Yin Ningluo clung to Junling’s chest and gently closed her eyes. Tears rolled down her eyes and fell to her lips. She raised her mouth and it was a good thing Junling didn’t leave her.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网约茶品茶工作室 Yin Ningluo clung to Junling’s chest and gently closed her eyes. Tears rolled down her eyes and fell to her lips. She raised her mouth and it was a good thing Junling didn’t leave her.

Jun Ling’s palm stroked Yin Ning’s hair and asked, "What were you thinking just now? What hesitated?"
The woman hid in his arms for a long time before saying, "I’m afraid you just looked at me strangely. I’m afraid you’ll forget me."
A word fell like an ice sculpture hitting Junling’s heart, which made him feel very painful and unconscious. How did these days help to invade Yin Ningluo’s body and mind and make her so scared? So he tried to hold Yin Ningluo tightly. "Fool, even if I forget the world, people will never forget you. I still owe you a wedding."
Yin Ning collaterals lifted her eyes and looked at Jun Ling in surprise. Did he hear her talk?
After Jun Ling woke up, the doctor made a face-to-face examination for him and finally confirmed that he had finished his recovery. On the afternoon of the same day, Lin Xiang, Zhang Xiaotian and Zhang Yuchen were discharged from Jie Jun Ling in person.
Jun Ling didn’t rest after discharge. He followed Zhang Yuchen to send Yin Ningluo back to Xishan Villa, and then drove directly back before leaving. Jun Ling left a message for Yin Ningluo that he still had something to deal with. He must come back to see her after he finished.
In the black diamond private room, Jun Ling was sitting on the sofa in a black suit with his legs up. An Yan was watching. At this time, there were two personal mobile phones in Jun Ling’s slender fingers. He felt that the boss’s discharge from the hospital seemed to be more silent than before. An Yan’s mind was planning the car accident to find an excuse. Just as Jun Ling admitted his mistake, he suddenly said "An Yan" when his thoughts drifted away.
"it’s boss" an yanqian
Jun Ling slowly raised his deep eyes and looked at Anyan for a long time.
"boss" was just when An Yan was preparing to explain the accident, Junling interrupted him.
Jun Ling put her legs crossed and said to An Yan, "An Yan, please help me check my mobile phone number. Maybe this mobile phone number has been abandoned, but I don’t care what you do to help me find it."
Jun Ling beckoned An Yan to come over and whispered something in his ear. "Remember that this matter should be traced in secret and not spooked."
"Go ahead, I want to have a rest alone," Junling said.
After Anyan left, Jun Ling took a long breath and looked tired. He propped his forehead with one hand and gently closed his eyes. This is the first time that a man has failed in his work. His head still has some dull pain.
A few days later, after Junling got better, he brought a little gift to visit Zhang Xiaotian and Lin at Xishan Villa in person.
Zhang Xiaotian and Lin are also warm to Jun Ling, especially after the car accident, when parents saw what Yin Ningluo really said to Jun Ling, they didn’t want to impose their wishes on Yin Ningluo, so they silently admitted Jun Ling in their hearts.
Dinner is eaten in the Zhang family.
After dinner, a few people went to the living room to gossip. Zhang Xiaotian and Lin just sat together in a group of Jun Ling and Yin Ning Luo in a group of Zhang Yuchen alone.
The aroma of tea on the glass coffee table fills the air. Zhang Yuchen took a sip of tea in front of him and couldn’t help laughing when he saw Jun Ling and Yin Ning winding on the other side. Then he put the teacup and said, "You finally keep the clouds and see the moon."
This word has two meanings when it comes from Zhang Yuchen’s mouth. It is obvious that he is talking to Junling and Yin Ningluo.
Zhang Xiaotian and Lin are just like natural white words. The person who is really confused is Yin Ningluo.
"You don’t know when you were in a coma. That silly girl never left her bedside to brush you off and talk with you. When you ignored her, she cried more fiercely than anyone else." Zhang Yuchen said lightly and seemed to be talking about a very common thing and waiting for Junling to perform from a distance.
"Elder brother" Yin Ningluo Jiaochen replied that she looked back at Junling because she didn’t want him to be embarrassed in front of so many people. What’s more, her embarrassment was exposed in front of others, and it would be very awkward for her to get along with Junling.
"Your brother is right," Zhang Xiaotian suddenly interjected. He put all his eyes on Yin Ningluo and Jun Ling, and then said to Jun Ling, "Before, I pushed you two too hard. I always loved you so abruptly before I recovered my memory, which is not good for both of you in the future. But these days, I found that you are really good to Ning Er. Maybe your true feelings touched me. Me and I just like to decide to let you two have a formal contact."
In fact, it’s not all because of Jun Ling that Zhang Xiaotian changed his mind. It’s all because of Guan Yang. Since they all know that Yu Xi is alive, their official has repeatedly discriminated against and rejected his daughter. First, Xu Qianjiao, then Guan Ya, and then mother and daughter joined hands to force Zhang Yuxi to divorce Guan Yang. The most exasperating thing is that Li Jihe actually came out to bully Zhang Yuxi. After these things happened, Guan Yang kept silent. In other words, since Yu Xi met Guan Yang after amnesia, she always cried. Sad Zhang Xiaotian really can’t watch the reality, forcing him to believe that three years can really change a lot. Besides, Guan Yang has been accompanied by his wife and son, and he is no longer interested in the rain and the sunrise.
