Boundary markers indicate that this is the territory of the Green Empire.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网喝茶品茶联系方式, 桑拿夜网 Boundary markers indicate that this is the territory of the Green Empire.

After everything was settled, the quarry owner personally sent Surdak out of the gate.
Then he waited at the gate of the quarry for a long time until Surdak disappeared from the mountain road on horseback, and he turned back to the quarry.
Surdak gets Inver cargill World of Warcraft Forest Extension.
The fact is that this forest of Warcraft has nothing to expand since the ant tide broke up that day.
Those returning to Warcraft in the forest can’t stop Andrew and his cavalry battalion. Many Warcraft were hunted by Andrew and Samira in turn, and some of them were forced to escape from Inver cargill Forest.
Thirty-seven indigenous tribes here in Surdak signed a peace contract
At present, he already owns the forest of Warcraft in Inver cargill.
The indigenous tribe that signed the contract has actually been regarded as his peerage.
They live in this territory and pay taxes to Surdak according to the laws of the Green Empire.
However, the contract signed by Surdak not only did not require these indigenous tribes to pay taxes, but also required him to draw 37 pieces of territory from this part of his own territory for these indigenous tribes to operate.
According to the contract, these indigenous tribes are completely autonomous, and they send their young people to the private army of Lord Surdak every year
And Surdak also made a face-to-face promise that’ every young tribe needs to serve for four years to obtain imperial citizenship, and the achievements in the army will be a very considerable wealth’
This time, Surdak will not only build a copper mine in the forest of Warcraft in Inver cargill, but also bury many boundary pillars at the border of the forest of Warcraft in Inver cargill.
This belt for called’ Inver cargill’ stretch for more than 600 kilometers, starting from that north-south depth of Xi ‘anya swamp in Sanhe Rift Valley in the east, although it is slightly narrower, it is also more than 300 kilometers long.
If you want to include this area in Surdak, you need to bury a boundary pillar every 500 meters along the boundary line.
This calculation requires more than 2,600 boundary markers and nearly 1,300 kilometers of forest border.
I’m afraid it will take half a year to lay these boundary pillars by Surdak’s own cavalry battalion alone.
Of course, this is also the largest single engraving stone tablet business received by the quarry in Duodan Town in recent years, and each stone tablet has an independent number.
Ten thunder rhinoceros set out from Duodan Town with 2,600 boundary markers, and entered and grew new Ye Er Inver cargill Warcraft Forest via Duodan Canyon hilly land. At present, there are 23 indigenous tribes in the hilly land, and more than 14 indigenous tribes are distributed in the dense forest in the middle section of Inver cargill Warcraft Forest.
Surdak, this time, Thunder rhinoceros sent these stone tablets to the border line of Warcraft Forest in Inver, cargill, and buried these boundary tablets to be handed over to these fourteen indigenous tribes.
Of course, this is not for these indigenous tribes to make any compensation.
Surdak has prepared a lot of wheat flour, and every time a boundary pillar is buried, the indigenous people will get a bag of wheat flour.
This time, Suldak entered the forest of Inver cargill with ten thunder rhinoceroses. In addition to sending the boundary markers to the indigenous tribes, the heads of each indigenous tribe should make sure that they need to manage the land.
He wants to expand the fertile land in Inver cargill forest and remove those into the badlands from the public domain.
It is this scattered territorial division that has brought considerable trouble to the territorial division of Surdak Inver cargill Forest.
Except for the territory occupied by 37 indigenous tribes, it is not too much for Surdak to choose his own territory, except for the two most important copper-iron ore areas and the dense forests buried with iron trees. The remaining territorial base is to connect the land occupied by these 37 indigenous tribes into a large piece as much as possible.
Surdak has been busy in the forest of Inver cargill for more than a month just because of the demarcation of territory and the establishment of boundary pillars.
The hills and mountains almost completely extend into the territory, and the Inver cargill forest is divided into pieces. The map distribution of the territory is a bit like the pattern of black and white cows.
He slept in the forest and lost two laps, and his skin color became wheat, but he looked more energetic.
During this period, he also took time off to live here in the copper mine for a few days. The copper mine has not been officially mined, but a large shed has been built in the south of the mining area. Several tribal aborigines have tried to dig some ore and piled it up in front of the shed.
Surdak plans to go back to Benazir Province and hire a mining manager to help him manage the mining area here.
Suldake, the iron ore vein, just circled the land, and it will not be possible to further develop the iron ore area until the copper mine area is in normal operation
And those preciou Timur Dak buried in that edge of the dark worm valley just pas by when transporting the boundary pillar.
Surdak reluctantly chose a section to cut off the ironwood crown saw and then transported it back to Duodan Town by ten thunder rhinoceros respectively.
Chapter 75 Weighing measurement
Just a piece of wood is almost rotten and clean, and most of those seven branches of ironwood have been buried in the soil.
Now these old ironwood covered with green moss have been dug up by cavalry, and each piece is as heavy as a stone. After finishing, it is tied into a whole bundle and put into the shelf of Thunder rhinoceros.
At this time, it is difficult for such a large thunder rhinoceros to travel through such a dense forest.
But now different red ants with ghost patterns have cleaned this forest, and almost all the trees and leaves have been eaten clean.
After the ant tide, some trees sprouted again, while others died completely.
The forest is full of these dead trees, and it is precisely because of these dead trees that these thunder rhinos can walk through the gaps in the forest.