"Shengyingdan" auxiliary elixir has only received 60%.

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There is a gap of 40% panacea
There are some fields that are currently planted with sumeru condensate tower spirit.
In the past ten years, Sun Hao has crossed several dangerous seas several times, but he still harvested two kinds.
The Chinese medicine "Deep Sea Zi Kui" or the clue of Xiaozhang went deep into the Shasman Trench.
Of course, when I received the elixir, I also gave Xiao Zhang an arrow. Qiu Sunhao and his party surrounded the depths of the trench, and the king’s giant eye squid was slashed and almost hacked to death.
When King Zhi’s giant-eyed squid was dying, Xiao Zhang suddenly felt hidden and let it take the elixir at once.
Xiao Zhang’s reason is that "we don’t have the same knowledge as wild animals"
In the past ten years, Nanyang, which is rich in resources in the southern continent, still receives two main flavors, but Sun Hao finally knows that Shengying Dan is rare.
The difficulty can’t help but remind Sun Hao of the time when he used to refine the highest soil and demons.
It’s more difficult to get the elixir of Shengying Dan.
Ten years later, Sun Hao still didn’t get much news about the elixir.
Maybe there will be some elixirs on Soul Island.
Or the cloud temple may have some clues about the elixir.
Sun Hao began to think about whether he was going back to Soul Island.
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-five Hero Fuzhao
"The picturesque scenery throughout the ages swallowed Wan Li like a tiger, and it took 3,000 men to brave the heavenly palace, and it took 5,000 years to lean on Gankun …" The fat hand of He Xiongjie, the main peak of Qingyun, flew out with a golden symbol in his mouth and shouted, "Friends of Qingyun, please pick up the hero symbol …"
Qingyun’s practices include stripping the real gentleman, Yaqin Zhenjun, kneeling on one knee and saying "Welcome to Heroes"
Sound cuts through the sky
Fu Zhuan flew to the golden light of Qingyun’s main peak, and a huge post with a height of ten feet and a width of three feet was upright.
In the middle of the post, three hot stamping characters "Hero Symbol" appeared.
The heroic symbol is now majestic and heroic, and it stands out from the three characters. It seems that I saw a dragon roaring into the sky from the character post and moving.
A flaming dragon appeared behind the word hero, and two lifelike male figures appeared on both sides.
A friar fell out of his arm in a vest, holding a long sword with a sheath across his chest, and his long hair fluttered in the wind.
A monk with a silver armor and a red tassel on his head stood upright with a sword in his hands and his body leaned back slightly.
The two monks, one on the left and the other on the right, are swaying and opposing each other like competing on the same stage.
When the post flashes again, the white light flashes and the bright sunshine seems to have been absorbed by the post, and the word "Tiangong" formed by the two parties is slightly smaller and falls to the left of the post.
At the same time, the right corner of the post also shows a row of small words "all the heroes are regardless of the source"
This is the "Heavenly Palace Hero"
Sun Hao hasn’t come to Soul Island yet.
The call of Qingyun Gate made him rush back to Qingyun to meet the "Heavenly Palace Hero".
One of the southern continents ranked first, ranking first in the mainland, and the whole continent spoke.
The ranking of Tiangong is more than one, which is the real top strength of the mainland.
I don’t know what this hero did in Tiangong.
Qingyun goalkeeper recalls himself, even though there are many things.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of what He Xiongjie secretly said on the day of the summit. The two true gentlemen finally changed their attitude and faced their compromise. Now that I think about it, I even have this hero.
Heroes in the sky appear
He Xiongjie is another clear drink "Qingyun Daoyou please listen to Fu Zhao"
Qingyun Zhuxiu Gao Yingnuo
He Xiongjie Lang sang, "The hero of the day came out of our generation and entered the fairy road …"
As He Xiongjie sings the heroic symbol standing upright in the sky, the page slowly opens.
Every time He Xiongjie reads a word, the corresponding hot stamping characters appear. Soon, the hot stamping characters appear in rows from right to left.
Heroes of heaven come from our generation.
As soon as I entered the fairy road, I was urged.
Come forth in large numbers
Who holds the bull’s ear?
Jiawu Mid-Autumn Festival
Invite heroes widely
Debate over burying the ruins of heaven
Zhengjindan boulevard
Decisive continental order
You are talented.
Don’t come to war.
Five heroes
Immediately lead a team to war.
Looking at the hero Fu Zhao Sun Hao, there are some doubts in his heart.
Jiawu Mid-Autumn Festival? There are still more than three years.
Burying the Tianxu is another waiting place?
With a little bit of doubt, Sun Hao listened to He Xiongjie’s Tiangong Fuzhao.
Then Qingyun Gate held a ceremony to greet the hero Fu Zhao respectfully and immediately held a summit meeting to discuss Fu Zhao’s affairs.
Peak discussion Sun Hao is completely understand the hero Fuzhao is going on.
The mystery of the heavenly palace is said to be in the secret realm
Xiangtiangong is responsible for guarding the safety of the mainland and guarding the safety of the mainland. The ancient battlefield is buried in Tianxu.
The battlefield is buried in the sky, and the ruins are unstable. Can Yuan Ying go in?
Maintaining the burial day market has returned to the top monk then in mainland China.
Every 500 to 1000 years, the Heaven Palace will open the Burial Day Market, and the heroes will be widely distributed to summon the top mainland Jin Danxiu to enter the middle and strengthen the Burial Day Market to guard the array to eliminate the newly born demons.
The burial site is extremely dangerous.
Enter the middle school, ten die and nine live.
Every time we open the burial market, many heroes and heroes will fall, and generations of Tianjiao will be buried in a virtual burial field.
Of course, danger also often has great opportunities.
There are many rare elixirs in the burial day market, and there are even some legends about the emergence of Lingbao.
In history, any monk who can come back alive from the burial day market can’t become the top yuan baby in mainland China, and it will be a great success for a while.
Because of the danger of the burial day market and the special burial day market, every time the heavenly palace of the burial day market is opened and the hero symbol is issued, all parts of the mainland will reshuffle the cards and re-rank the clan doors.
This is also the reason why the hero symbol was issued three years ago.
For example, if Qingyunmen is willing to expel Godsworn then into Tianxu after receiving the hero symbol, then first of all, Godsworn then needs to take part in the ranking battle of Nantah Land Zongmen.
It’s not easy for any cat and dog to enter the burial day market.