Greetings to this beautiful monk Qiu just nodded slightly, and he didn’t say much, so he walked directly to Hao Hongdong’s mansion.
This beautiful friar in the construction period should know Xiao Hangze, but Qiu is not Xiao Hangze. People don’t know this beautiful friar, so he has to say less and make fewer mistakes.
Go all the way along the forbidden road until you come to a hall where Qiu Lai was met when he met Hao Hong.
Walking into the hall, Qiu’s eyes swept toward the inside, and he saw Hao Hong’s master and Godsworn in the then period, while dozens of chairs were arranged one by one, and many Godsworn in the foundation period were sitting on the side.
"See Uncle Hao"
In the face of Hao Hongshiqiu, I dare not neglect my gesture, but I should do my best. Hao Hongshi leaned down slightly and said respectfully.
"Well, grab a seat. I have something urgent to announce when people are here." Hao Hong gave him a deep look when he saluted in autumn and then said flatly.
In dozens of seats, half of them were full, and the front seat was occupied, but Qiu found a place to sit in the middle of the room by surprise.
Many monks sitting in these dozens of seats are not low in practice, but they are generally monks in the late foundation period
In less than two quarters of an hour after the autumn, dozens of monks arrived in the late foundation period and filled dozens of seats.
"Well, all right, everyone is here. Let’s get down to business."
When dozens of seats were filled, even the beautiful monk who guarded the foundation period at the entrance of Hao Hongdong Mansion entered beside Hao Hong, and Hao Hongcai slowly said with a slightly old voice.
Eyes obscure looked at it again, many monks here in the foundation period have guessed that they should all be Xiao Hangze, who generally has an important position in the company of corpse and ghost stories.
Hao Hong is in charge of the overall affairs of the company. He is still very dignified in front of many monks in the construction period, so when he saw Hao Hong talking, they immediately sat upright and listened attentively.
"In the near future, at most, half a month later, there was a big battle in our corpse-ghost clan. You should have heard some about my corpse-ghost clan’s vendetta, and I live in a monk’s clan. Friars often have some minor frictions and always keep fighting, but this war is no longer a small-scale battle as before, but a life-and-death battle."
Hao Hong was very satisfied when he saw that all eyes were on him. He nodded slightly, and he immediately talked about the upcoming war between the corpse and the ghost.
"What’s going to happen in the near future?" A monk here at the end of the construction period suddenly exclaimed in shock after listening to Hao Hong’s words.
"If we die in a face-to-face war, the scale will be great, and we must not be physically dangerous." This is a thoughtful monk who has just listened to Hao Hong’s words and can analyze something really extraordinary.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"War is really not a good thing in the future. After this war, we don’t know how many people will fall." A monk was quite worried and muttered to himself, worried about his future and his classmates’ future.
Hao Hong’s words produced no less effect than a blockbuster explosion, which caused a great response among many monks in the construction period, which made everyone talk about it and showed a kind of anxiety.
The two major forces are fighting face to face, but the large-scale monks are fighting. The high-ranking monks are only fighting. The low-ranking monks must have tens of millions of people fighting. In that situation, it is easy to cause the monks to fall
In the late period of Hao Hong’s words, many monks began to talk about it, which made the atmosphere in the hall noisy. In fact, there was not necessarily a hidden protest meaning, but everyone was afraid to say it.
Monks are selfish and selfish, and they are willing to go to great lengths if they kill people and win treasures, but they are reluctant to risk their lives for many monks after the clan affair, but they can’t veto it and complain.
Many monks are talking about this scene like a vegetable market, which makes Hao Hong unhappy. His eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and his majestic eyes look at dozens of monks sitting in the late period of the foundation period.
Hao Hong’s identity, status and strength were there. He really got angry. Dozens of monks at the end of the construction period stopped at the same time, and no one dared to make a noise.
"Since it’s going to be a face-to-face war, our corpse ghost clan must be a mobilization of important people. Everyone has it, and our knowledge and experience during the war period is to find out all the information of the Fang family, and we can’t miss anything to avoid what tricks the Fang family plays."
Hao Hong knows all about the monks’ thoughts, but he still has to complete what he has been assigned by Zongmen, and he has also said that the people are about to assume their responsibilities.
"Hum, we’ve seen and heard that it’s just that we don’t take part in the frontal battlefield and need to find out information. Compared with other monks in Zongmen, it’s very lucky." After seeing the responsibilities of many monks, everyone didn’t have much happy expression. Hao Hong said coldly, "Of course, if you can find a way to stay in Zongmen, it will definitely be easier and safer, but it’s not your turn to be afraid of such a good thing."
After Hao Hong’s analysis, dozens of monks present at the end of the foundation period think carefully that it is much safer to spy on information than to fight in the frontal battlefield. Naturally, it is better than not staying at Zongmen, but everyone also knows that if you want to stay at Zongmen, even if you are delusional, you need to have a strong backer at Zongmen.
