"it’s over! This little monk is already a dead man! "

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿夜网 "it’s over! This little monk is already a dead man! "

"That’s how the monks died."
"This golden feather still maintains a human form. It is hard to imagine how fast and powerful it is!"
In the discussion, I saw that I didn’t look back and didn’t move my footsteps. My body shape was to raise my hand and lift it toward my head.
The blue lantern is burning with a little finger-sized flame, which seems to be put out with a pinch.
But Jin Yu palm falls this cluster of flames, but it seems to be stimulated by something, and the palm suddenly shrinks back!
Jin Yu bellow a figure suddenly and violently withdraw look pain.
All the creatures looked shocked and looked intently.
See Jin Yu palm was burned out a big hole without a drop of blood flowing out, and the surrounding flesh and blood were burnt!
This scene completely exceeded the expectations of all the people.
"Jin Yu lost?"
"What is this instrument so powerful?"
"This seems to be the magic weapon of the ancient times’ burning lamp temple founder Puguang Buddha’s life! This is not an instrument, it should be an imperial instrument! "
"Ah, it’s that blue light!"
"yes! I heard that this blue lantern was broken by the fierce emperor in the ancient war and fell from the realm of the emperor into an ordinary instrument. I didn’t expect this instrument to be true! "
Chapter one thousand five hundred and fifty-seven Flat-haired beast
"Bald donkey!"
Jin Yu was furious
Over the years, the sun clan has been close to the enemy in the wild mainland, and he has not suffered such trauma!
Normally, this injury will heal itself and the blood will surge quickly.
But this blue lantern flame contains a terrible power.
Jin Yu’s qi and blood surge in the past and will be burned, refined, refined and empty!
"You irritate me!"
Jin Yu’s cold eyes are filled with anger, and his body is full of blood and his body is soaring.
Blink of an eye and turn into a body shape.
A huge three-legged sun descended on the battlefield!
These three-legged wings of the sun are tens of feet long and burning with blazing flames, and each wing is shining with golden light.
One of the three legs in the abdomen is obviously incomplete. Isn’t it the claw that was burned by the blue light?
"Want to play with fire?"
Jinyu Audio started "Let you taste the flame of my family’s life today!"