Chapter seventy-nine New Year’s Day


Lotito admits that he gave Changsheng shares, and Changsheng will consider more emotional factors even in the face of the temptation of poaching in the future. Perhaps this 3% stake will play an important role.
But Chang Sheng didn’t think as much as he did.
For Changsheng, it’s just an extra money to earn.
Although he is now worth a fortune, he can not consider making money, which is a relatively low-level thing.
But who will be too short of money?
I think when he was still here, he could make his parents eat and wear without worrying about work, and he tried every means.
But now he does nothing, and the money is increasing every day.
Kate Gracie runs his investment company and works as an angel investor in the United States and China to find worthwhile projects.
At the beginning, they made huge returns in Google and youube.
Now the money has been invested in more projects. Although he has the advantage of crossing, he didn’t direct Kate Gracie. For him, a football geek, he paid more attention to football in his previous life, but he didn’t pay attention to economic things, let alone understand him. He also discussed football with people on the Internet, not the international political and economic situation
Economic crisis, financial turmoil, that is, he knows that there is such a thing, but he doesn’t know what is going on.
He also knows about Google and youube, and youube is not him. Kate Gracie found it herself, which fully shows that Kate Gracie has a much sharper sense of smell in this respect than he does.
He had a life-long friendship with Kate Gracie, and he trusted Kate Gracie. He now asked Kate Gracie to represent his own investment company to help him make money.
Kate Gracie has done this job very well because on the one hand, it is familiar with the economic field, and on the other hand, he can find a sense of accomplishment and fun again here, that is, to explore those unknown projects, then fund them, and finally watch them grow up step by step, and finally get rid of their shares and get huge returns. That feeling is really great.
Kate Gracie once told Changsheng that what Changsheng does in the team is the same as what he does in the investment company now.
That is, it is profitable to dig out calves with extraordinary vision and then sell them to make a big profit after they are trained.
Changsheng earned 170 million euros in the transfer market this summer.
Kate Gracelli has not made so much money from various investments for a long time.
Of course, there are times of failure, but on the whole, the hard-earned money that was given to him at the beginning has already multiplied, and it is growing steadily and continuously. The overall trend is growth.
With this investment company, it really doesn’t matter whether the annual salary is 2 million or 3 million, or whether you earn so much money for the club but don’t own a penny.
He already has more money than this.
However, since Lotito must put the money into his pocket, he will not take it out and let it go back to show his integrity.
A penny more is a penny more.
Winning is very practical. When he considers whether to accept the shares, the angle is not whether the money should be taken or not, but whether it will be good for him after taking it.
Now that you have a dividend, it can be darker when you buy and sell players yourself.
Constant victory will not only make money in the club, but also make money by yourself.
That way, he will be more motivated
After all, when the debt is paid off, the demand for selling players to make money is not so urgent …
Few people know about this matter. I’m afraid they won’t even know that Changsheng has a stake in the club if they don’t note Lazio’s financial report …
Lotito and Changsheng didn’t announce anyone, and they both made a tacit understanding and handled the matter in a low-key manner.
Anyway, it needs both of them to know.
After dealing with things, I always win, so I took Avril Lavigne on vacation.
Lotito is also relieved that he can finally have a good Christmas holiday.
Changsheng and Avril Lavigne went back to China for a Christmas and New Year.
After what happened in Real Madrid, he paid special attention to his parents and flew back to China as soon as they had a holiday.
It seems that only staying with his parents makes him feel safe.
Changsheng returned to China with his daughter-in-law. Although there is no 100 million euros worth, it is not a billion yuan, but his parents are very pleased.
They expect their children to succeed before they succeed.
They look forward to their children’s safety and health after their promise.
It’s contradictory, isn’t it
But this is the true thinking process of everyone’s parents.
We are all laymen, and naturally we want our women to be rich and free.
Being rich means that he doesn’t have to worry about food and clothing. This is the most basic requirement that his children can’t even have children. What else can we talk about?
But with money, there will naturally be more demands, and it is the greatest wish to hope for good health and peace.
All parents are like this, the only difference is in the degree of money.
Some people hope to have a lot of money, and some people just think that enough money is enough.
But in any case, no parents want their children to have no money.
This society is very realistic, and no matter how you say it, you can’t really eat at home.
At home, Changsheng and Avril Lavigne spent a good Christmas and New Year’s Day with their parents.
After the New Year’s Day, Changsheng returned to Italy with Avril Lavigne.
A new journey is coming
January 10th is the 10th round of the League and the first game of Lazio in the new year.
Lazio away to Reggina.
In the end, Lazio beat Reggina 31.
Lazio will play Juventus at home in the 19th round of the league.
Juventus has been slow to find the feeling of being the overlord of Serie A since its promotion.
Although I can still participate in the Champions League.
But it’s not that easy to win the championship in the league.
In the season, they simply won the championship before sending Lazio to their home court to step on their bodies.
Has this been such an insult to Juventus before?
They have always ascended the throne before stepping on each other’s bodies.
Now it’s the other way around.