The first chapter today and tomorrow


Stretching rivers and lush forests.
Day after day, the day is more intense.
Li Zhichang looked at all this scenery as if it were no different from the original crossing the world
However, the vitality here is really strong and intoxicating. If the vitality of the Datang world is like a river, it is a vast sea.
However, he has realized that heaven and humanity have not helped him as much as he thought.
Li Zhichang suddenly thought of what robe sleeve with a wave of his hand to reveal a three-inch deep stripes.
He mused a little that the geology here seems to be more solid than the past world.
It’s no wonder that the vitality of heaven and earth is too strong, which will naturally make the world’s materials change wonderfully. Li Zhichang’s toes are a little light, and if she has a feather, she actually wanders for miles before she takes a breath.
He suddenly laughed and remembered this passage when he was reading Journey to the West.
The ancestor said, "Have you realized what happened?" Enlightenment: "Master Hai Endi’s achievements are complete, and he has been able to lift clouds and soar." The ancestor said, "Show me your flight test." Enlightenment made a shrug and jumped off the ground for five or six feet. When he stepped on Yunxia to hook a meal, he came back three miles away with his hand. "Master, this is flying and soaring clouds." The ancestor laughed. "This is not a cloud climbing."
Now he’s as close as a monkey climbing a cloud in a vertical number. Li Zhichang can’t help but have his heart broken.
Although he has the realm of heaven and man now, he can stand in vain, but it can’t last forever, and it’s also a big luck that the lightness skill method can consume very little and last forever
This world is not for him to go to the world after he was broken. When he was broken, the power of the mysterious stone room suddenly appeared again, which bound him and failed to let him enter that world. In fact, he would not be willing to continue to be manipulated by the mysterious stone room at this point today, and he also realized that the power broke away from the shackles of the mysterious stone room and fell into an unknown time.
Up to now, he has made it clear that the virtual strength of stone crushing is as vast and unpredictable as that of his crushing.
And the mysterious stone chamber can send him to a certain world at will, and he doesn’t have the ability yet. Obviously, this involves another mysterious truth
He secretly guessed that this should be related to spiritual practice to a certain extent, and people can be dragged back by wandering the heavens and the earth through consciousness.
However, these things are not what he is thinking now. He wants to see what kind of world this world is. He doesn’t want to break away again because he can’t figure out the mysterious stone room that prevented him from going to the other side of the world.
Now he has been able to make a fairy gate away from this world at any time, because he has mastered this power. If he does not understand this, even if the power is strong, it will not be broken.
The mysterious stone chamber is still with him, but after he came to this world, there is nothing strange and nothing to show in the stone chamber.
He has a feeling that if he doesn’t insist on going to that mysterious stone room on the other side, he may leave him alone.
Or is there any unspeakable risk for him on the mysterious other side?
Li Zhichang was surprised that the eagle was able to bring the eagle knife back from that world and tell the eagle edge that the eagle in that world had a good life.
The mysterious stone room wants to stop him. The mysterious stone room can’t answer him. Everything can be explored by Li Zhichang himself
Surrounded by forests and rivers as far as the eye can see, Li Zhichang doesn’t know whether this place is natural or where there are people.
He closed his eyes a little and soon chose a direction to go.
As he expected, people can be seen within a hundred miles.
It didn’t take him much time to spend a hundred miles in his capability. A male city suddenly appeared in front of him.
The only thing that surprised Li Zhichang was that the city was as high as thirty feet, which was quite spectacular.
At the gate of the city, there are two ancient seals, Li Zhichang, who is well-read and vaguely guessed that this is the word "Huiji".
When the sergeant guarding the city questioned the passers-by, Li Zhichang quietly entered the city like a breeze.
If what he expected is not bad, if the history of this world is the same as going to the world, this meeting will also be regarded as the lush mountains and rivers seen in front of the south of the Yangtze River, and there are indeed some southern landforms
However, there are still some deviations from his memory. He didn’t think this is Jiangnan when he first arrived here.
After entering the city, Li Zhichang went to the pub. There is no place where it is easier to get information than the pub.
The bartender speaks wuyue, which further confirms Li Zhichang’s guess.
When he got along with Wang Yuyan for a while, Wang Yuyan was born in Jiangnan, and occasionally Wu Nong’s soft language appeared. Li Zhichang was very clever and found out that Wu Yue, who was familiar with it, naturally could not beat him.
Li Zhichang is also a Wu Yue language. He wants a pot of wine and a piece of meat. Xiao Er is curious about his dressing, but he didn’t ask.
Seems to be seeing something strange.
Li Zhichang looked at the scene but didn’t say anything. He drank a large piece of meat and listened to the people around him.
Soon after, a pot of wine was cut and the meat was eaten.
Li Zhichang doesn’t renew meat or wine, so he just sits and looks calm. It’s not good for Xiao Er and the shopkeeper to come and ask him to pay first. I don’t know if Xiao Er and the shopkeeper are afraid of his sword or see that he is distinguished or both.
At this time, a young man with the appearance of a white scribe came to the pub. Obviously, the restaurant recognized him and specially found him the cleanest table.
When the scribes in white came to the pub, the alto became noisy.
Obviously, many people here know him, but no one greets him, which is quite strange.
At this time, the white scribes called Xiao Er and pointed to Li Zhichang to say a few words.
Li Zhichang’s hearing and other severe natural words clearly got up and came to the white table of the scribes. Shi Shiran sat down slowly and said, "Brother, please buy me a drink. Thank you for not bothering me. It’s only fun to drink together."
The scribes in white were a little surprised. He just had a weak voice and there was a noise in the pub. Li Zhichang heard him secretly thinking that he had met a strange man, but he was still calm. "My dear friend, I don’t know which country Gao Shi didn’t recognize him because he was blind?"
Obviously, this white-clad scribe is conceited and knows a lot about people in heaven.
Chapter II Wu Yuezheng
Li Zhichang did not deliberately hide it, but simply said, "Being original in Li Zhichang countries."
The scribes in white were a little surprised to hear Li Zhichang claim to be original, but he thought that although he spoke good Wu Yue language, he didn’t look like an ordinary person. He claimed to be original, but this title was not owned by Shandong countries.
Li Zhi often said that the scribes in white clothes in his country were also careless.
His mind turned so fast that he replied, "Fan Li."