With the help of brothers’ explosive’ to block the enemy’s cold, Chen repeatedly launched the stagnation of the residual blood and the madness suddenly fell from the middle.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所 With the help of brothers’ explosive’ to block the enemy’s cold, Chen repeatedly launched the stagnation of the residual blood and the madness suddenly fell from the middle.

The method of flying to fix the truth is to run on the ground, even if you fight hard, you can’t chase him. Fortunately, a madman brought those people with his royal sword.
Unfortunately, one after another, more and more people lost their defense ability, and finally no one could fly. The news that Chen Han ran like a runaway wild horse happened in Tianhua city, and I don’t know who broadcast it, and it seemed to reach the ears of all forces.
No one knows how to be crazy and bloody, and how to have several beautiful methods. The combat effectiveness is comparable to that of out-of-body experience, and Chen Han immediately became the target of all forces.
However, when the major forces followed the clues, they lost all the clues of Chen Han, and he seemed to disappear.
Yi Shu Jia practiced the emperor’s extremely shaking records to shield the breath, unless the distance was very close, it was difficult for the strong to find him even in the late stage of integration. Just when the major forces were at a loss, they had already changed their appearance and hidden all the breath through Yi Shu, but the cold reappeared, but it had reached the border of Yan Huang and the extreme west.
The roof of the world on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
After the reversal of heaven and earth, the straight-line distance of the new world from Tianhua city has increased from more than 2 thousand kilometers to 200 thousand kilometers
However, there is something called an airplane in this world. With the gradual stability of the situation, flights to all parts of Yanhuang have already been passed. Of course, even with the rapid development of science and technology, the speed of the airplane has risen and it has taken more than ten days to stop and refuel.
Even those who fix the truth in such a long distance can’t arrive in a short time. Although those who fix the truth in the fitting period can teleport, it’s a pity that they have just reached the condition of teleport. Not only is the teleport distance very limited each time, but the consumption of the truth is staggering.
In order to attract the attention of all forces, Chen Han deliberately paraded through the city for two days and spread the news by the way, and finally waited for the goal to arrive …
Chapter 112 Without a trace
"Qin Dage, they should have faded out of the sight of major forces?"
"A proud snow with residual blood predecessors pour nothing to worry about purple smoke that girl back to suspection.i family, I’m afraid the day is not so good as before"
"Alas … you can’t fly to the South Pole. In the past, the surface area of the planet has increased by a hundredfold, and you can’t get there for more than a month."
"Don’t let anything happen. Fortunately, there are two people who know that the distribution of forces in the ball can bypass dangerous places."
Chen Han looked at the white clouds fluttering on a towering mountain peak, but he didn’t feel relaxed and happy at all, and there were all kinds of worries and worries.
That’s right!
This plan really looks perfect, because he attracts the attention of all sects and families and wins enough for remnant blood and others. Once they temporarily fade out of sight, they will go to the Antarctic ice sheet for the first time. Then, let alone those forces will not pay attention to them. Even if they have the heart to look for them, it will be difficult to find them in that vast area of hundreds of thousands of miles.
They will practice and develop crazily in the barren land of Antarctica with the help of massive resources, and they will have amazing strength in a short time.
"Blare ….." Snow clouds like a snowball nest in Chen cold arms probably also by his emotional contagion sob full of force.
"Well, don’t think about these troubles. Are you sad?"
Chen Han gently stroked its smooth and smooth hair. Hehe smiled. "It’s a good thing that the boss behind the killer network was able to spread the news to all parts of the ball so quickly. It originated from the peerless method more than 2,000 years ago. Not only are the major forces of the Chinese people drooling over the ball, but all forces will flock to it?"
Although practitioners in other countries don’t practice Yan Huang and cultivate truth, it is also of great significance to get this kind of mentality.
First of all, the cultivation of different ways leads to the same goal. The so-called "other rocks can attack jade" can be understood by different cultivation methods.
The most important thing is that through these mental methods, we can learn more about the practitioners, and it is better to crack the attack methods of the practitioners than to be at a loss.
The muscles and bones were changed according to Dong Qian’s re-imparting skill. It didn’t take long for Chen’s cold appearance to change. He incarnated a man in his early thirties who was one meter tall. leisure suit’s horcrux was also replaced by an ordinary mountaineering suit. He took it out of the ring and prepared a mountaineering rope early in the morning. He put the snow cloud in his backpack and tied it up a little rusty and took it to the mountain.
In this way, he changed from Chen Han to another person, stayed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for a few days and disappeared again. When the forces of all parties in the ball were cloudy, he had reached the junction of West Asia and Europe.
Once again, I deliberately exposed my identity. I arranged the plan early in the morning and went out like a message with wings.
Those forces from the ball scurried around the plateau like flies for several times. Because of some small problems, they almost caused a firefight. In the end, they didn’t even see Chen Hanying. After getting the new news, although they didn’t understand how he disappeared, they kept going straight to the place where the news pointed.
Tens of millions of practitioners have been toyed with, running around behind Chen Han’s ass, and have almost traveled all over the planet, which has increased by a hundred times.
Whenever they arrive at the target location, the other party will disappear and reappear for no reason, often in places 100 thousand kilometers away
There is no way to predict the next place of his appearance.
It happened that Qin Yang and all of them were’ dead’ with Chen Han. Some people left Huangfuzi smoke, but she had all kinds of secret memories that had been erased. It was impossible to find clues to say that she had come to coerce Chen Han. Even from talking about where Chen Han was, no one knew. How can we be sure that the news can go to him? If you don’t even get the news, how can you use her as a bargaining chip?
In a blink of an eye, Chen Han appeared every few days to ten days more than two months ago. This time, 20 days have passed and no news has been received from him.
With all the efforts of all parties, even if the newly formed Tianlong has a stronger intelligence network, there is still no clue to Chen Han. It seems that this person has just evaporated …
Paris, the capital of France
A large and medium-sized restaurant in Chinatown has a red paint plaque hanging at the door with three characters of Baolou written on it. Although this restaurant is not big here, it is famous for its prosperous business, not to mention that Chinese often come here, and even many foreigners will come here.
Because there are several special dishes with excellent flavor, the homemade light rice wine is a rare taste.
"Call it a day"
The fat old man with a kind face in Tang suit is holding a stack of brand-new red envelopes. Hehe laughs. "Go to the store door and prepare a table of food and wine as usual. Today is payday. It’s customary for one of us to get together and have a drink. It’s also hard for a month."