These things are of little help to Su Yu at present, but they can be of great help to Andrew, who is in an administrative struggle in the palace.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网约茶品茶工作室 These things are of little help to Su Yu at present, but they can be of great help to Andrew, who is in an administrative struggle in the palace.

Many props can have an unexpected effect.
"Holding these things will help you."
Su Yu took these numerous props out of the Lord’s backpack and introduced each prop method carefully to Andrew.
Andrew listened with excitement and surprise in his eyes.
He didn’t expect Su Yu’s props to carry so many magical things!
Andrew Su Yu also has a ring. He never imagined that his master owned a Lord backpack and claimed to be a virtual theory, which can be limited to the small world when he grows up.
The so-called rings and props are too powerful!
"Remember? These things will be of great help to you later. "
Su Yu looked at Andrew.
"Remember! I remember it all! Thank you, master, for giving these things. It’s amazing! It’ s amazing! "
Andrew’s lips trembled and his expression was so excited that he kept kowtowing at Su Yu and carefully took these props and put them in his ring for safekeeping.
At this moment, Andrew’s passion for Su Yu was amplified by the devil’s contract, and his resentment against Su Yu had already been influenced by the devil’s contract
"Well, come!"
Su Yu shouted at the door.
Several soldiers from the trap camp came in and respectfully said, "The Lord has orders."
"Escort him out of town and let him meet the slave group outside the city."
Su Yu pointed to Andrew.
This guy is hiding himself and sneaking out of the slave group
"Remember to release all your human slaves when you get back, and I will send someone to receive those slaves."
Su Yu glanced at Andrew with deep eyes.
"After the master, I will never touch humans! I won’t take humans as slaves! I promise! I’ll let them go when I get back! "
Andrew hurriedly clap breast said
Su Yu nodded and waved his hand to signal the soldiers in the trap camp to take Andrew away.
With the devil’s contract, Su Yu naturally doesn’t worry that Anrud dares to disobey his orders.
When the soldiers left, Su Yu strolled out of Liu’s house alone.
Outside the county, it is already full of killing sounds.
"kill! !”
"Pingluan people!"
"Su Yu probably seibel this! Lord, wipe out bandits and chaos! Be duty-bound! "
Outside the mansion, shout and kill the sky, and the flames are everywhere!
Su Yu’s figure is fluttering and flying, and Liu Fu’s roof is built at the top, and his eyes are deep and he looks at the county.
Where people fought bloody battles, some fought for the sky, some fought for the people and some believed in themselves.
Blood, fire, struggle, collision, and the roar of the iron-blooded Han people keeps ringing.
Tonight, Beishan County is destined to sleep.
95 Chapter 95 Battlefield multiple choice questions
The shouting and killing in Beishan County is getting louder and louder br >
Along with the fighting, there are many poor people who are sad and squeal. Even though Seibel has restrained his troops from disturbing the victims in these cities, he and Seibel don’t buy it for the war-torn people!
They kept grabbing the city home and returning it to the victims, so that the victims could resist the attack and keep charging.
Three thousand elite was blocked by ten thousand rioters!
Stalemate street fighting makes people anxious
There must be a wise man among these ten thousand rioters! Otherwise, how can you think of such a bad move in a short time!
"The city is in chaos and the people are suffering."
Su Yu muttered to herself.
At this time, there is an alley in the county.
This alley is a temporary command point. Seibel commands the city war here.
Soldiers are constantly rushing to carry the injured people into the alley or lead their families to the people’s security here.
If you can fight, you will not forget to rescue the people. If you look at the sky, Su Yuhui’s army can do it!
"report! General, the ten main lanes are tight, and this group of rioters drives the koo people to attack the army. We can’t help it! "
A soldier hurriedly rushed into the lane and knelt down on Seibel’s heavy voice and said that his voice was full of anxiety.
"Ask your legend to lift the ban and let me let go! At the end of the day, I will guarantee that I will definitely kill the mobs and gangsters in two hours! "
Some soldiers expressed their opinions and their tone was full of confidence.
Let go of the hands and feet. This group of strong private soldiers of Jade Qing Pavilion can definitely defeat the mob successfully!
Seibel great anger "Lord adults love the people as promised name has been all over Beishan county! Are you destroying the foundation of my Lord? "