Jun Ling and Yin Ningluo certainly don’t know that Zhang Xiaotian has this idea. They know that they may really look at each other like Zhang Yuchen said, and their hands are tightly held together. There is a kind of sweet words.
Looking at the two of them opposite Zhang Yuchen, I couldn’t say how sour I was. I also complained that it was from them that I associated myself with Guan Ya and went abroad to deal with the enrollment of two children. So much happened when I returned home these two days. What should he tell Guan Ya? Besides, although he had an affair with Lu Tianrou, it couldn’t be taken as it never happened.
Well, all this is a difficult problem.
Jun Ling, who has been silent since Zhang Yuchen just now, saw that he was wrong, so he said "Rain Chen".
"Ah" Zhang Yuchen came to his senses in Junling’s call. At this time, he found that everyone was watching him, especially Zhang Xiaotian and Lin, just like paying special attention to him.
"Mom and Dad" Zhang Yuchen was embarrassed to call.
The sentence "You have something on your mind" is not a question, but a direct statement. It’s a direct statement. It’s almost time for Japanese official Ya to return to China. Zhang Xiao guessed in his heart that something must have happened in Zhang Yuchen the other day. I don’t know how to explain things to official Ya.
"In a few days, Guan Ya will return to China. Think about how to explain it to her." Zhang Xiaotian took the place of Zhang Yuchen to say those difficult and hesitant words. They all know that Guan Ya is not easy to deal with now.
On the afternoon of the same day, Guan Ya, a pair of black sunglasses in B airport, walked out of the security channel with luggage in his hand. She was busy with two children’s enrollment. Although she had been with the children for half a month, Guan Ya was thinking about Zhang Yuchen. I don’t know what happened to him. Did you think about her suitcase and the gifts she brought him back from abroad? According to his mind, the man would like to think of the horse and see Zhang Yuchen. Guan Ya’s mouth was unconsciously in a good mood.
Just a few steps later, I remembered my cell phone in my pocket.
Put on "hello mom, what’s the matter? I just got off the plane". At this time, Guan Ya is still in a happy mood.
"Xiaoya is not good, something big is happening in Zhang Yuchen. Come to your mother quickly." In the words, Xu Qianjiao said that things were urgent as if the sky were falling.
When I heard that her husband had an accident, Guan Ya strode to the airport and stopped a taxi and reported the address of my old house to the driver, speeding up all the way.
Guan Ya came in panting and saw Xu Qianjiao and asked, "What happened to Mom? What happened to Yu Chen?"
Xu Qianjiao was dressed in a crimson cheongsam with cotton and wrapped in a black shawl. She was silent for a while. Xu Qianjiao handed a newspaper and a file to her daughter. The tone was calm. "See for yourself what your precious husband did while you were away."
Say that finish Xu Qianjiao just sit back to the sofa.
"What’s this?" Guan Ya murmured and took two things. She read the entertainment headlines in the newspaper first, and there was a group of conspicuous headlines. The president of the Blue Sky Group had a tryst with a secret restaurant.
Another road says that Lu Tianrou, the daughter of real estate, and Zhang Yuchen, the president of Blue Sky Group, have been secretly in contact for several months and the restaurant tryst has been filmed.
On the right side of the title, there is also a photo of Lu Tianrou and Zhang Yuchen Restaurant.
Guan Ya was shocked and suspicious after reading it. She turned to her mother and explained, "Mom, it’s impossible. I know Yuchen loves me and my children. He is definitely not like that. The media is used to reading pictures and saying words. The other day, the media also blindly reported that Brother was having an affair with Gong Nanmu, but we know these are all nonsense."
Xu Qian jiao snorted and complained that her daughter was so disappointing that a Zhang Yuchen pinched her rigidly.
"If you don’t believe me, look at another file in your hand." Xu Qianjiao gave her a finger.
While looking at the official archives, Xu Qian gathered her shawl from the sofa and said word for word, "That woman’s name is Lu Tianrou, and her family is engaged in real estate. When she first met Yu Chen, she had a birthday party in Zhang Yuchen at the age of ten. For twelve years, she has been silently noting that your husband has these evidences behind your back, and your husband and that woman are innocent."
"Mom, what did you say?"
Xu Qianjiao said it was so true that even if Guan Ya didn’t want to believe it, it was difficult for her to deceive herself now. The document in her hand was shaking and Guan Ya became glassy-eyed
"Xiaoya" Xu Qianjiao came up to her daughter and held the official elegant shoulder with both hands. "Mom doesn’t want you to be deceived. They have children in the Zhang family, but in the end Zhang Yuchen should treat you like that."
"Mom, stop it." Guan Ya interrupted Xu Qian’s charming words. "My family’s Yuchen is excellent. I know it’s normal for a girl to like him. Besides, it’s her thing that the girl likes him. Yuchen didn’t promise me not to believe it."
At the moment, Guan Ya was in tears, but she didn’t seem to feel it. She always defended Zhang Yuchen and her own marriage.
"I didn’t promise you to be sure." Xu Qianjiao laughed again and looked at her daughter with great pity. "I sent someone to report that the scandal had just ended. It wasn’t long before they saw Zhang Yuchen dating Lu Tianrou to Kaidi. I don’t know what they said, but they stayed alone for two hours. Xiaoya, do you still believe that your husband is loyal to you?"
"No, no, no" Guan Ya shouted hysterically at Xu Qianjiao.