"Niu Mowang, are you sealed again?"


"Don’t export again?"
Suddenly, the monsters across the street recognized Niu Mowang, and one by one, they were pleasantly surprised. Is Niu Mowang back? Isn’t it possible to walk again?
"No one is allowed to go around!" Niu Mowang drinks a lot.
"Yes!" Just received five hundred demons, and immediately they drank a lot of fighting postures and surrounded the mountain.
At the moment, the demons across the street realized that something was wrong.
"What are you doing? Who are they? Are you going to deal with us with outsiders? " A demon immediately fried drink a way
"Don’t fucking talk nonsense! Get out of here!" Niu Mowang drinks a lot.
"Niu Mowang, you want to die!" A demon suddenly glared at him.
"Go away without your words!" Niu Mowang blasted himself with one punch.
The demon was immediately beaten out.
"The lion camel king heard that you eat demon? Get out and surrender! " Niu Mowang stared big drink a way
Just then there was a sudden roar loud in the mountains.
A loud roar made the four directions shake the mountains and shake the demons, and suddenly some pains covered their ears.
"ah!" Some weak monster beast is painfully rolled up.
Bian Que and Meng folded their hands and recited the Heart Sutra. Suddenly, the whole body was covered with a layer of golden light, but the golden light still oscillated in this sonic attack.
"Lion roar?" Hades eyes a bright.
So if the lion roar appears in the battlefield, it’s a deadly move, which can instantly boost the morale of the enemy.
Suddenly, a man with a red face and a lion head flew to a high platform near him.
The male body exudes a fierce demon gas with a ferocious face.
"Niu Mowang? You’re back? How dare you come to our place? " Lion camel king eyes a stare drink a way
A large number of lion camel kings gathered quickly, and there were hundreds of demons in the lion camel king. At this moment, he followed the lion camel king coldly and looked at Niu Mowang and Pluto, Tathagata.
"This time I am on behalf of my king to accept you! The lion camel king minister, my king for a hundred years, set you free this time! " Niu Mowang cold drink a way
"Ha ha ha ha ha you king? Niu Mowang, I can’t believe you turned into a wimp after going out this time. How dare you yell at me in the past and become someone else’s front dog this time? I still regard you as my opponent. You really let me down! " Lion camel king cold road
"For a while also can’t say for sure the lion camel king is your breath can calculate what matter come on, don’t you have long wanted to play a game with me? Let’s talk about winning me! " Niu Mowang cold road
"That’s what I’m thinking!" Lion camel king pride way