let’s die together too quickly ~"
This statement comes out!
Step ~
A swordsman has drawn out his long sword, like a dragonfly. The sword divides the rain curtain in the shallow water outside Zhang, and the sword screams’ 嗯嗯’ and comes straight.
Women also pedal splash like Xuan Nv for nine days, flying around, and the five-color dagger in the sleeve actually pulls the five-color silver silk thread to soar to the sky!
When she lifted her foot and stepped into the sky, she called the silk thread to pull up the zither ring and retreat from the rain!
Then the waist is like a willow, and the swan goose flapped its wings and spread its arms to the front wheel to attack.
Whoosh ~
The dagger flies like a shuttle from the sky, as if it were Fengming for nine days, reaching down and stabbing the black swordsman. The rain curtain scattered around the door, and the water ring screamed and screamed!
"Come on!" The swordsman in black pondered and drank bitterly.
At the same time, the wine shop gallery
The boy looked at the picture in the wind and rain and was shocked. "Are they fighting?"
The old wine leader said "business" without looking at it.
"business?" The teenager stared at the figure of three people in one place and worried that "they are weak and not rivals."
Wine head didn’t good the spirit turned supercilious look "they can’t you go? If you can’t even split the incense till now, I’ll get them? "
The teenager’s look is uncertain, and the wicker in his hand is clenched.
He suddenly said, "I don’t want them to die!" "
The old winehead looked strangely, "What?"
The teenager shook his head. "I don’t know a strange feeling …"
Then he looked at the old wine head and asked with expectation, "Old wine head, you can stop them. I know you can …"
Words haven’t say that finish wine head has suddenly jumped up and stay out of the way constantly shaking his head, "no, no, no, no, what are you kidding? I’m so old at this age that I’m going to burp. It’s not authentic for you to let the old son go. "
"Old thing!" Teenagers immediately pulled the ready to slip wine head nasty drink a way "don’t play dumb with me, you don’t I don’t know the two of them are very afraid of you, you must be very strong …"
"I am strong, you uncle!" Old wine head a lift the teenager flinched like a plague point warning repeatedly "silly little don’t break the rules, I tell you … this is their voluntary. If they can’t kill diva, you have to go to your uncle. I won’t raise you for nothing."
See the young man once again came to embrace a turn to escape the old wine head quickly, "if you are willing to make moves, I will be your uncle …"
"ah!" The old winehead suddenly turned back in astonishment. "Do you dare to take advantage of the old son and me, rabbit cub?"
The teenager made a slip of the tongue and suddenly changed his mouth. "Oh, no ~ Are you my uncle?" I am your grandson, I am so handsome, and you ugly old ghost can take advantage of it! "
The old winehead struggled to roll to the ground.
He turned crazy and swore, "Fuck you! Bah ~ old son, I don’t want you to be so stupid! "
Teenagers not only don’t give up, but also get old wine heads.
He shouted at each other’s ears, "I just won’t give up! You don’t help me, you don’t help me. "
The old wine head is like a four-legged turtle, and the prime minister’s limbs are struggling, but he can’t get rid of the boy who is not muddy like a turtle shell.
He was so miserable that his face turned red and scolded, "Why don’t you help yourself? Don’t pull the old man and me … Do you understand the rules?"
Seeing that the old wine head didn’t get into the teenager, he immediately made a vicious "good ~ rules, right?"
"Yes!" Not to mention, this old wine head also sticks to the rules and never lets go.
But the voice did not fall and the teenager threatened "line rules! I’m just going to see who will do business with you when you’re dead, you old thing. "
Said the boy was loose hands and feet picked up a side wicker will rush out of the corridor.
The wine drinker was shocked when he saw that this fool really wanted to die. He grabbed the teenager’s legs and threw himself down. At the same time, he embarrassed his face and said, "Ouch ~ you stubborn bastard …!"