Fan Li smiled and said, "Don’t be ill, Ah Qing." Although he was kind, his heart was a little puzzled, because Ah Qing looked at him with strange guilt, determination and indifference, which made him look strange.

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Ah Qing finally said her first words, which made Fan Li dizzy as if she had lost the whole world.
A Qing said, "Fan Li, I killed Xi Shi."
Fan Li’s first reaction was that it was not true.
He pointed to Ah Qing’s way, "Are you lying to me?"
Qing didn’t speak, it was silence.
After a long time, Fan Li finally sighed, "Even if Xi Shi really dies, I don’t blame you for being wrong." If he hadn’t personally visited Huanshaxi, Xi Shi would have been sent to Wu Gong in person, and Xi Shi would be happy and free to live.
He remembers that when he left Xi Shi, she cried, and the water wet his skirt. Now he is reluctant to wash that dress, but it is nothing.
A Qing was very surprised and her eyes were full of confusion. "Isn’t Xi Shi your favorite person?"
Fan Li nodded his head. "Naturally, but if I didn’t want to help the State of Yue smash Xi Shi, I wouldn’t have sent him to the State of Wu, and I wouldn’t have asked you to help me train the swordsmen of the State of Yue, so I wouldn’t have let you kill Xi Shi." He understood Ah Qing, saying that killing Xi Shi would not be false, and after seeing Ah Qing’s fencing, Fan Li knew that she also had the ability to assassinate Yi Guang in the Wu Palace.
He can help the state of Yue to personally send Yi Guang into Fu Cha’s arms, and what qualifications do he have to blame Ah Qing? The only thing he can do is to kill himself before the tomb of Yi Guang of the State of Wu is shattered early.
A Qing sighed lightly like Qinghe heptachord. "Fan Li wanted to kill you too, but now I have changed my mind."
Fan Li doesn’t understand why she killed Xi Shi.
Shi Aqing wants to kill Fan Li. This is to be able to make a clean break with Fan Li. From then on, I will feel a little attached to Fan Li in my heart. This is a means for monks to wield swords and cut off their love affairs. Just like the ancient practitioners who killed their wives and sought truth, although others will feel too ruthless, it is not unimaginable in the eyes of people who are good and evil. If it is Li Zhichang, it will not agree but it can be understood.
A Qing is not a woman in general sense. At the beginning, the swordsman of the State of Wu just killed her a sheep, so she was mercilessly picked on her hands and feet, so the secular moral concept was binding on her.
Fan Li, even if he is wise, will not understand the way people like Ah Qing behave, so he hesitated and said, "What?"
A Qing suddenly has a feeling that summer insects can’t talk about ice. All kinds of infatuation with Fan Li before are like a big dream, and the traces are getting shallower and shallower. After all, they are not the same.
She said simply, "You don’t care if I tell you. We’ll get involved after I tell you this."
Fine waist twist a clear roar has broken out of the window.
The whistling is swift and far away, and the lingering sound is lingering for a long time.
After a while, Wen Zi came to Fan Fu.
Wen Zi and Fan Li are both Chu people, but they look gentle and white in their forties, but when it comes to being ruthless, they are even better than Fan Li.
He once offered to Gou Jian the destruction of Wu Qi Shu, "donating money to please the monarch and his subjects;" Second, it is expensive to accumulate millet capsules; Third, the beautiful women are confused; Fourth, the skillful work and excellent materials make the palace run out of money; Wu yue left the minister to conspire; Six days, Xinjiang admonished the minister to make suicide weak; Seventh, accumulate wealth and train troops to bear the disadvantages. "
The third is the most vicious practice. In that year, the State of Yue first borrowed grain from the State of Wu, then steamed the grain and returned it to the State of Wu. Seeing that the grain was distributed to farmers, the rice did not grow, and the State of Wu was hungry 2.
The seven techniques of destroying Wu by literary species have been implemented for years, which has made the Wu State and Yue State change. Today, Yue State can have the strength and opportunity to destroy Wu.
Now I got a message that made Wen Zi ecstatic, but another message made Wen Zi a little worried and Fan Li was very big, and Fan Li was broken. Wu had to rely on Wen Zi, an important person, and hurried to Fan Li’s house.
When he saw Fan Li sitting on the stone steps in front of the house, he was drunk and bare-chested. He thought of Fan Li’s hometown, Chu, and was called Fan Crazy. He often did something unusual. I didn’t expect that his habits would not change after so many years in Yue.
I can’t help but have a heart attack, and then I can’t help worrying about my purpose.
He asked, "What’s wrong with Shaobo today?" Shaobo is Fan Li’s word. He and Fan Li are both fellow villagers and have gone to Vietnam together. Naturally, they are closer to each other than always calling each other by their first names.
Fan Li didn’t get up when he saw Wen Zi, and laughed, "Birds come just in time and I’ll get drunk together." Birds are Wen Zi.
Wen Wen said, "Shaobo can have a drink with me at any time, but there is an important thing I have to tell you first."
Fan Li said, "Is it that Wu has changed?"
Wen Zi laughed greatly. "Little Bo is really amazing. You guessed the outline before I said it."
Fan Li put his glass down and said lightly, "Now, besides Wu, what other big things can I do when I go abroad?"
Wen Zi silently said, "It’s been ten years since the king died."
Fan Li said, "I know."
Wen Zi showed a fanatical expression and said, "Do you know that if we completely destroy the State of Wu, it will be the first great achievement in the past 600 years to destroy a great country? This is a cause that Qi Huan and Jin Wen have never done?"