Jing Shouxing’s eyelids jumped involuntarily and his heart sank involuntarily. He said coldly, "Did I have an old enmity with you in the past?"

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网喝茶品茶联系方式 Jing Shouxing’s eyelids jumped involuntarily and his heart sank involuntarily. He said coldly, "Did I have an old enmity with you in the past?"

Zong Ming shook his head and smiled and said, "It doesn’t seem to be in my impression."
Inoue Shouxing was puzzled and asked, "Did I unconsciously blame you or your people?"
Zong Ming replied "no"
Inoue Shouxing said calmly, "So?"
Zong Ming’s language suddenly changed to be colder than "simply put, it is your sun flag bearer who first thinks about killing. I am not that kind of tolerant person, but a vengeful person. For those who have offended me, no one can live in this world yet."
Inoue Shouxing blurted out with a shock, "There are so many people in the Sun Flag, so you just want to see me?"
Inoue Shouhang pretends to be a weak enemy. In fact, he has already decided that his word "I" is still beating in the air. Suddenly, he suddenly moves and flashes. I don’t know that if he moves away, the cold light has suddenly "shot" Zong Mingling, and in an instant, eleven swords are split into one sword, forming a one-sided retreat, and the sword mans optical network reflects the cover, and the attack on Zong Mingling is still in half shape!
It was a wily super master! Mirror mind flow swordsmanship is really a profound and unpredictable stunt.
Zong Ming’s surface looks more relaxed than it actually is, but he is well prepared. In the phantom of the roaring lightsaber, his figure is swept and pranced in this room, but he is doing a quick and easy dodge like a thousand miles away. His hands suddenly turn into dark ink in a flash, which is like a terrible black "color" with the breath of death from the depths of Jiuyou. His trademark stunt "Split Monty Hand" is holding a huge force and fearlessly facing the sword shadow of Jing Shouxing.
Jing Shouxing doesn’t wait for the move. The old figure moves slightly to the side with a knife-shaped sword. In the illusion of a circle and a series of light arcs, the blade splits, and the gas stretches out from the light arc. It seems that Changhong penetrates the moon and it is like a meteor. It is cold in the room!
Zong Ming does not retreat, but moves into the body like a ghost. It’s unpredictable to crack the hand of the monty. The force is more than 10,000, and the flow is booming like the whole room is shaking!
With the crack of monty’s hand giving off monty’s breath, Jing Shouxing suddenly felt that all the focus of his sword was suspended in the moment when Zongming’s hands gave off monty’s breath. The whole figure suddenly floated up with the strong strength from Zongming, as if it suddenly lost weight and was lifted by the other party’s strength. Just waiting for him to react again, he suddenly felt that the black "color" palm in his hand was pressed on his crown.
Although Jing Shouhang knew that he would not be Zong Ming’s opponent, it seemed that he didn’t expect to end this battle so quickly. Zong Ming not only took away his sword with his bare hands, but now he controls Jing Shouhang’s "sex" life and "fuck" in his hands, and he can grasp Jing Shouhang’s head into a pulp anytime and anywhere.
At this time, Chen Zhenbei and Jing Xiao Yuan, two idiots, had been surrounded by that powerful strength into a corner of the room as fools who knew neither fear nor happiness, and had a drooling smirk.
Zong Ming said coldly to Jing Shouxing, "Jing Shouxing now you should know that I can kill you at any time, right?"
Inoue Shouxing saw that Zongming was not in a hurry to kill him sexually, and he certainly knew that there must be room for manoeuvre tonight. He said calmly, "Just now, you took my sexual life and took back my strength at the last minute?"
Zong Ming smiled slyly and said, "Guess in your mind?"
Inoue Shouxing replied without thinking, "You are proving to me that you have absolute power to control the overall situation at any time!"
Zong Ming smiled treacherously and said, "Absolute power comes from absolute power. Without it, power is a hole and unstable, which is like a building built on a beach. It may collapse at any time, but if it is absolute power, it is rock solid. I came out to establish a foundation and seek wealth and not anger. What you just said made me change my mind. If you can really let me hurt my business, maybe we can really be one, because I think we are really the same type."
