"It’s not time yet. One day Emperor Wu will return, and then you will wait for dusk."

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Wang Bo said that they have shrunk to the dark forces in the large array, and they can’t resist being polluted or hit hard if they touch it.
What makes the dark fairy emperor dissatisfied is that these people are not frightened by approaching death, but they are determined and sarcastic, as if seeing their own end made him a little angry.
"It’s just the psychological comfort of the weak when it’s not time to repay the cause and effect. If you say that Emperor Wu is still alive, let me see?"
The sound was full of banter, and he seemed a little tired of manipulating the darkness to engulf everyone.
But in a moment, a huge soul will come, and the spiritual force in the virtual space will become vertical, and the extremely strong pressure will materialize, just like the heavy rain and the sword rain.
This overbearing soul is shrouded in darkness, and suddenly it breaks and explodes. The smoke falls with the spirit and is crushed into a dark knife by that soul.
That’s thrilling, including the murder of the soul. It didn’t happen. It was the soul that brought the general trend and defeated the attack of the dark fairy emperor!
At the other end of the distant long river, there seems to be a strong man coming and echoing the world.
"oh? I heard that … you wanted to see me? "
Chapter one thousand six hundred and forty-seven Emperor Wu is dead?
When the footsteps are shaking, the waves of the long river of time beat against that figure, just like shooting an eternal reef.
Ripples reverberate all over the vast territory, and it seems that the atmosphere of men has enveloped it.
The soul of the furious enemy brought the most direct pressure to stop the fighting creatures in the battlefield
The dark creatures can’t stop shivering and kneeling. The peerless majesty is fighting in the distance. The strange immortals are also attracted to look at the long river of time.
There is a figure in the depths of the dark and red fog in the monstrous waves. It seems that there is no need to tell anything when coming from the past. Even people who have never seen the newcomers can remember the old saying.
The first fire fell, so the mountain peaks that stood forever collapsed and the tide of extinction hit the crimson end, and an indescribable creature woke up to kill all opponents in front of him.
"What is man! ? Are you strong from the past? "
Against the emperor, a dark fairy frowned and said, this is really an unexpected variable
Since ancient times, there have been few things about traveling by oneself and killing others, because it is possible for the world to interfere when it needs to do something in its time, and then it is necessary to travel by itself.
Once there is a situation that needs to be dealt with personally, it is either the time span is too far away and the historical correction force makes it difficult for him to interfere in the future by natural evolution, or it is only when the object involved reaches the level of immortal emperor that the river is the only one that cannot easily erase the past that needs to be confronted in person.
However, this situation is still rare because the strong can live to the present and then fight. For their immortal creatures, there is almost no secret in the long river. How many creatures at the same level don’t say that they can see it at a glance, but they are not much different.
How many people are there in the world’s strongest? They all know it. It is unlikely that an unknown powerful creature will suddenly appear.
But at this time, there was an accident. After they considered it, the strong man suddenly intervened in the battle. He actually swam from the long river of time with the momentum of the enemy.
"Is a fairy emperor without falling? But he is not in the world? "
A great emperor confronted the dark fairy emperor and wondered if it was abnormal.
Because reaching the immortal level can be said to be a practice in the direction of’ determining the fruit’, that is to say, if an immortal emperor’s past time has fallen, it is difficult for him to go to his death.
In other words, his "future" is really gone, so he can’t look at the long river of time and follow-up history, and this kind of thing is also very mysterious
Before the death of every immortal emperor, it was’ normal’. After a certain node was killed, it would radiate from the node and there would be a situation where the law could not see the long river of follow-up time.
That is to say, for their strange group of dark immortals, they can also know whether they will die in the future by observing the long river of time, and the reference significance to their creatures at this stage becomes weaker, and as a result, the variable nodes will be more important.
Generally speaking, it is difficult for past creatures to cross a long river and come to their own future. Because of that, they are not so high-minded. Theoretically, even their ancestors can’t do it. This is the realm that their ancestors pursued, that is, the realm that they really didn’t.
For example, if they killed Ye Tiandi, the celestial emperor, and Ye Tiandi was still alive a year ago, he swam from Shichanghe to fight with them, and he also came to fight two years ago and three years ago, and his opponent would be killed endlessly.
Generally speaking, there will be no situation in which the dead cross the long river in the past
And if this creature is still alive, he doesn’t have to do it. He just has to do it himself, and he doesn’t bear the causal force.
Therefore, the strange fairy emperors will be confused and look dignified and look at the biggest variable from the other end of the long river.