A large mosquito genus rushed towards the bloody mouth.


Mosquitoes suck blood wildly, and at the same time, a lot of toxins pour into black cattle from wounds.
"moo!" The black cow roared with pain.
Just now, the speed was fast, but it was beyond Niu Mowang’s control. He just wanted to knock down two people, at least weakly, and this Tathagata killed him.
I didn’t expect Tathagata’s power to be so terrible? And it’s still your own nose
It hurts more than the stick of the former Jia Ye venerable man.
"Xiao you completely angered me!" Niu Mowang stepped on the ground and rushed towards them again.
The swastika gold symbol suddenly broke out and formed a shield to block Tathagata and hades.
The black cow is crazy, regardless of the speed of going straight to ten feet, Jiang Tai can’t hide from the red hood, but he can collide head-on
Two Jiang Tai together with the word’ swastika’ were crashing into the mountains.
The mountain collapsed and two Jiang Tai disappeared.
"Damn mosquitoes!" The black cow shook her body to completely kill the mosquitoes around her.
"Tao can be extraordinary …!"
Suddenly, the moral truth formed a big net with five thousand gold words and pressed it toward the black cow.
Black Niu Yi roared and crashed into the net.
The black cow was distracted, and Hades suddenly appeared behind him. The doomsday sickle fiercely cut the wound again.
A large area of flesh and blood flew, and blood poured out.
This knife cut deep and actually saw the black cow bones.
Black Niu Yi cries miserably.
The moral truth, the golden net, slammed the black cow.
"Bastard, why do you have so many treasures?" The black cow growled
"hey!" Tathagata drink a lot.
A huge swastika fell from the sky and brazenly crushed the black cow.