When the agreement said the tiger and leopard army conditions, the owner agreed without thinking.

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He didn’t even think about his wealth.
I killed so many people in the Tiger and Leopard Army. It is fortunate that the Tiger and Leopard Army did not destroy its Jiuzu in the name of rebels.
At this moment, if you talk to the tiger and leopard army again, you may even lose your life …
The surrender of the Wangs’ master to the Wangs’ wealth accumulated by generations has undoubtedly become the battle benefit of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
In the face of such a huge victory, I should be very happy, but with a row of dozens of bodies left in the battlefield being gathered and arranged in a row outside the village, everyone’s face showed a sincere and dignified expression
The casualties caused by this battle are really too great
When the results and losses were reported to the regimental headquarters in succession, there was no accident and the regiment was shocked.
It was not until this time that they began to pay attention to Yong ying like local strongmen.
But it was already late. At this moment, the regiment was divided out, and seven companies had successively returned to the county seat with the bodies of the dead soldiers and the wounded …
The end result is that a group of more than 2,000 musketeers of Tiger and Leopard Army destroyed more than 10 bones and more than 3,000 people in Yong ying, but they also paid almost two musketeers and even more than 300 casualties …
A group of more than three hundred people were killed or injured * * a regimental headquarters added up to a group of troops will be reimbursed.
This result soon reached the ears of the commander Zhang Wu.
Seeing the loss and the battle report of the divisions, Zhang Wushen, the commander of the army, sent out a thick anger.
More than two thousand casualties are nothing to the whole third army …
However, Zhang Wu was unbalanced when he thought of the results achieved with such heavy casualties.
Zhang Wu seems that it is impossible for the Third Army to pay such heavy casualties even if it fights head-on with the 20,000 imperial army.
And just dealing with a group of Yong ying without much training at present is so heavy …
As a result, it is impossible to say that you are not angry
"It’s all a bunch of arrogant bastards …" He clenched his fist and stung the table before and after …
"Before we leave, we will have repeatedly told them not to underestimate their combat effectiveness. Although it is not good, it is a bunch of local strongmen after all … but they just don’t listen … no, this matter must be dealt with seriously. They will always be a group of high-minded and low-minded guys who don’t know how to attach importance to their opponents …"
"Chief of staff, you are a statistical army. All losses are too great. The company commander of the regiment battalion will be reduced. The company commander of the deputy regiment battalion will temporarily act as the company commander of the regiment battalion. If you behave well in the future, you will rise back …"
"Finally, we should inform the army of the results of this treatment …"
Although it won’t be long before the rank of deputy will be promoted again, it has greatly delayed their promotion and delayed their chances of further promotion for a year.
After Zhang Wu, the commander of the army, decided to say it, everyone in the military showed an unprecedented serious expression on his face
But its effect is immediate.
After half a month, the strength of the three divisions never paid too much for Yong ying, no matter how big it was …
Chapter nine hundred and one I scruple
As more and more Yong ying were destroyed by the Tiger and Leopard Army, the court ordered Yong ying to be plundered by the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Yong ying, the remnant of the northern Yangtze River, finally realized that he had been fooled by the court and chose a road of no return.
In order to save their lives, the remaining landlords and gentry had to give up their last illusions about the court and voluntarily surrender the tiger and leopard army to hand over a lot of land in their hands.
Because of this, I can save my life and my family’s life. If I am lucky, I can save a lot of property and have a chance to make a comeback.
So it was expected that it would take a month to finish the battle to occupy Henan and Hubei provinces. In the end, 20 days later, more than 26 thousand soldiers, the main force of the third army, pushed the front line to the north bank of the Yangtze River and began to confront the new imperial army with more than 100 thousand people across the river
At the same time, the fourth army and the fifth army were not idle to push the front from Zhejiang and Gansu to the Yangtze River.
It was at this time that tribes from all provinces in the north of the Yangtze River entered the tiger and leopard army.
Tiger and leopard army also formally mastered half of the big court and had the money to compete and break with the court.
Although the Tiger and Leopard Army on the other side of the Yangtze River has not yet launched an attack, the Tiger and Leopard Army on the other side of the Yangtze River can be clearly seen with the help of a monocular telescope.
At this moment, although these civil and military officials are full of confusion about the future of the court, they have not shown too much exaggeration and panic.
After all, Emperor Chongzhen is still in Nanjing, and even Emperor Chongzhen is full of confidence in defending the Yangtze River. He insists that Nanjing is even worse, and they are civil and military officials.
Besides, Chongzhen’s determination to stick to the end in Nanjing is also a great encouragement to the morale of the new army when it reaches the ears of more than 100 thousand new army soldiers
Although Emperor Chongzhen kept Nanjing, Chongzhen’s heart has never been calm since the attack of Tiger and Leopard Army.
Every day, after the attack of Tiger and Leopard Army, a steady stream of information was sent to the palace by the Royal Guards and sent to his own hands.
When Chongzhen learned that he gave high hopes to Yong ying, he was even more United than Uzbekistan except that he caused a lot of casualties to the Tiger and Leopard Army at first …
More than half a month later, more than 50,000 people Yong ying was wiped out by the Tiger and Leopard Army.
What makes Chongzhen feel annoyed is that these provinces that have just been occupied by the Tiger and Leopard Army have a little to do with the court or support the court, and they have been devastated by the Tiger and Leopard Army.
In the face of the policy of dividing fields by the tiger and leopard army, the remaining ordinary people attracted the accident department to turn to the tiger and leopard army to betray the court
In the face of this unexpected result, Chongzhen is both shocked and resistant …
The shock was that the fighting capacity shown by the Tiger and Leopard Army was too strong, and it was wiped out by the Tiger and Leopard Army in a few days in less than tens of thousands of Yong ying.
In Nai, it was because he carefully arranged a bureau for the Tiger and Leopard Army that instead of dragging the Tiger and Leopard Army to these provinces, he helped the Tiger and Leopard Army and gave the Tiger and Leopard Army a reason to clean up the influence of these provinces that supported the imperial landlords, gentry and fat courts.
To put it more directly, it is to lose the wife and the soldiers …