After the rotation of the four emperors,
Heaven is going to return.
Because this is the deadline.
If Heaven of Science has not returned by this time, the rotation of the throne will become a routine that day, and Heaven of Science will be in the position again.
Make great contributions
Instead of benefiting.
And lost his inheritance.
This theory doesn’t make sense.
Heaven will never allow this to happen.
Merit must be rewarded.
Guilt must be punished.
Naitiandao root
Never change!
Respect the throne of heaven
It’s already the limit of Feng Zichen’s planning.
Of course, he is also very satisfied with this
The bigger things get.
The more difficulties you encounter.
Like this, how can it be smooth sailing to transform the flood power from "public heaven" (flood) into "family heaven" (terran)?
It should be difficult!
If it is easy to do it, Feng Zichen will be suspicious and feel that there are risks he doesn’t know or someone has calculated it.
Every cause has its consequences!
This world
There is no such thing as pie.
If there is, there must be something unknown, and planning the future is bound to pay an unimaginable price.
Something that succeed too easily.
On the contrary, it makes people feel insecure.
For example, Feng Zichen, who won the ninth statue of Heaven Emperor, has a clue for the time being.
It doesn’t matter
There’s still a long way to go.
There will always be opportunities.
After all, even in the eyes of the great avatar, the Terran is also a six-god emperor instead of a god emperor.
The gap between the two statues
Enough to let them relax their vigilance.
It can be said that if the wind Zichen vest does not expose the great magical powers, the vigilance of Terran will not reach the highest level.
Acceptable seventh Terran Emperor of Heaven
After all, it is much easier to accept that there is still a gap between them and the fact that the Terran gave birth to seven emperors instead of nine.
Chapter six hundred and forty-six Enlightenment
If Feng Zichen’s vest is exposed,
The impact is undoubtedly enormous.
Not to mention that people will treat Feng Zichen like this, saying that after this incident is exposed, they will definitely stare at the Terran and will never give it the possibility of continuing to appear.