Zong Ming said that he would grab Inoue Shouhang’s head with his left hand and take his right hand away and hand it back to him. He continued, "I think you have done a good job in this respect. Although you still can’t help but make a first move, it was my intention to create a kind of pressure on you to make a move. I want you to have a heart for my strength, so that you can really put the so-called grievances and enmities into your heart. I really hope to have the opportunity to go to your Dongyang Empire to develop Tianlong Federal continent. I can’t stay. Pearl Island is too small to set my strategic development direction for your Dongyang Empire. I am a person who advocates strength. This is very similar to the "sex" style and wind of your Dongyang Empire. Maybe I am really like a duck to water in Dongyang Empire. I don’t know what Mr. Jing thinks about me? "
Inoue Shouxing took Zongming’s handed me a sword and put it in its sheath, and said, "Natural selection makes the strong born into the world of the strong, and strong alliance is the most effective way and means to sign today’s world. You not only have absolute power, but also have a deeper mind and strategy than me. It would be a terrible nightmare for a strong enemy like you. If it weren’t for the sea, I would surely die unsatisfied for the imperial tree, even my soul would not be safe." Fu Ruoge intends to come to our Dongyang Empire to exert your strength and wisdom to pave a broad road in Kege, but can Gege make a reasonable explanation for the attack on our Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire’s military base in Pearl Island some time ago? "
Zong Ming denied it without hesitation, saying, "I didn’t connect with this matter, but it was just a random guess by Chen Zhenbei, a well-known child. I remember that I was still doing chores by your side when this happened. If such a big action was instigated by me, I would let go regardless of whether I didn’t participate and direct it myself." I’m asking you, can you think about it with your brain and mind? This kind of thing can’t be casually said to attack the military base of Ames Empire. I have the strength, but I don’t have the courage. For my origin, you can ask your Dongyang Empire to check whether there is such a person in Tianlong Federal Intelligence. If I can stay in Tianlong Federal Mainland, I will be idle and come to Pearl Island. Tianlong Federal Mainland is now a business opportunity limited to arachis duranensis! "
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Chapter 55 The insidious ratio
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Inoue Shouxing stared at Zong Ming with a dignified expression and said, "Your explanation is reasonable, but I have to be cautious about the safety of the empire, and the connection is too wide. Even the Ames Empire has been involved. How do you say that a terrorist attack like this will definitely be the military of the two countries attach great importance to this, and the losses on both sides are very heavy. I will definitely find out the organization that planned this terrorist attack. I don’t want the cabinet and Al Qaeda to have this matter, even though it is now. They are in charge, but we think they are just using the title to play. The real behind-the-scenes should be the Tianlong federal military. According to our intelligence personnel, it is very likely that the Tianlong Federation will take back Pearl Island by force. "
Zong Ming can hear that there are still endless letters in Inoue Shouxing’s jargon. He is not too entangled in this matter with Inoue Shouxing, so he said, "I’m sorry for the misfortune of your father Xiao Yuan tonight. If I deal with Chen Zhenbei, I think Mr. Inoue should have a more appropriate way than me. But there is one thing I have to ask Mr. Inoue to keep secret for me. I don’t want to let two women in the Sano family know about it now. I don’t think I need to say more about Mr. Inoue’s wisdom."
Inoue Shouxing nodded and said, "It is really inappropriate to let them know that if they must return the blood ghost god to the cabinet, it will inevitably lead to an unnecessary dispute. Now we all know that the Sano family lost the blood ghost god and it is likely to cause a new battle for the blood ghost god. You know, now many people are staring at the Sano family and the sisters."
Zong Ming doesn’t seem to be interested in this matter. He said, "I want to be sincere with you before you find out and verify my origin. I’ll stay with Mr. Jing as Xiao, and you’ll still arrange for me to run errands for two women in Sano’s house. This arrangement for Mr. Jing should be satisfactory."
