Baron Sidney has a deep hatred for these hyenas in Gandaier Mountain. The soldiers are hunting red-eyed hyenas in the mountains, and even if they return to camp later, they are usually not held accountable.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所, 桑拿夜网 Baron Sidney has a deep hatred for these hyenas in Gandaier Mountain. The soldiers are hunting red-eyed hyenas in the mountains, and even if they return to camp later, they are usually not held accountable.

Boqiang looked at discarding these fish skeletons in the floodplain and suddenly thought of the invitation of the indigenous tribe Enoch Atind Lala wizard.
The great wizard asked him to sit in the aboriginal tribe sometimes. Now that his body has recovered, he should go to the aboriginal village to express his gratitude to the wizard Enoch Atind. Now that he has come to the valley, he might as well take this opportunity to visit the great wizard in the aboriginal village and casually ask the natives to carry these fish skeletons back by the river bank.
Indigenous people don’t dislike these delicious Tim fish skeletons.
The second group of soldiers had to return to the barracks in a limited time, so it was impossible for Boqiang to go to the indigenous village together.
Bo Qiang said that the soldiers of the second group were separated by the Surdake River and returned to the camp all night. Bo Qiang went to the indigenous tribe alone.
The mountain forest is covered with faint morning fog, and the morning sun has not yet climbed the mountain. The grass in Lianglin is full of dew, and even if you wear long boots and trousers, you can avoid being wet by dew.
A drop of water the size of a bean fell from the sky and hit Bo Qiang’s nose and bones. Bo Qiang looked up and the branches shook violently. A few flower-tailed pandas quickly got into the dense canopy, and the dew on the leaves was dusted off one after another, just like a torrential rain swept Bo Qiang all over.
A few times ago, as the second group walked through the dense forest, it was rare to see so many little animals in the forest. This time, they walked alone in the dense forest. Those little animals had no fear, but all the way was full of all kinds of fun and distress.
Bo Qiang dialed the hair stain with a wry smile and figured that he should not go too far to reach the indigenous village.
Boqiang indigenous village has lived for half a month, and he is also very familiar with this valley. He saw two 50-60-meter-high observation trees at the entrance of the indigenous village far away. He found a big raised rock and waved to the two observation trees vigorously.
Then came a loud whistle. Apparently, the natives of the lookout tree also saw Boqiang. This whistle was obviously a greeting.
When Boqiang walked to the entrance of the village with Tim fish on his back, Molly, an indigenous girl, ran out of the village like a cheerful deer, swinging a small braid and crashing into Boqiang’s arms, giving Boqiang a big hug. Her bright green eyes were as clean and clear as a clear spring in a mountain stream.
Molly, a young girl, saw Bo Qiang carrying a linen bag and immediately took it and pulled him to the village.
This time, in order to support Boqiang’s indigenous village, Surdak put the second group of soldiers together with the marching rations department to make half a bag of dry food, and let Boqiang take it with him and give it to Boqiang privately, which is a gift from Boqiang to visit the wizard of Enoch Atind.
Walking to the village, Boqiang found that Molly, a young girl, was still wet, wearing a simple tubular fur skirt and her hair was full of water droplets, which looked like she had just taken a shower.
Molly, a young girl, took him to the thatched wooden house where he lived. The indigenous language told Boqiang Enoch that the wizard of Lala, Atind, is currently worshipping the gods and demons, and he can’t meet himself until the worship of other wizards is over.
Haoboqiang already has a little knowledge of indigenous language, which is a guess to understand the meaning of indigenous girls.
Then Boqiang also picked up a piece of charcoal in the fireplace in the wooden house, and then slowly drew a river valley, a mountain forest and an indigenous village. A few strokes were drawn near the river valley, and a series of gestures told the indigenous girls to let the indigenous women go to the river to pick up those Tim fish bones.
Good indigenous girl is smart. After watching for a long time, Bai Boqiang finally said that she wanted them to move and eat. The indigenous girl couldn’t help but give Bo Qiang a big hug again and then took Bo Qiang outside the cabin without hesitation.