Thinking of these monks’ faces, some people look slightly happy, some are still sad, and others are angry.
When everyone’s expressions are different, Qiu’s heart is also slightly uneasy. He looked at Qiu for a moment because he was sitting in the most Hao Hong’s eyes and stared straight at Qiu. But his face expression broke the dull, but it was somewhat inexplicable that Qiu couldn’t see what he was thinking at all.
"You go back and get ready first. In half a month, you will definitely be scattered out to find out and receive news."
Will look at the autumn eyes back Hao Hong look back to a dull waved to many monks marching orders.
"Uncle Hao, we excused ourselves."
More than a dozen monks got up at the same time in the late period of the foundation period and bowed respectfully to Hao Hong. After telling them, they all turned around and walked away.
Today, Hao Hong said that the news was so shocking that many monks were in a mixed mood, and they were in a hurry when they left. It seemed that they wanted to hurry back to the abode of fairies and immortals and think about it.
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Chapter youyou
Chapter three hundred and thirty-four The enemy
Chapter three hundred and thirty-four The enemy
In the late period of the post-construction period, the monk was called by Hao Hongzhao to his abode of fairies and learned that the monk was going to fight in the Fang family, or even at the same time. Almost all the lower-ranking monks of the monk were informed of the news.
Wars of tens of millions of people are often very bloody, so are mortal wars, and even more so are the wars of monks. Often, many monks will fall in one battle, even if you have strong fighting power, you can’t escape.
All the monks in the spirit refining period and the foundation period were impetuous when they learned about the war. There were many discussions about this matter, and the atmosphere of the ghost cases was unprecedentedly lively, which was quite noisy.
The future atmosphere of this great war has unconsciously affected almost everyone, but among many people, there are still people who can still maintain absolute calm, such as Qiu.
Autumn is not a monk who died in a ghost case, nor is it a war in a ghost case. If it weren’t for something in his heart, he would have left the ghost case after he got the method of controlling resin beads.
Still stay in the corpse ghost cases, but with Lu Dongting’s care, Qiu can stay in the corpse ghost cases. He doesn’t believe that just can move powerful forces to kill him. Even if this possibility gives birth to the corpse ghost cases, the left-behind forces must not be weak. It should be able to stick to the sorrow where the corpse ghost cases are. Rarity is quite worried about Shiqiu, but he is relaxed.
In this period, I mostly stayed in Xiao Xingze’s abode of fairies and immortals, but I also went out several times, which showed that the number of low-order monks in the corpse was gradually decreasing to half a month, when the number of monks in Zongmen was even less to an extreme.
In this half month, it should be official that the war between the corpse and the ghost clan was fought, and the low-order monk of the corpse and the ghost clan kept bringing it up, which was definitely to participate in the war.
Low-order friars’ mobilization is more obvious in autumn. By checking the number of low-order friars of the corpse, we can guess that one is probably a high-order friar. What Qiu feels is not only that Qiu borrows Xiao Xing, but also that his status is low. Generally, he can’t touch the corpse. Even if he can visit Qiu with ulterior motives, he dare not take the initiative to see it.
High-order friars don’t know anything about Qiu, but only by guessing Qiu also knows that most of the high-order friars should have gone to the battlefield, and of course there will be high-order friars to stay and guard the clan.
As soon as the half-month period comes to Zongmen to participate in the war, the friar should leave in autumn. At this time, a dark and thick light curtain rises from Zongshan Mountain and wraps the whole corpse in it.
At this time, the corpse ghost clan may be the weakest time in many years, so the top management of the corpse ghost clan must fight a large array of defense against accidents.
According to the autumn speculation, perhaps many monks of the corpse ghost clan have this idea. It is wise for us to deal with the frontal battlefield attack of the corpse ghost clan, and it is impossible to separate too much power to attack the corpse ghost clan mountain. However, there is no guarantee that anyone may be born from time to time in an accident, and it is wise for us not to pour our strength to attack the corpse ghost clan mountain.
The monk Zongmen, who was beaten in the defense of Zongshan Mountain, must have stuck to the gate and wouldn’t go out easily.
Autumn can get the number of left-behind clansmen thanks to Lu Dongting’s contribution, and autumn will be commanded and dispatched by Lu Dongting when he sticks to clansmen.
Lu Dongting didn’t want it to fall easily because he was not strong in the early Jin then period. But staying at Zongmen doesn’t mean that everything must be responsible for the defense of Zongmen, so that the monks of Fangjia can sneak up on him.
In the autumn, I will defend myself in the face of the corpse and the mountain. After the opening of the large array, Lu Dongting will come to find himself and allocate some for himself. I didn’t expect that it will be half a month before he has waited for the trace of Lu Dongting.
In a month, Lu Dongting didn’t come to find himself assigned to defend Zongmenqiu, and he knew that Lu Dongting should not come again.