Inoue Shouxing really said with satisfaction, "It’s a little unfair to be so good. I think our Dongyang Empire has the highest efficiency among all races in the world. We will soon have definite information to verify the origin of the pavilion. In all fairness, I sincerely hope to have a long-term relationship with the pavilion."
Zong Ming didn’t speak again. He seemed to show off a teleport as if he were Jing Shouxing’s face, and disappeared when Jing Shouxing blinked, as if this person had never been in this room.
Zong Ming had already arranged his identity properly before he came to Pearl Island, and even the witnesses had arranged his residence, so he didn’t worry that Dongyang Imperial could find out a doubt from his identity.
In order to completely wipe out Inoue Shouhang’s suspicion of Zongming, it also dealt a further blow to the arrogance of Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire on Pearl Island. When Zongming returned to Inoue Shouhang, he arranged the dormitory and immediately sent an order to Qingsheng, ordering him to send out free and unfettered warriors to assassinate or sabotage the new senior officers of Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire in other forms.
After Zongming left, Inoue Shouxing summoned three generals, namely Kiyosuke Tanigawa, Hideyoshi Tamaki and Miyako Taniguchi, for secret consultations.
Well Xiao Yuan and Chen Zhenbei, of course, have already arranged for people to be sent to the hospital for examination and treatment. Compared with the rich people like them, it is better to send them to the intensive care unit of a better hospital and hand them over to the medical staff for full-time care. It is impossible to recover through treatment
Inoue Shouxing’s four meetings were still just held in Zongming, a sly fox fiend who lurked out of this secret room unnoticed and listened attentively to every word spoken by four people in the room. Those who spy on others can’t see it and return it. He is sleeping in the room now.
Tanigawa Kiyoo, Tamaki Hideyoshi and Taniguchi Miyako have an incredible expression on their faces after listening to the completion of Shouhang’s detailed account of what happened last night. Because others may not be very clear about the foundation of Shouhang, they know a lot about it. If the avatar Xiao lurks in the manor according to Shouhang’s statement, the Draco Federation can also kill the three of them at any time and anywhere.
Imperial wood Hideyoshi’s expression is so gloomy that he can scrape a layer of frost. He said, "When the Dragon Federation came out, there was such a powerful figure. They were masters of repairing the truth. The Dragon Group and the Phoenix Group were considered as practitioners in the WTO. Other sects never cared about worldly rights and wrongs, but we all kept a file of information about the members of the Dragon Group and the Phoenix Group. This is the first time for the Dragon Federation to fix the truth. If this person really wants to pursue material enjoyment with our big Dongyang Empire, of course we can enjoy it with him. But if this person has other ulterior motives and his strength is increased, we can’t invite a wolf into the room then! "
Inoue Shouxing said with a calm face, "Of course I have considered this aspect, and this person named Zeng seems to be aware of it, so he wants to" touch "him with us first before we talk about the matter. Personally, I still want to know that once a person like him is born in a place, he can establish a foundation and dominate one side. I can throw personal grievances aside, mainly because he is too powerful, and the imperial tree is such a strong enemy. Now the only thing we have to do is to do. By all means, find out whether the true identity of the former Tianlong Federation is in line with what he said now. I advise you three not to take any chances and make a move on this man. My strength was restrained by him without five moves, and it was in the case that I took the lead. This name is Zeng, and it seems that he didn’t do his best. Taniguchi Jun, you don’t want me to be alarmist. Even if the four of us join hands, it may not be the enemy of this man. Have you seen such a fear of a Tianlong Federation when you know my well? "
Tanigawa Qingfu frowned and said, "Jing Jun, how much do you know about this person now?"
Inoue Shouxing said with a straight face, "It can be said that it is a knowledge except knowing that he has great power, that is, his real name, or listening to Chen Zhenbei, an idiot, saying that my impression of him is very vague now, and I feel like a powerful ally and may become a terrible enemy. Everything will have to wait until we check his details carefully in Tianlong Federal Intelligence."
