"There’s something weird about this planet. Leave the battle card quickly after it’s upgraded to the fifth level."

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网约茶品茶工作室 "There’s something weird about this planet. Leave the battle card quickly after it’s upgraded to the fifth level."

Guo Yi took out the amethyst battle card, and the fist-sized stars suddenly flew out of their hands and suspended the virtual like a mirror, with tens of thousands of points of light appearing on the surface.
Most of these spots are silver, and hundreds of them are gold and white, so there are only two spots.
These light spots respectively represent the positions of other combatants on this planet.
If anyone who goes to war to cultivate immortality can check the position of other combatants through the battle card of the Law List.
When Guo Yi played the battle card, he saw that these light spots were quickly away from him. Obviously, these combatants also found Guo Yi.
Tens of millions of people went to war, and only nine people got amethyst-level battle cards, and there was one on this planet, which represents the top and strongest
The whole planet cultivators are now cursing the pit dad and a pervert appeared a planet is simply unlucky.
One by one, they fled far away, and for a few hours, all of them fled to the other side of the planet.
Guo Yi smiled. "It’s boring to take those two white battle cards and kill others."
Guo Yi needs to slay one hundred white war cards to advance to the fifth level. If he kills the golden war cards, he will kill one thousand.
Guo Yi flew across the ground like a feather in snow, leaving no footprints flying away toward the two white spots.
But then suddenly he bumped into a blue ice boulder, or rather, this ice boulder hit him.
"What’s the matter? Is there a hidden strong person on this planet?" Guo Yi was hit by a seven-meat meal for a long time before he got up from the snowdrift.
Looking around, I saw a blue ice boulder 300 meters high standing in front of me. Guo Yi was just hit by it.
This boulder is polished very smoothly, cold and full of spirit, and can move with people.
Guo Yi walked to the left and it moved to the left. Guo Yi walked to the right and it moved to the right. Guo Yi flew up and it flew with him.
"I don’t believe that a stone can be psychic." Guo Yi flew up a palm and directly arranged ice boulders.
Guo Yi’s palm is not a piece of ice boulder, even a towering mountain can be broken, but the ice boulder is not broken. Guo Yi is instead shaken back by a chill from the boulder.
"What is this stone? Is it really true that there are predecessors who are secluded? "
Since this huge stone has prevented Guo Yi from moving on, there must be a reason for it.
Guo Yi didn’t crash with this ice boulder, so he reversed his direction and planned to kill those who participated in the war from another direction.
But in the other direction, Guo Yi met an identical ice boulder and blocked Guo Yi Road.
Not only in the front and back directions, but also in several directions, Guo Yi met the same boulder, just like he broke into a desperate place and couldn’t get out of a hundred miles.
Guo Yi will be buried heavenly sword to call out the body reiki rolling sword split out immediately to this ice stone to split in half.
"A broken stone also dare to fight with me is simply …" Guo Yi face smile instantly froze.
After seeing the ice boulders broken, the earth suddenly flew out of several identical ice boulders, each of which was 300 meters high, 300 meters wide and 300 meters thick.
There are countless ice boulders, and hundreds of thousands of them fly out at the same time, spinning and dancing around the land of Fiona Fang.
Heaven and earth seem to follow the rotation, and these boulders turn faster and faster, as if they were manipulated by an inexplicable force.
When everything stopped, these icy boulders actually built a castle, which was magnificent and magnificent like a giant fortress.
Guo Yi is in the castle now!
Each brick is made of 300-meter-long ice boulders, and the whole body radiates blue light. The ice walls thousands of meters high are carved with ancient prose, which is complex and vicissitudes, as if remembering that it was once brilliant here, but Guo Yi doesn’t know a word of them.
A footstep ticking broke the tranquility of the castle!
"Is there anyone else in this castle?"
Guo Yi facial expression, a slight change, turned and looked to see a knight riding a strange beast of ice and cold iron appeared opposite him.
His hand is carved with ice, and the strange beast is also carved with ice, but there is only a dark armor left in his body.
The man in the armor has been dead for years, even the bones have rotted away, but the fighting spirit has not been erased, which still supports this armor and has not fallen off from the riding body.
Although the owner of the ice knight is dead, Guo Yi still feels strong hostility from the armor, or rather murder.
"How many years have passed? How many years have passed and someone has come to take my family’s stars? Are you going to kill them all?"