Lin Chenglai will cut off Xu Zhenglong’s thumb. This is not going to leave Xu Zhenglong a way back. Don’t blame me if you dare to bully me.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所 Lin Chenglai will cut off Xu Zhenglong’s thumb. This is not going to leave Xu Zhenglong a way back. Don’t blame me if you dare to bully me.

Xu Zhenglong gave a scream of killing pigs.
At this moment, Lou Xu Zhenglong’s number of troubled stablehand is crazy. Wang Feng has already married people and broke in. He just went out to call Wang Feng, and Wang Feng received a message.
"Hula" came in, and a group of thugs were called crazy Wang Feng in the road. Everyone had steel machetes in their hands.
"Big Brother!"
When Wang Feng saw the boss Xu Zhenglong, his face was dripping with sweat. He waved his hand and the machete was ready to give it a knife behind others’ backs. Let’s take off his arm first.
Wang Fenggang rushed two steps and saw that he turned his back on one of his own and gave Wang Feng a fright. This man turned out to be Lin Cheng?
Isn’t he wanted? Last year or the year before last, there was a small banner on every side, that is, wanted Lin Cheng Yu Lin Cheng Wang Feng. They all mixed Lin Cheng Wei’s name on the ground of Yanwei. He knew very well that although this man couldn’t mix the underworld, people dared to provoke the underworld, which was the godfather of the underworld. Even Zhao Qingnan, the biggest force of Yanwei Mafia, recognized that he should be polite when he met Lin Chengdu.
However, I heard that many forest industries were accepted by Zhao Qingnan after Lin Cheng was wanted, and Zhao Qingnan became the veritable boss of Yanwei Road, both in strength and financial resources.
Wang Feng in the mind a surprised this knife can’t be cut. To be precise, he didn’t have the guts to look at the names of trees and trees. Lin Chengzai’s name is too loud. Wang Feng is timid.
Although Lin Cheng said that he was injured, he is now a master of the micro-realm. Although his insides are injured, his vision and reaction are first-class. However, his skill has been discounted. Easily moving will aggravate the injury. Besides, Lin Cheng can’t move against people like Wang Feng and Xu Zhenglong.
Wang Feng this leng kung fu big strong and others have already moved their hands, big strong clothes Fu Gang Wang Jie that one is not eating at the moment, but they will naturally not be hurt by the subsequent party when they see Wang Fengxian, and Wang Fenggang has stopped working and is big.
In addition to the clothes, the three men changed their lives and played gangsters. Wang Jie and Dazhuang were also considered to have learned a lot. It was easy to deal with this group of mixed nature
In a short time, three people went from the house to the outside, and Wang Feng brought more than 20 people. More than half of them had not come in outside and squeezed in. But this * * personal root was not enough. Wang Jie and the big and strong three people played for a while, and these nine plus a dozen outside were beaten by three people.
Lin Cheng turned around and patted Wang Feng on the shoulder. "Give your boss a bag and don’t lose too much blood!"
Xu Zhenglong’s face changed in pain, and big sweat rolled from his face. His eyes stared at Lin Cheng’s back with hatred.
Suddenly Lin Cheng turned his head. "By the way, Xu, don’t run around these days, otherwise I believe you will lose more than you gain."
Lin Cheng laughed and turned out of Xu Zhenglong’s office.
Just Xu Zhenglong’s office door shook from side to side without the lock, and Lin Chengyi slapped it on the wooden door and knocked it away, then the door hit the opposite wall and was scattered all over the floor.
Although Xu Zhenglong’s office door is not solid wood, it is made of high-density plate after high temperature pressing. It takes a lot of skill to make it into wood with one hand.
"Let’s go, don’t delay people’s office!" Lin Cheng called three disciples and several people to cross the thugs and went out together.
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? Wang Feng stayed next to Xu Zhenglong. "What about the boss?"
"What should I do? Call the police. Can’t he? The wanted man is so fucking arrogant. Call the police quickly. It’s very literary. "Xu Zhenglong holds the cut finger and has a headache."
Wang Feng just dialed 11 and Xu Zhenglong cursed, "Idiot, call the doctor to stop bleeding for me first!"
Lin Cheng and his disciples just got back when four police cars came, and a dozen people surrounded the freight yard warehouse of Kunpeng Freight Company.
"Who is Lin Cheng?"
Sophia Wang Jiao Zhang Ranran Su Qinglian is sitting in Lin Cheng’s office at this time. Lin Cheng’s office has not been worked for a long time. Although it is cleaned every day, there is still no musty smell in the room. Four women just finished cleaning and ventilation before Lin Cheng came back. At this time, they are sitting on the sofa to rest.
Lin Chenggang came in and sat down, but the police came before he said a few words to some women.
"Who wants to see me?" Lin Cheng took the lead out of the door, followed by four women. Tang Long and Disha stopped the policemen.
"Let them in. What do you want with me?"
"Lin Cheng are you? You are suspected of hurting Xu Zhenglong of Zhenglong Group and also suspected of a shooting two years ago. Please come back with us to assist in the investigation. "
"The evidence? Speak the vernacular? I also said that you were suspected of robbing and sheltering the underworld! "
Some time ago, Lin Cheng made him speak thoroughly in foreign countries. There was a dignity in his tone. In Somalia and the Gulf of Aden, Lin Cheng was the pirate king who led hundreds of armed pirates across the Gulf of Aden.
These little policemen are not enough to see at present.
"You, you slander mom and cuff her back." First, this policeman often eats and drinks with Xu Zhenglong’s crazy Wang Feng at ordinary times, and he is very intimate. At this time, when he contributes, he must never recognize the unintelligent.
Lin Cheng didn’t move, but Disha and Tang Long moved first. Disha grew up in Somalia when he was a child. This is a legal society. He doesn’t even know that there are laws in the world. When it comes to guns, ak is his brother.