Taniguchi Gongxiong seems to be unwilling to say, "What should we do now? Don’t let him stay in the manor. If he doesn’t come well, wouldn’t we put a time bomb next to him? No, I don’t think we can lose control like this. "
Inoue Shouxing said naively, "Do you think I would want this completely unexpected situation to happen? I’ve lost a son now for no reason. If we can handle him, I’ll beg so much? Ladies and gentlemen, please be patient for a few more days. Don’t forget that there are still two Sano girls staying in the manor. Isn’t Sano’s family always above your Tanigawa and Imperial Wood families? Find a way to give them some information, and let them let Sano’s family be a whipping boy first, and you will know that this name is Zeng’s real strength. "
Inoue Shouxing deserves to be an old fox. He knows that if these three guys are not allowed to witness the absolute power, they will not be content, but he doesn’t want to offend Zeng. On the one hand, he came up with a trick to kill three birds with one stone. On the one hand, he can let Zuo ambition Wasano try out Zeng’s strength, but it may also kill Tanigawa Qingfu, Tamaki Hideyoshi and Taniguchi Miyako. Secondly, he can let the Sano family who have completely offended him win a powerful helper in the future.
When Zongming heard these words outdoors, he couldn’t help cursing Inoue Shouxing for being really vicious and cunning. If it weren’t for his first contact with Sasuke’s ambition and Sasuke’s ambition, Inoue Shouxing’s move really had a thought here. Zongming’s heart suddenly gave birth to a more vicious and insidious idea. He could use the bait of blood ghosts and gods to cause the greed of Tanigawa Qingfu and Tamaki Hideyoshi to make their Wasano family fight first, and then he thought that Monty’s ever-changing magic illusion would become one of them. If someone saw the situation, it would be strange not to provoke a serial war among the three Taoist
Since Ji Xin Zong Ming felt that it was no longer necessary to eavesdrop, he also teleported back to his dormitory in the manor
Lying alone in bed for a long time, he was carefully considering how to trigger the infighting among Sano, Tanigawa and Imperial Wood to the greatest extent.
The plan is that Zongming will take back the news that the blood ghosts and gods have made the ambition of Wasano month without trace. This news is the key point in the whole plan if it can convince Tanigawa Qingfu and Tamaki Hideyoshi and cause them to be greedy, so as to snatch it from the ambition of Wasano month.
At the thought of Wasano’s ambition, a sudden desire came out in his heart, presumably because he had been undercover here for such a long time, but he had been living a single life, and his time and energy for practicing martial arts were also much less during this period. Anyway, these two Dongyang imperial women are now bidding to him, and they have been to Yuan Yin to resolve the seal of blood ghosts and gods. Maybe these two women are still a little good at it. On the one hand, they can eliminate the fire, on the other hand, they can steal her place. Yuan Yin just makes up for it. There has been no practice skill during this period.
With the help of him, he came to Zuo Ambition’s Wasano Monthly Rest Suite with a shadow of his mind.
It’s already dead of night, and everyone in the manor is almost asleep except the guards in charge of the defense work.
With ambition Wasano month two people are sleeping in a big luxurious big bed with smooth white thighs "naked" and "dew" outside the thin velvet quilt. Both of them are very beautiful in their sleeping positions. It is a picture of a Chinese flowering crabapple sleeping in spring.
Zong Ming is not the kind of flower thief who can’t wait to pick flowers. He sends two ideas into the brain of a sleeping beauty. With ambition, Wasano is alert and "sexual" is quite high, and he wakes up from his sleep.
Seeing Zong Ming’s figure, the two of them climbed out of the velvet quilt in a bit of a panic. They knelt on the bed and even tapped their heads on the bed. Boy, it turns out that women in Dongyang Empire have a habit of "naked" sleep. At this time, the two of them knelt on the bed naked. Because their bodies were all crouched, they could see two naked bodies except the deep "breast" ditch, but it was also romantic and exciting enough to make people dream.
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Chapter 56 Yuan God reappears