Seeing Su Mo’s puzzled face, he explained that "this evil spirit fruit is extremely rare, and it can only be bred after several years in the most intense place."

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿夜网 Seeing Su Mo’s puzzled face, he explained that "this evil spirit fruit is extremely rare, and it can only be bred after several years in the most intense place."

"Evil spirit fruit is a poisonous fruit for most monks to swallow and die! However, if you step into Mahayana and go through the three disasters of the avatar robbery, the evil spirit fruit can work wonders! "
"Du Jie’s success rate has increased by at least 30%!"
There is definitely no such thing in mainland China.
Because the conditions for breeding evil spirits are too harsh, even the environment like Dagan ruins can’t be bred!
It is possible to have the Kunlun market!
As the old man said, there is a combination of danger and opportunity in Kunlun market
Su Mo didn’t speak, but frowned slightly and looked at this evil spirit fruit thoughtfully.
Nianqi has stepped forward to pick this evil spirit fruit.
"Don’t move!"
"Look out!"
Just then, the two tones sounded almost simultaneously.
The first warning was Su Mo.
The second is a strange sound.
At this time, the change suddenly rises!
Nian Qi’s feet suddenly cracked on the ground, and a pair of them were sharper than cold light and flashed towards Nian Qi’s figure to slay the past!
Read march heard Sue ink warning ready to jump to look.
In that crack on the ground, a huge red-backed centipede climbed out for dozens of feet, chasing the middle school and biting it!
This red-backed centipede repair has been cultivated to a perfect fit!
If it’s a big demon domain, it’s also a fierce beast with terrible fighting power!
Although Nianqi has just stepped into the fit, her body is full of half the blood of God, and she is angry with the blood. In the palm of her mana, a big sword that is blazing and dazzling shines brightly!
Nian Qi holds a sword in both hands and cuts off the centipede with Fang Chi’s back!
Qiang Qiang!
This big sword, the centipede with red back, didn’t kill it, but sparked a series of sparks!
Red-backed centipede likes to eat and corrode. I don’t know how many years it has been invulnerable to practice in this ruin.
Nianqi didn’t panic and disperse the big sword, which directly prompted the blood vision. An ancient atmospheric pyramid emerged, and a half-median pyramid of creatures worshiped!
The pyramid is severely suppressed towards the red-backed centipede!
Red-backed centipede mourns
Although its body is not afraid of the sharp edge, this pyramid carries a terrible threat and weighs a lot of repression to directly smash its body in half!
Black blood spewed everywhere!
The black blood of the centipede with red back contains high toxicity, which can easily poison a combined power.
Red-backed centipede gulps out a dark poisonous fog, and then shakes half of its body to drill back into the cracks and escape.
Nian Qi is burdened with protoss blood, which washes away these poisonous fog and blood roots.
Nianqi’s body fell and rushed instantly. He grabbed the centipede with his bare hands and dragged it out of the cracks!
Among the nine fierce families, the protoss’ flesh and blood are all the top dragons!
Although the body of the red-backed centipede is huge, its strength is not comparable to Nianqi!
Nianqi dragged the red-backed centipede out and fell to the ground. The pyramid came down again and suppressed it to directly crush the red-backed centipede into a ball of blood mud!
This fierce counterattack shows that Nianqi has great means and fighting talent!
Even Su Mo nodded secretly.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventy-nine Bones word