Yang Jian nodded and said, "Then I will go!" With that, Maitreya resigned and led the Six Saints of Meishan and 3,000 Caotoubing all the way to the small village where Yang Chan lived.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网喝茶品茶联系方式 Yang Jian nodded and said, "Then I will go!" With that, Maitreya resigned and led the Six Saints of Meishan and 3,000 Caotoubing all the way to the small village where Yang Chan lived.

As soon as Yang Jian saw Yang Chan waiting there, they looked at each other silently for a moment. Yang Jian said, "Third sister, you have violated the heaven and the jade emperor’s order that I should come and get you. You’d better give in easily!"
Yang Chan was silent for a moment and then said, "Second brother and younger sister also know that they have broken the dogma. It’s Yan Chang and the child. I don’t beg you to let me go. Please let my husband and child go!"
Yang Jian nodded. "You can rest assured that Aquilaria is my nephew after all. I can let him go!"
Yang Chan knelt down and wept gratefully. "Little sister thanked Second Brother!"
Looking at the sad Yang Chan, Yang Jian sighed, and he no longer said anything and ordered people to tie Yang Chan up and take her to heaven.
The Jade Emperor of Lingxiao Hall looked at Yang Chan, who was kneeling in the square, with an expression on his face. "Put the Three Virgin in Huashan and confine the magic of the round god!" With a wave of his sleeve, he suddenly raised a gust of wind from the temple and blew Yang Chan to the bottom of Huashan Mountain! This hand avatar is once again awe-inspiring in the hearts of all the immortals in the temple. Look at this appearance and fear that Jade Emperor Xiu is becoming more and more profound!
The bottom of Huashan Mountain is dark and damp! A divine light fell from the celestial world and shot into Yang Chan’s round god. Yang Chan felt that the round god was shocked and suddenly fell to his knees, groaning painfully!
Just then, her face flashed with a clear light, which surrounded her body and gradually disappeared into her round god. She felt that a refreshing and heavy feeling in her mind had disappeared! The forbidden god is alive again! In her heart, she remembered the strange sight just now. She must have been given the favor to kneel down in the direction of Lingshan in Xumi Mountain. "Thank you, brother, for saving us!" But secretly sigh in my heart. Before I think about it, the quasi-saint has already figured out that he has today’s saint. It really is the limit of magical power!
Chapter one hundred Fight the holy Buddha apprentice
Chapter one hundred Fight the holy Buddha apprentice
The three-star cave on the slanting moon in the square inch mountain of Lingtai must have watched Fang Sunwu silently for a long time before he sighed lightly and said, "Do you still resent the teacher?"
Sitting in Fang Sunwu, dressed in a cassock, his face was calm, and his hands were folded. He replied with no sadness or joy, "How can a teacher hate a teacher if he has taught his brother art?" But my brother really didn’t expect that the former founder of Bodhisattva would be a high-ranking Buddhist saint. "
Zhunwen shook his head and said, "Although I am a Buddhist saint, I am also your master. My great Buddhist teacher really made you suffer a lot. All this is owed to you by the teacher, and I will make it up to you in the future!"
Sun Wuwen’s heart was warm, but he still said with no sadness or joy, "The teacher is seriously ill, and now that he has entered Buddhism, the holy Buddha will keep my Buddhism safe!"
"Are you still worried about it?" Suddenly asked
Sun Wu heard that a purple figure suddenly appeared in his mind, but Sun Wu knew that it was impossible for him to see her again. Sun Wu shook his head without words.
When he saw this, he sighed in his heart and handed Sun Wu the wonderful tree in his hand. "Then you have a mentoring relationship with Liu Chenxiang. Go and take him back to Huaguoshan and teach him martial arts for a few days!"
Sun Wu silently took the wonderful tree of Qibao and said, "Brother, excuse me!" Said got up and made a somersault and went out of the oblique moon Samsung hole.
I must have watched Sun Wu disappear for a long time before I whispered to myself, "How can you not know what your teacher is hanging in your heart? It won’t be long before the teacher will fulfill your wish. "
Besides, since Leo Liu Changzi Yang Chan was arrested, the pain in his heart has become depressed. It’s not helpful to comfort him when his neighbors in liu village see him!
Gently stroked because of the loss of his mother and cried tired fell asleep agarwood Liu Yanchang felt a sour surge in my heart I don’t know how to vent! Heaven is too far away. He’s a mortal body. Every fetus has no magic, but it’s not that heaven can’t find Yang Chan to take care of their only child, Aquilaria sinensis.
Just as he was thinking a lot, suddenly a Buddha’s name rang in his ear, "Amitabha, the poor monk is polite!" "
Liu Yanchang a surprised busy looked up to the source only to see in the corner of the room is quietly stood a hairy face tripterygium wilfordii mouth dressed in a cassock monkey, although the monkey looks fierce, but it is a calm and peaceful face, which makes people look at it and gives birth to no fear!
Liu Yanchang has been studying sages since he was a child. He is a true gentleman who never judges people by their appearances. He got up and saluted and asked, "I don’t know if the monk came to Yanchang to meet him, but please forgive him!"
The newcomer is Sun Wu, the holy Buddha of fighting and fighting, but seeing his hands folded, he said, "The poor monk is a western Buddhist, and the holy Buddha of fighting and fighting is also aloof. The poor monk has a mentoring relationship. I want to accept his disciples and ask the donor to agree!"
"This ….." Liu Yanchang hesitated.
Although it seems that Sun Wu is a formidable figure, now Yang Chan has left his agarwood, which is his only lifeline. If agarwood goes wrong, how can he tell Yang Chan? But looking at Sun Wu’s sincere appearance, he couldn’t give a reason for refusing, and he didn’t know what to say!
