The media also know that Nai just can’t get the latest news for the first time, but can take some photos in the periphery.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 The media also know that Nai just can’t get the latest news for the first time, but can take some photos in the periphery.

It’s childish to see that people are going to build a protective posture before giving birth, and those who say that stars are strictly guarding against going to the hospital to have children are so secretive.
Xiaobaimewa has already prepared the things that Jingmutu deer will want after birth.
Now it’s time to get everything ready for production.
Chapter 396 Treat yourself to yourself 1
Chai Wanying suspected that she was making a mountain out of a molehill by doing so, but she also knew that they would be very upset if Bai Lingxian Zongzhengwu was not allowed to do these things.
Now that they have done so much preparation and protection, both of them still look incredulous. If she asks them to rest again, it is estimated that they will faint because their hearts can’t bear too much pressure before she gives birth to a lark.
Bailing, relax. It won’t be anything soon. You make me nervous, too. Chai Wanying comforted her easily.
Lark is a quiver immediately straight body fear tunnel lady sorry handmaiden.
Why did Bailing say sorry? I didn’t blame you, Mr. Zongzheng. You’d better take Bailing to rest first. She’s too nervous these days. I’m going to have a baby. We didn’t say we wanted to fight in other circles.
Madam, I won’t stop. Madam, don’t worry. The handmaiden has called the spirit world to the spirit soldiers and sent them to guard all walks of life to the entrance to the human world. If anyone wants to enter the human world at this time, the handmaiden has ordered them to return. If they break in, they will be killed.
Chai Wanying can’t help but feel a little sweaty. I don’t think Nai Tun Bailing is so serious, right?
Ma ‘am, it’s best if you don’t worry about handmaiden, and you want your wife to be average. In case of such preparation, it’s still necessary for you to relax your mind, relax and be the master of deer, and I’ll prepare everything else for the handmaiden.
Yes, ma’ am, don’t ask these things. I’ll take care of it.
Zong Zhengwu also said that Bailing looked at him and nodded his head to show that he knew.
At least I’ve been getting along with people like Bailing and Zongzhengwu for months, and I still know how much about their stubborn personality. That is, she can persuade them with her mouth, so I can let them do it if I can’t persuade them.
Liu Zhichun walked carefully through the demon world and the edge of the spirit world with what he had prepared early the next morning after a night’s sit-in, and finally came to the entrance of the human world.
It’s not that he didn’t think of entering the human world directly from the entrance of the demon world, but considering that his own practice attribute is the wind attribute and belongs to the natural attribute, it is a kind of power.
People in the spiritual world have similar attributes, and the probability of entering the human world from the spiritual world is much lower than that of disturbing the celestial world.
Jia Lingjie has been indebted to the Nuwa people for many years. If you really find that the human world is a trap waiting for him to escape, I believe that the spiritual world is also a place to give him temporary shelter.
On the contrary, people in the demon world have always been cunning. Now the demon world owner is from tian hu. How can he risk crossing the demon world?
Well, Liu Zhichun’s calculation has to be said to be meticulous and very thoughtful, but it’s a pity that he chose this day.
It’s Chai Wanying’s birthday.
Bailing was too nervous to make sure that the last two little masters could come to the world smoothly and safely. She brought a lot of magic weapons in the treasure house of the spiritual world that had not been given up for thousands of years.
Is to prevent people from sneaking into the world
And LiuZhiChun although also made a lot of preparations and crossing the high-order energy stone is also very severe, if in normal times, it must be one thousand lost, but at this time, half a point failed to keep his breath from leaking.
Almost a second before he just entered the human world, he was already sensed by the aura fluctuation, and the spirit soldiers surrounded him.
This Liu Zhichun was shocked. The only flash in my mind was that it was a celestial trap.
Where is he to ask carefully?
Almost before the other party starts, Liu Zhichun has already taken the initiative to attack each other with a wave of his hand.
And those spirit soldiers in the spirit world have long known in their hearts that they should act as a charter in the order of the spirit Lord fairy.
If people from other circles intrude into the world, please persuade them to go back first and come back another day. If people are really arrogant and don’t say that they have to force their way into the world, then people will kill and forgive.
Now that their spiritual world has served as the leader of the Wawa tourmaline clan, they are no longer afraid of other worlds.
The spirit soldiers were surprised when they came to see a person coming in invisibly from the entrance to the human world from their spiritual world. After all, the spirit soldiers and the spirit generals have already come to protect their mistress.
And the rest must stay in the spiritual world and not enter the human world privately. How can people from the spiritual world enter the world at this time?
Now, they haven’t come to ask him where he came from, but this person is ruthless and takes the lead.
A cliff-to-wall several LingBing in LiuZhiChun a wave of his hand was seriously injured.
Chapter 397 Treat yourself to yourself
This immediately around LingBing spirit will have found the situation here, but a moment came to a large number on the spot to completely surround LiuZhiChun in the most.
After that, he was regarded as a spy who deliberately wanted to enter the human world at this time to endanger his master and wife.
At that time, hundreds of spiritual soldiers and spiritual generals came to the spiritual world to besiege Liu Zhichun in succession, and soon the battle was in full swing.
LiuZhiChun treat these people as heaven ambush trap hand here without mercy.
The people in the spiritual world also regard him as another world, intending to enter the human world to harm his master and wife, and the spies are not discouraged by malicious attacks.
Both sides have misunderstood, but they are still playing in full swing.
It was not until Liu Zhichun gradually felt quite right that the fluctuation of opponent’s spiritual power was not celestial fairy method, and it was still his similar attribute mana. Are these people not celestial but spiritual?
On second thought, this entrance is not the entrance from the spiritual world to the human world. It is impossible that he is the wrong person at all.
It’s obviously late to think about this question at the moment. The other side’s attack intensity is obviously worse than before. He has missed the best opportunity to ask and explain.
At the moment, it’s not enough to cope with their group attack and joint attack. How can we give him a chance to tell the Qing Committee?
And lark to prepare in advance is just to prevent one thousand never thought that it would really happen that people broke into the world on the day when Mrs. Wang gave birth.