Li Zhichang’s eyes are like a bottomless ancient well. With lady white snake’s eye, it is moving and sudden, but it is not touched.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿夜网 Li Zhichang’s eyes are like a bottomless ancient well. With lady white snake’s eye, it is moving and sudden, but it is not touched.

She said slowly, "You know better than me. Do you think he will come again today?"
Li Zhichang threw the paddle to lady white snake, but the distance between them was only one foot, and they could almost feel each other’s breathing.
Lady white snake can smell the fragrance of Li Zhichang, clean and clear. If there is no lust in the new vegetation in spring.
Li Zhichang pulled her hair with one hand and held her soft with the other, and looked at her deeply. lady white snake also looked at Li Zhichang’s eyes.
Strange and colorful, she knows how many past events Li Zhichang’s eyes hide.
Li Zhichang bowed her head and whispered in her crystal clear ear, "How can you be immortal if you have never experienced the world of mortals? How can you be willing to become immortal if you have really experienced the world of mortals? You are lucky to meet me."
Lady white snake has never tried to be so close to others, as still as water, and her mood is rippling and her ears are red, which she has never experienced.
Some are annoyed, some are sweet, and more are confused.
However, Li Zhichang stepped back and stayed away from her. lady white snake studied intensively. Although his mind fluctuated before, he quickly calmed down and looked at Li Zhichang and said, "What do you mean by Taoist friends?"
At this time, the thunder disappeared, and there was still heavy rain. It didn’t seem to change the whole world, so Wang Yang refused to give up.
Lady white snake saw Li Zhichang’s long black hair float back with negative hands, as if he had turned into an eternal sculpture, and the cosmic star was reflected in his deep eyes.
What a magnificent scene it is. In the vastness, there is a huge water-blue ball. Looking closer, there are mountains and rolling rivers on the surface of the ball. More importantly, there are many strange monsters on the surface of the ball in the blue water.
Lady white snake felt that the scenery in her eyes was getting bigger and bigger. Finally, she saw layers of high-rise buildings rising from the ground and many flying steel birds running around the iron box quickly. Finally, she fell into a strange building marked with a red cross, and then a bright baby was the last sound she heard in her thoughts.
In the real West Lake boat, lady white snake and Li Zhichang’s eyes are like holes.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six He turned from Monty to ask his predecessor
Li Zhichang said softly, "When Sakyamuni praised him, he was transformed. It seems that I have been treated as a Buddha since the day before."
Then I closed my eyes gently and it was absolutely dark.
Armageddon has long been unable to resist Li Zhichang, but it doesn’t mean that Li Zhichang’s coming to practice without disaster is smooth sailing.
Although there is no Armageddon, there is still Armageddon.
Monty’s physical hue is illusory and real, and it can’t be penetrated and will be in the future
Li Zhichang’s wonderful Tao is really extraordinary, and it can change ghosts and gods, and naturally there are monty obstacles.
However, Li Zhichang is not afraid, but borrows his power from monty to interpret the past and break the future.
It is the year 214, and the development of modern science and technology has already surpassed the imagination of the ancients. It is only a few hours to fly from Wudang Mountain to Rongcheng thousands of miles away.
A young man in a Chinese tunic suit walked out of Rongcheng International Airport, which was quite a progressive young man during the May 4th Movement, but it was very out of place in modern society.
It is the current fashion to put on strange clothes, and many young people wear anime costumes to walk in the street with a good name of Csplay.
Although the youth costume is prominent, it also attracts people to look at it more.
The young man’s name is Li Zhichang. He is an orphan and was adopted by an old Taoist priest in Wudang Mountain. Ten years ago, the old Taoist priest drove a crane to the west and left Wudang Mountain Taoist Temple for him to inherit.
Since he was a child, he has kept the Taoist temple, and he doesn’t feel that he is hard and has high medical skills. Even if he didn’t vigorously develop the Taoist temple map, he didn’t starve to death.
Recently, an old friend of his master called him and said that he was invited to teach at the university. He thought about it and answered.
After all, he is only in his early thirties. Recently, he has made great efforts to develop tourism. People come and go in Wudang Mountain. It’s better to walk around.
Although he is dressed in a Chinese tunic suit, he is not outdated at all. When WeChat and Weibo often play, they like to look at other people’s things and often dive by themselves.
Wearing a Chinese tunic suit is because he is used to wearing it, and there is no other reason.
Otherwise, if you wear the road, you will feel more conspicuous
Of course, he’s not keeping a low profile now, he just thinks of himself
I got a taxi outside the airport through taxi software, and Li Zhichang took it.
Lightly say "Go to the University of Chinese Medicine"
The place he is going to is Rongcheng University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is not 211, but it is also famous.
His teacher, the old friend, is the dean of the College of Chinese Medicine. He has seen it many times since he was a child.
Now college students’ enrollment expansion teaching is correspondingly heavier. The other party is busy with scientific research and is old and teaching, so they are a little overwhelmed and think of Li Zhichang.
At present, the threshold of university teachers is very high, so it is difficult to get in. However, since it is the president’s concession and Li Zhichang himself has not only obtained the qualification certificate of Chinese medicine practitioners, but also the master’s degree of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the school will naturally not object.
After all, it is an institutional society. If Li Zhichang wants to worry about food and clothing, it must follow the development of the times.
You know, Shaoshishan is really amazing, and all kinds of titles are string by string. Compared with that colleague, Li Zhichang’s title should not be too thin.
So is a good Li Zhichang. It is convenient to act, and there is not much to carry forward the meaning of the door. There is no envy, jealousy and hatred