Ma Laoer shouted at the driver with a gun, and the latter immediately squatted on the ground.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所 Ma Laoer shouted at the driver with a gun, and the latter immediately squatted on the ground.

Four hairs on the back of the co-pilot were handcuffed, and the whole person was in a very awkward position, lying on a narrow car bed, unable to speak or move at will.
"How are you? !” Ma laoer looked urgent and asked at rhubarb
"Thank the driver for me … for me." When rhubarb saw Ma Laoer, his consciousness immediately blurred, and his eyelids drooped. Even the gunman shivered. "I can’t come back without him."
Ma Laoer immediately looked back at his state and shouted, "Come and help."
Not far away, two cars, Liu Shu and others, rushed in when they heard Ma Laoer’s propaganda.
Ma Laoer put his gun on his waist and held rhubarb in his hands, dragging him out of the car. His body strength clamped him and pushed him against the door panel. "Are you hurt?"
Rhubarb lowered its head and didn’t reply.
Ma Laoer saw that his face was wrong, reached out his hand and put it on his forehead. He found that his skin was hot and the whole person had been shivering.
"Are you hurt? !” Ma Laoer bowed his head to see the body of rhubarb after HeWen again, but unexpectedly saw a big pool of blood.
Blood is flowing from rhubarb leg pants, which has dyed the frozen ground red.
Ma Laoer’s eyes were stunned, and he bent down to stretch out his hand and rolled up his rhubarb trouser leg. He found that his right leg was covered with dirty and oozing gauze, and the whole calf was swollen like a watermelon and became oval.
Liu Shuchong came to hold the crumbling rhubarb and bowed his head and asked, "What’s wrong with him?"
"Don’t move."
Ma Laoer didn’t look up and reach for the rhubarb gauze on his right leg. Take a closer look. His calf gunshot wound has festered and perforated. The original hole has become the size of a walnut, and the surrounding skin has turned pale.
After Brother Xiao and others were arrested, rhubarb’s first reaction was that he couldn’t go back to Changji city, but I don’t know if anyone would continue to search for him outside the district. Nai smashed the secret door of the SAR wall with four Mao Qiang and waited for more than ten hours to choose.
If it’s an ordinary ray, he may choose to leave for the first time after he comes out. At this time, silly B also knows that it’s difficult for him to get rid of it when things get too big, so he might as well leave.
But rhubarb didn’t. He was thinking about the few "comrades-in-arms" and relatives in the world. He knew that he had no other chips, and the only thing valuable in his hand was forty cents.
So he chose a man with four hairs to cross the joint defense security zone outside the city, which is full of armed soldiers.
The road is afraid to take the path and is afraid of getting lost. Dahuang Nai can cross the snowy land on foot because it can be hidden at any time and the landmark buildings on both sides of the road can be seen at any time.
When crossing in the snow, his trousers were a little soaked by melting snow, and his gauze could not resist the snow flowing into his leg, and his wound was infected.
God knows how rhubarb keeps walking in the snow for hours and still wants to run for four hairs at any time.
Maybe his belief is not money or status, maybe it’s just a few friends who can hang out all day and live together, because without these people, he will have everything
The rhubarb survived, hijacked the truck driver who sent food to the food and lodging shop, and contacted Ma Laoer.
At the fork in the road
Although Ma Laoer is not familiar with rhubarb, he is very fond of this tough guy. He got up and turned to Liu Shu and shouted, "Get him to the car and clean the wound. We will go back as soon as possible."
"Eldest brother, I …" The driver squatted down to be clever and raised his hand to show that he wanted to speak.
Ma Laoer bowed his head. "Brother will take us away for an hour and I’ll get you five thousand dollars."
The driver froze.
"You can’t leave now." Ma Laoer patted the other person’s head. "Leave the car here and turn back. Stop one halfway and come back and listen!"
The driver looked at Ma Laoer and nodded his teeth. "That’s … OK."
five minutes later
Two SUVs set off again.