I want to be in the palm vortex, and he faces the same pressure.


Li Zhichang held out his hand and was greeted by a finger. All the palm strength suddenly vanished.
And Li Zhichang’s forefinger and middle finger are close together, and just click the Laogong point in the palm of his hand.
Xue Yiren’s sword is also drawn.
His sword came not at Li Zhichang, but at this sneak attack.
This man’s face is seven points similar to Xue Yi’s. The only difference is that this man is much fatter.
Sword rack This man neck Li Zhichang withdrew his finger.
He said lightly, "Why do you do it now? It’s still too obvious that your hand has only been practicing for seven minutes."
This man is none other than Xue Yiren’s brother, Xue Baobao, the second owner of Xuejiazhuang, and also the leader behind the assassination plot.
Xue Yiren said, "I should have thought that you came from something else."
Li Zhichang said, "Do you know that he practices’ Heaven and Jedi Destroy Big Hands’?"
Xue Yiren said "know"
Xue Baobao said, "I don’t want you to suffer for me."
He sneered at Li Zhichang again, "I’ve investigated your desert expulsion of Shi Guanyin from Dongdu Fusang since the assassination of you failed. It’s really amazing. I won’t be lucky to think that you won’t bother me. Thanks to you, I can make up my mind to practice this narrow escape. It’s a pity that the only thing I didn’t count is that you came so early."
Chapter sixty-two A debt of gratitude
The decisive battle between the white man and the Xue Yi man has caused a sensation in the Jianghu, and no one is not looking forward to the epic war in a few months.
In January, the white man became a swordsman in the Jianghu, second only to Xue Yi.
No one knows his origin and name, and no one knows his age.
But no one dares to underestimate him.
No one should look down on anyone who can take the lives of thirteen extremely good swordsmen in January.
People in white love to wear coarse clothes. People in white Xue Yi are red as blood after every decisive battle.
Both white and bloody have something to do with death.
Mourning is white blood that brings death.
One of them is doomed to die.
But it is estimated that no one knows that the white man just wants to sacrifice the sword with the blood of Xue Yi and the thirteen swordsmen.
Is to challenge a person.
Most Jianghu people have heard of this man, that is, Li Zhichang, a great celebrity today.
Except for a few people, I’m afraid no one knows how powerful Li Zhichang really is
It’s hard to say exactly what kind of person Li Zhichang is.
In his life, he has never met an unsolvable problem or experienced despair.
He also met many dangers, but he always saved the day.
And in recent years, many situations that were dangerous to others have become insignificant to him.
Even if there is a white man who may be able to hurt him, he is not at ease
Perhaps it is a novel experience to feel setbacks after a long time.
In April, everyone is full of flowers in the mountain temple.
Li Zhichang and Shi Xiuyun had a fling at the end of April.
There is nothing wrong with this dew love, but Li Zhichang has a feeling of derailment
Although he hasn’t seen his wife Shi Qingxuan for a long time.
This long period of time is enough for an ordinary person to live from birth to marriage.
Shi Qingxuan’s other world may not be immortal, but Shi Xiuyun must not be immortal. Perhaps this is the real reason why he and Shi Xiuyun can’t be together.
If a man doesn’t want to be with a woman, he can always find a reason