"Don’t worry. If Empress Hou doesn’t agree with you, let him recommend someone to choose."

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Shook his head and the wind zichen said without meaning
Then he disappeared without waiting for everyone to reply.
"You Taoist friends will leave it to you to wait for me before you go to heaven."
After the figure disappeared, the wind came in the virtual middle, and Zichen’s slightly ethereal sound was obviously gone.
It’s like the sound of mirror breaking, and when the enchantment that enveloped Lingxiao Hall quietly broke, the flow resumed.
"This …"
Looking at the wind zichen that swinging seat all not only some language.
You’re leaving?
Just throw trouble at them at will?
It’s so chic!
"Born to work hard!"
Feeling that they dare not delay, they hurried to the underworld.
It’s better to invite them earlier and relax earlier.
And when people go to the underworld.
Chaos in the sky!
The atmosphere at the Lich Gate at the junction of chaos outside the universe is tense to the extreme.
Feng Zichen is waiting for five people to confront each other in Sanqing!
People have come here, and it is not difficult for him to see who is secretly plotting against him.
It’s Yuan Tianzun!
At the beginning, Zichen had a conflict with Zeng Yuantian Zun because of the invivo incident and gave him a big embarrassment in front of everyone.
And this is extremely unbearable for the excellent face of Yuan Tianzun, who secretly hates Feng Zichen and is ready to find a chance to repay him.
But before he could find the opportunity, the chaos fiend disaster broke out, and Naiyuan Tianzun went to the awning to resist the chaos fiend.
Revenge on Feng Zichen.
I have to put it on hold for a while.
But shelving it doesn’t mean that Yuan Tianzun forgot about it.
It’s not too chaotic to talk about Yuan Tianzun’s intention to observe the current situation of the universe through his busy vision.
Boy, this doesn’t matter, but it shows him an opportunity to get back at Feng Zichen.
at that time
It was when the people elected Emperor Feng Zichen.
Yuan Tianzun saw this scene.
That’s okay?
Of course I disagree!
Do something to stop it!
Feng Zichen has been difficult to deal with since he became a Taoist, and the words that made him an emperor are bound to encourage arrogance.
be scandalous
Even saints can hardly check and balance him.
The influence of Feng Zichen’s emperor on that day, even temporarily, was greater than that of Haotian.
after all
Feng Zichen’s strength ranks there
Mixed yuan triple day!