Bo Qiang also girl Molly took him to see Enoch Atind, a wizard, and did not refuse to follow her to the hillside.
But after walking halfway, Molly, a young girl, suddenly took him to a village and turned to a fork in the road. Not far away, she heard the sound of a stream gurgling in front of her. After turning a wooden house, she came into view. Bo Qiang almost sprayed nosebleeds to see a group of indigenous women taking a bath in a river stream. Not far away, there were indigenous children swimming in the stream. Some indigenous hunters sat on the grass by the stream and cut wooden arrows.
Molly, a young girl, ran to the stream without suspicion and spoke a series of aboriginal languages to those aboriginal women quickly.
Before Boqiang could react, more than a dozen young and strong indigenous women rushed to the village and disappeared in an instant.
Bo Qiang is like a radical, and no one cares about him.
When the girl Molly remembered to take him to meet the wizard of Enoch Atind, Boqiang sat in the wooden house and waited drowsily …
Chapter 55 Light species
Enoch Atind was very happy when he saw Boqiang on the wooden steps at the entrance of the wizard’s big wooden house.
Ask Molly, an indigenous girl, to take out a green iguana to entertain Boqiang.
Watching this three-foot-long green iguana with its head cut off alive, its body parts chopped into sticks by stringing branches of Sophora japonica, and boiling hot water to iron off its hard cuticle to get rid of the dirt, stuffed it into a bundle of unknown herbs, white and delicate lizard meat, smeared with some strange spices, and barbecued it on a fire pit.
Bo Qiang’s stomach twitched at the thought that he might eat this lizard later.
Enoch Atind, the wizard of Lala, smiled even more brightly when he saw Bo Qiang take out a gift on the leather mat.
She leaned in and said a bunch of aboriginal words to Bo Qiang, which made Bo Qiang confused.
I have studied indigenous languages for half a month, and I can communicate with them simply, but now I seem to take it for granted.
Molly, a clever indigenous girl, saw that Bo Qiang’s face was embarrassed and quickly helped translate it from the side. Molly kept gesturing and disassembling it into simple words to make Bo Qiang come over for nothing. The wizard said that Bo Qiang was a fiend and chose a relative, so he was an indigenous friend of Handanar County.
Then Enoch Atind Lala wizard put the green iguana in the wooden pallet and led Bo Qiang into a cabin on one side.
Molly, an indigenous girl, stayed outside and stared at Boqiang with envy.
This bedroom log cabin is less than 20 square meters in length. The circular room is covered with exquisite straw mats, and the walls are clean. A beam of light shines into the straw mats from the circular hole in the roof to form an oval spot.
There is a shrine in the room with an ivory sculpture in it
The ivory sculpture has a long history, and the whole sculpture is yellow. Although the carving technique is very bad, it can be seen at a glance that it is a statue of a fiend.
Enoch Atind Lala wizard walked to the front of the shrine, bowed down and saluted, and then called Boqiang to sit there.
Molly, an indigenous girl, can’t understand what the wizard said without Boqiang here. She can sit down according to the wizard’s orders.
The wizard sat cross-legged in front of the shrine and recited a spell to the shrine while shaking like seaweed. When she finished reciting the spell, she put the tray in her hand in the shrine. At this time, the statue of the shrine lit up again with a beam of light. Soon the green iguana’s head disappeared before Boqiang’s eyes.
A light came in from the circular window in the ceiling, and the virtual shadow of a double-sided four-armed fiend appeared again in the light beam of the wizard’s hood. Perhaps the sacrifice was too shabby, and the virtual shadow of the fiend was as high as that of ordinary people.
The virtual shadow quickly merged with the wizard, and then the wizard opened his eyes again. Her eyes fluctuated and she stared at Bo Qiang coldly.
The wizard’s cold eyes watched Boqiang’s body gradually become penetrating, and the virtual shadow in the sea appeared behind him.