She nodded and walked along with Sheng with a big belly.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 She nodded and walked along with Sheng with a big belly.

Two bodyguards are still with her.
When I sat by the window, I gave it to her immediately. I gave her the freshly squeezed juice.
"This is when the chef learned that you entered the restaurant and squeezed fresh juice for you."
Because this is the hotel where they often come to eat, everyone knows something about her, and she is gentle and smiles and says thank you.
After birth and retreat, I gently lowered my eyes and couldn’t help smiling at the glass of orange juice, thinking that it was actually the credit of Teng.
Every time he comes to dinner, he tells me this.
It’s a familiar sight to look down at a person wearing a fashion hat and a bright yellow literary dress.
What is strange is how she can hold a bunch of flowers in her hand.
Gentle thought is always think impassability and then can’t help laughing.
What the hell was that girl thinking?
Soon the woman went to the restaurant and went straight to the building, attracting passers-by to wait and see.
And she walked up to a pregnant woman.
This pregnant woman naturally knows that Teng Zong’s wife is gentle.
Gentle eyebrows, micro-movement, which one is this?
"You take the flowers first" Allow Xiang to urge her immediately.
Gentle took the flowers and put them in my nose. I couldn’t help laughing. I haven’t received such beautiful flowers for a long time.
"Hey hey, this is that I made amends for not being able to stop that little girl last night." Yun Xiang said with a smile.
"Look at me all dressed up," said Yun Xiang. She turned twice in front of her, but she was suddenly tickled by pollen and turned to the bodyguard next to her.
The bodyguard was stupefied, then took it, and then stood so straight beside her, but it made people laugh.
On this day, the bodyguard made headlines in Weibo.
"I’m all you. Today, this outfit and the bouquet of flowers are to make amends to you." Yun Xiang gave the flowers to the bodyguard brother gently and couldn’t help but feel sad.
"Well, I wasn’t angry at all. I wasn’t angry at you at that time. I was afraid that Tan Wen would take my sister away."
Gently told Yun Xiang, and then couldn’t help laughing. You lend me this one when I have a baby.
"Ha you also like it? When chenchen comes back, I’ll get her a set. The three of us haven’t been shopping together for a long time. I’m almost suffocated. Now I’m going to find you, and I’ll pick Teng’s absence. Otherwise, he’ll definitely want his big black eyes to stare at me again. "Yun Xiang scolded me at some point. It’s really Teng’s president who didn’t give her a face.
"Aren’t you the least afraid of him?" Gentle and curious to ask
Yun Xiang ordered lettuce at the pregnant women’s dining room before.
Gentle look next to a spare table and say to the students, "Give me two standard meals for these two bodyguards, too."
Allow Xiang one leng tenderness has turned twenty minutes after eating the food. Is there a problem?
"No problem" bodyguard eldest brother didn’t react.
Sheng has gone to give the kitchen bill.
"Then go and sit down. You’re always like this. People will treat you two like vases."
"Poof vase?"
Allow Xiang is going to laugh and stare at her tenderly, knowing that she wants them to have some lunch, too.
It’s pathetic to be so dry every time and work as wood there.
The more you get to the time of birth, the more maternal you are.
The two bodyguards didn’t want to attract too much attention, so they quickly went over and took a survey for a distance and felt no problem.
And I’m really hungry
Gentle chatting with Yun Xiang over dinner and seeing a little girl taking pictures of them seems to have special feelings for them.
When he was born with food, he whispered a sentence in his ear.
I went to take a dish before I turned to take a photo. Miss Little Girl, please delete the photo just taken in your mobile phone to prevent you from revealing others *
Section 424
Little girl …
"Can I keep that for myself?"
Allow xiang is really almost spit out rice this time.
Did that little girl have feelings for the bodyguard?
Even tenderness can’t help looking back.
Born …