"Forget it, I understand." I smiled faintly. "For me, you are not the first girl to live with me, but for you, I am the first strange man to break into your room. I understand late. I want to find other ways to protect you, but I must have a room card so that I can go in in case of any situation, but don’t worry, I will never abuse public interests for personal gain …" I stopped talking.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 "Forget it, I understand." I smiled faintly. "For me, you are not the first girl to live with me, but for you, I am the first strange man to break into your room. I understand late. I want to find other ways to protect you, but I must have a room card so that I can go in in case of any situation, but don’t worry, I will never abuse public interests for personal gain …" I stopped talking.

She looked at me. "What’s wrong with you?"
I sighed for a long time and smiled. "Forget it. I’m so fucking tired. What am I trying to do? I have to … Come on, I’ll call my assistant. She’s a girl who lives with you."
"Brother Lin, don’t be angry. It’s not that I don’t believe you. I …" She was a little panicked.
My heart is quite uncomfortable and I’m too lazy to listen to what she said. I took out my cell phone and dialed GAI dialect. "Hey, GAI, let’s switch the division of labor. You come and accompany Xue Jing, and I’ll do it."
Words that GAI one leng "what’s the matter? Did my little girl make you angry? "
"No, I just feel inconvenient and tired." I said, "Come here quickly and let uncle take you here."
GAI thought for a moment, "Don’t get excited, brother. Listen to me first. Everything is difficult before it is easy. This first night is particularly important. You can’t be too worried because of a few words from my little girl. You can’t be as strong as glass."
"But I this …"
"Wait for me to finish," she interrupted me. "Second, you have to consider a realistic problem. It’s not a big problem for me to deal with a wandering ghost. If the snake demon comes, maybe I’ll become a snack. Can I still protect my little girl? In other words, don’t say that she has made you angry. She just suspects that you are indecent. You can’t back down from her. You know best that nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens, it’s a big event. If something goes wrong, but there is no chance to remedy it, you must consider it clearly! "
"I …" I hesitated to look at the opposite Xue Jing. She kept waving at me and her eyes were full of apologies.
"Forget it, you’d better come over. I’m embarrassed." I sighed. "It’s so awkward for the first time!"
Zhou Yanxiao "elder brother her child you also children? If you want to do great things, you can’t be too misunderstood by others. Besides, you and I both know that you and this little girl … "
"Stop it!" I quickly stopped her. "Stop talking nonsense and come here!"
"Well," she said, "It’s up to you to control your life. I’ll continue to cultivate jade charms."
As soon as the voice fell, she hung up.
When I get excited, "What do you mean, hang up on me!"
"Don’t be angry. It’s my fault. Don’t be common sense with me," Xue Jing said. "It’s not that I don’t trust you. I’m not used to being afraid that I can’t sleep. I really didn’t think about it."
See my silence, she picked up the phone and dialed a word "hello hill, you still have a room in your hotel … so leave me a suite … for two people … so we’ll see you later."
Hung up and she looked at me. "Brother Lin, don’t be angry, okay? It’s a misunderstanding. I know you’re a good man. "
"Forget it," I gently breathed a sigh of relief. "Last year, my school sister also touched something. I protected her and lived with her for several days. When I was doing things, I didn’t care so much about men and women, but I overlooked that although she didn’t know the skills, she was a girl from a Feng Shui family. She couldn’t compare you with her."
This is a little irritating to her. Her eyebrows are wrinkly and she looks at me angrily. "I am not a Feng Shui family, but I am Xue Jian’s daughter! Can’t I see that you are saving me? At this time, I will have the dirty heart to doubt you? I’m really afraid that I can’t sleep well because I’m not confident … I don’t know. You are a master of Feng Shui. You can easily see through a person’s mind. See if I am what you think! "
I glanced at her. "What are you afraid of?"
She said, "There are so many people here, shall we go to the car?"? I’m not afraid to tell you my secret, but you’ll know it anyway, but I don’t want so many people to hear it, okay? "
I got up. "I’m sorry, I neglected. Let’s go."
Back in the car, she started the car. "Can I call you brother?"
"If someone calls you, it’s better to call me by my name." I looked out of the window.
She gave me a look "girlfriend?"
"No, a female friend."
She stopped talking.
"I’m not angry with you. Don’t explain. Let’s go," I said lightly.
But the more she said that, the more uncomfortable she felt, the more she had to explain to me that "I am not confident in myself and I don’t want you to see it"
"What don’t you want me to see?"
"There’s nothing I can trust you to live together," she said, "but … if you take a shower, you’ll see …"
"Didn’t I say I’ll go out and wait for you when you take a shower?" I sighed and shook my head. "You didn’t listen to me at all."
"I heard that I said it wasn’t that." She paused. "I can’t sleep without pajamas for fear that you will see …"
"Girl, what can I see in your pajamas with long sleeves and long legs …" I accepted.
"I’m in poor shape and I’m afraid you’ll laugh at me." She said and covered her ears.
I am stupid. "What did you say? Say it again! "
"I’m not in good shape, I’m afraid you’ll laugh at me!" She blushed.
I sloped out a smile "Xue Jing, I found you too funny, hahaha …"
"Look, you’re laughing now. You’ll definitely laugh at me then!" Her face turned redder. "Don’t laugh!"
The more serious she is, the more I can’t stop laughing and my stomach hurts.
Xue Jing angrily pointed at me, "Okay, you can laugh, and you can laugh slowly!" Then she opened the door and the car slammed the door.
My heart was angry again. I quickly followed her to the car and took a few steps to pull her arm. "Xue Jing, don’t do this. I’m not laughing at you …"
"Then what do you mean?" Her eyes were red and she looked at me angrily. "You just laughed at me!"
I couldn’t help laughing again.
"Look, you’re still smiling!"
I looked at her. "Little girl, who dares to say that you have a good figure? If you let others hear this, I don’t know how many girls will think you are a sorrowful! "
"Don’t lie to me. I know I’m in poor shape. Don’t comfort me with such words!"
I stopped laughing "Xue Jing, I like to lie to you? You silly girl, do you really don’t know how sexy you are or are you fooled by that little girl again? "
She was puzzled. "What do you mean?"
"Nothing means telling you to be confident," I said. "What do you want with this size, this curve and this ratio? I really don’t know why you feel that your figure is not good … Language. "
She thought for a moment, "Is this a good figure?"
"It’s not good before!" I said, "Who told you it was bad?"
"My aunt." Her face turned red. "She said that my figure was not good and that boys would not like me, so they would think that I was in easy virtue …"
I frown, which is menstruation should speak! He is contrary to his talents.
"When did she tell you?"
"I have been talking to me intermittently since junior high school," she paused. "I asked my mother twice, and every time I asked her, she was silent, and I just …"
I was shocked that something was wrong with this young aunt. Is there something wrong with her? My intuition tells me that this matter is more complicated than I expected. It seems that there are other forces staring at Xue Jing and Xue family besides the snake demon.
Is it the Tan family?
"What’s the matter with you?" She looked at me.
"Er … nothing" I thought for a moment. "Xue Jinggang was my fault, but I really didn’t laugh at you. Your aunt said that because she was afraid of your pride and deliberately belittled you. I used to say that when I was a child, too. But you have to believe me, you have a great body and are very sexy. Men don’t think you are easy virtue, but they think you are charming."