Who doesn’t want to do more work in action?


If we can really break through the fisherman’s camp
The fisherman’s back road was cut off.
That’s a great achievement!
Even if we can’t break in, at least this time we are prepared to test and the first group of people join in, so we shouldn’t fall into the same embarrassing situation just now.
Sixteen people walked for a few minutes.
The outline of the building appeared in the fog
Every building is covered with moss and vines, like a lost desert island. It’s hard to believe that people lived here a month ago.
Jiang Xinzhou, like a small village with cucumber and Jiang Xinzhou noodles floating in the Yangtze River, is also a strip-shaped distribution. The northern part of the area occupied by fishermen is relatively close to the Jiang Xinzhou pier
"Look out!"
"ahead is the fisherman’s village."
"There is a giant frog monster around here that can attack from a distance, which is very tricky!"
Sixteen people lurk in a deserted and naturally eroded residential building. When they look forward through the dense fog, they can vaguely find some architectural outlines different from those of human houses.
Hawkeye surgery!
Hang Yu’s skill of launching scouts
When you look through the fog, you can clearly see a five-meter-high sand wall across the front.
This should be a fish man!
Several fisherman patrols are wandering.
Most of the Chinese fish elites are very difficult!
In addition, a giant blue frog with calf and water can be seen everywhere in the bushes-it’s a water arrow frog!
Water arrow frog is a common monster.
The level can reach 45.
They are very alert and have a "water archery" skill that can attack targets with a radius of more than 20 meters. As soon as they approach, they will be besieged by water arrows. The damage ability is quite amazing.
It is very strange that
There are patrol fishermen passing by these giant frogs.
But these giant frogs were on guard, but they did not attack.
Hang Yu thinks it’s not surprising that there are not many ways to suppress the monster’s aggression, but it’s not without such effects as Xiaobai’s third-order skill Dreamland Dust.
Fisherman found some way.
Let the water arrow frog’s aggression against them be weakened.
Therefore, if we don’t actively threaten these water arrow frogs to keep some proper distance, the water arrow frogs will not attack the fisherman, and the fisherman will guide more water arrow frogs to form a defensive force near the camp.
Huang Yan asked, "How? Can you break in? "
"It’s really a bit risky for fishermen to build too many water arrows and frogs near the fence and have several fishermen’s patrols to storm by force only by us!"
Hang Yu’s voice turned "but I have to say that you are very lucky."
Liang Qiu quickly asked, "Why do you say that?"
"Because you met me!"
Liang Qiu "…"
She has an impulse to hit someone.
"I happen to have a unique way to get into the Fisherman’s Village and make sure that I don’t go unnoticed." Hang Yu made a gesture to everyone, "Show me my psychic skills."
Hang Yu released the five giant ant monsters
One is covered in brown and red giant ants!
Huang Yan, Liang Qiu and Liang Dong all showed surprise.
"This is not a worker ant!"
"You actually found a worker ant to be a spirit beast?"
Everyone looked stupid.
This thing is a spirit beast?
Isn’t it too fall in price!