Sun Wu obviously saw Liu Yanchang’s hesitation. He said, "Shi’s main agarwood worships the poor monk, and the poor monk will grant him a magical power. Then he can split Huashan to rescue the Three Virgin, and your family can be reunited!"
Leo Liu Chang Wen’s heart moved and he said with surprise, "Are you serious?"
Sun Wu nods, "Monks don’t talk nonsense! What the poor monk said is true! "
And after a pause, Leo Liu Changwen said, "Yanchang thanked the monk, but Yanchang won’t promise."
Sun Wu smell speech amazing looking at Liu Yanchang.
Liu Yanchang sighed, "Although Yan Chang, a monk, is a mortal, he also knows that the Emperor of Heaven is the Lord of the Three Realms, so how can he oppose it? Even if in the future, the agarwood master chopped Huashan and rescued the Three Virgin, it would be difficult for the heaven to catch Mrs. Yanchang day and night. Can the father make his wife suffer so much? Yan Changning would rather let her be quiet and crushed in Huashan than lead a wandering life with Yan Chang, and please ask a monk for advice! "
Sun Wuwen was silent for a long time, saying, "The benefactor is known to be a benefactor, but he doesn’t know that agarwood is a fairy, but the jade emperor won’t let it go. If you think of him, let him practice with the poor monk, and the jade emperor will send troops again in the future to fight back!"
Leo Liu Chang Wen-wen hesitated again. He hesitated for a moment to pay attention. He smiled and woke up from the outside. It was strange that they were agarwood, but they still fell asleep!
But I saw a figure in the sunlight when the door lit up. Sun Wu looked intently and saw someone carrying a long sword. This dark blue cassock looked like a sage like type.
Seeing that this man first paid a tribute to the two men, he immediately said bluntly, "Being original is the door of Yuxu Palace, and Guangcheng of Kongtong Mountain is also polite!"
Leo Liu Chang Wen-wen was shocked when he was one leng. He was Liu Yanchang who had seen a record of Guang Cheng in ancient books. This Guang Cheng was a famous ancient immortal who taught his eldest brother and Xuanyuan Huangdi Division. He was busy worshipping Guang Cheng. "My brother visited the Imperial Master! I don’t know if the Imperial Master arrived in Yanchang, but I still hope that the Imperial Master will make amends! "
Guangcheng smiled and waved a soft force to hold Liu Yanchang up. "You don’t know if I’m guilty?" After a pause, he glanced at Sun Wu calmly and added, "Chen Xiang, I have a mentoring relationship. I have come to collect him today, and his disciples will return to our door from now on. What do you think?"
Liu Yanchang is stunned! He hasn’t recovered for a long time. Today, I don’t know what happened. First, a Buddhist monk came and then he came to the Imperial Master. He was at a loss for a moment and didn’t know what to do!
I glanced at Guangcheng Sun Wu’s mouth and smiled and said, "It seems that this Taoist friend is also from agarwood, but it is also difficult!"
Guangcheng laughed. "Being original seems not as good as letting Yanchang choose!"! Yanchang is the biological father of Aquilaria sinensis and decides whether Aquilaria sinensis will stay or not! "
Sun Wuwen nodded and looked at Liu Yanchang without words.
Liu Yanchang hesitated. According to his purpose, he didn’t want agarwood to be an enemy of heaven in the future. But now Guangcheng and Sun Wu both want to accept agarwood. Generally speaking, agarwood worship in their doors is also a kind of accident. Maybe it can really save the Three Virgin from a family reunion. It is difficult for him to choose Guangcheng, but the Imperial Master has been worshipped by Terrans for a long time. If he worships in his doors, it is natural that he wishes very much, but it is hard to refuse Sun Wu’s Nuo Nuo’s words.
"Hehe, since the benefactor is hesitant, Taoist friend, I think you might as well have a competition with the poor monk or let benefactor Liu make a decision!" Just then Sun Wu suddenly laughed
Guangcheng couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. "That’s great, then redeem being original and offend!"
Guang Cheng drew his sword from behind and stabbed Sun Wu as soon as he finished swishing.
At the sight of Guang Cheng attacking Sun Wuti, his bellicose blood was activated again, and he could no longer consider the image of a monk. He pulled out his robes and pulled out his golden cudgel. In the wind, he changed the thickness of the bowl mouth and handed the sword to Guang Cheng.
One is Zhong Jinxian, who was famous as early as the flood, and the other is the Buddha, the new protector of Buddhism. You come and I fight to see that Liu Yanchang is dumbfounded
Liu Yanchang and everything around him are fighting with each other. Although he became famous early and his mana training was not weaker than Sun Wu’s, Nai lost to Sun Wu’s fighting skills. After playing for a while, his achievements were already depressed.
Suddenly, Sun Wu’s golden cudgel came to Guangcheng at an extremely strange angle, and a dodge was not hit by Sun Wu’s solid shoulder.
This one has really fired Guangcheng. Think about yourself. You have suffered such a loss for thousands of years since you became a deity, but now you have been hit in the back by a new Buddhist. Go out and have your own face!
Thinking of this, Guang Cheng couldn’t help but jump back to see him and then hold up a three-foot square seal with one hand. This is Guang Cheng’s sacrifice to him, which is a magic weapon for fame.
Seeing Guangcheng throw the seal of heaven into the middle and then turn it over with his right palm, he shouted, "The seal of heaven is extinct!" This recruit is guangcheng’s new enlightenment after the breakthrough to the quasi-saint, and its power is more than several times larger than before.
As soon as Guangcheng’s voice fell, he saw that the seal of the sky was dripping in a circle and then it became as big as a hill and hit Sun Wu.