However, due to the barrier barrier, Langtaolin is burning and blocking the line of sight, and the outside world has not noticed what happened here at all.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 However, due to the barrier barrier, Langtaolin is burning and blocking the line of sight, and the outside world has not noticed what happened here at all.

Chapter 32 Pretty, Stupid, Crazy, Top Five
Smell the list of Zhang Xu’s high streamers at the foot of the mountain.
At the moment, the name of Taomian is still at the top of the list, and the name of Longqiu Feihuang is also closely followed by the names of the last two people. That means that the number of broken arrays has been kept at’ 11′ for nearly two times.
Obviously, Taomian man has broken the twelfth array, which is also the last obstacle to climbing the mountain.
Once this battle is solved, they will be blocked in front of them, and they can step on the top of the mountain and fight for the championship …
Everyone knows that the sooner you break the array and complete the mountain climbing, the more strength you have, the more favorable it will be for the final competition of the platform.
What is the cultivation strength of Taomian people? They don’t know, but the strength of Emperor Longqiu Feihuang is obvious to all. Once Dengfeng Doutai is built, I’m afraid a few people who have heard of it will be able to compete.
At the moment, someone outside the stadium has been clamoring to bet!
See a fat big stone holding a half-man high-stakes card and yelling, "Come on, let the top five experts have gone out in the end. Who will eventually spend it?" It depends on your luck. Come on ~! Peach face with a hundred … "
At the moment, I bet that the Dragon Hill Flying Emperor is the least in Sangkeer Baicheng, but the first … Peach Face Man!
Obviously, it seems to everyone that Taomian is Longqiu’s guest. Once you reach the top, you will probably help the young master win the championship. How can you steal the limelight of the young master yourself?
At this time, there was a Wuma clan who asked in a loud voice, "There is no ghost face?" I want to bet a ghost looks unfamiliar! "
Ha, ha, ha ~ There was a sudden burst of teasing around.
The fat man knows that he is Wuma’s brother when he sees that his nails are black, but he should be unpopular in coarse clothes.
I don’t despise this fat man, but I smiled and persuaded him, "I said, are you stupid?" The ghost face didn’t even make it to the top five and couldn’t work hard. Even if he had to climb to the top of the mountain, how could he be the enemy of the peach face? "
Then he patted his big belly proudly and said, "Don’t bet a ghost face on a little baby after listening to my brother’s words."
Seeing the little guy rubbing his nose, frowning and fat, he didn’t know which one to choose.
Seeing this, he pointed to Wuma Huan, who ranked seventh in the list, and smiled, "Wuma Jia Xiaoer, are you trying to make a ghost look unfamiliar anyway?"
The Wuma clan saw that the little frown was even heavier. Seeing his stubbornness, he said, "I don’t want Wuma to suppress that silly hum! Can you ordinary people have better eyes than the queen and the goddess? No, I’ll bet the ghost looks unfamiliar. "
When I saw that my kindness was taken as a donkey’s liver and lungs, the fat man suddenly spat, "Hey ~ stubborn! I don’t think you should call Wu Ma a stubborn donkey! Twist it, right? You bet you a escort … You’re a grandson. "
With that, he accepted the poor crystal of Wuma, and at the same time added the name of the ghost face to the chip.
And then suddenly off-site broke out in alarm!
"Look! The ghost face jumped from the sixth to the fourth! "
All the people looked askance at the smell list.
At the same time, the sixth Wuma Zun little master actually logged into the top five and forcefully squeezed Sanggudi!
This is unexpected!
The fat one immediately looked at Dashizheng and smiled naively. "Hey ~ you have a little eye! But even if such a fat brother tells you that it is not a big face to win … "
Wu Ma looked up before the fat man finished, and he smiled and stretched out his hand and wiped his nose. "But if you win, you can practice without looking at people’s faces … Mother doesn’t work hard."
The fat man looked at the child’s immature face, seven points naive and three points hidden, which should not be mature at this age.
Seeing this, he secretly sighed,’ The world envies the aristocratic family but doesn’t know that there are also people who suffer. It’s silly to be such a sensible child, but it’s down and out … Alas ~’
Almost all the Tianling people know that Wuma’s young master Wuma’s brain is not very bright. Although the ancestral help in repairing the array is not bad, after all, the IQ is touching. Is it difficult for Wuma to let a fool be the master in the end?
At the moment, it’s silly in everyone’s eyes but it’s in the top five, which is a little hard to accept!
Smile when you see the terrace queen quietly elegant. "It’s gratifying that the wizard teaches well and doesn’t want to save the master’s wisdom if he is stupid."
After pondering for a moment, the wizard giggled deeply and laughed. "It may be a fluke for her to praise her in seconds."
Long Qiu Bai caresses his beard, but it seems otherwise. "Aye ~ The wizard is modest. I think the young master looks dull, but his qualifications are still wonderful. Has he entered the third stage? If not, how can we enter the top five? Shame on the name of the Lord! "