And this girl’s gentle heart is always thinking about hearing the janitor at home say that Wen Liang took this girl to wander around her home park, and I don’t know what Wen Liang was thinking.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所 And this girl’s gentle heart is always thinking about hearing the janitor at home say that Wen Liang took this girl to wander around her home park, and I don’t know what Wen Liang was thinking.

Wen Liang naturally wants to go again, right?
No one wants to die in a tree, but whether it can be another matter.
"Mrs. Teng, are you buying a gift for manager Teng?"
"But I’ll buy it for my father-in-law on his birthday in a few days."
"Oh, hello, filial piety"
"If this is called filial piety, I am really filial." Gentleness is not polite to this girl.
Meng Lin don’t talk is a smile.
"But flowers are always Teng’s money."
Meng Lin looked at her strangely and she smiled.
Then go on shopping. Her honesty is surprising.
Few people are honest enough to hold back.
At noon, three women had dinner, and then Wen Liang was called to Wen Liang. She couldn’t help but say, Sister Yun Xiang, do you really have something to consult?
Gentle sitting next to a look at the allow xiang, and then bite chopsticks, such as watching the drama miss Chen big and then sigh in my heart.
These two women definitely did it on purpose
It’s rare for a gentle person to be so generous.
"Of course," Yun Xiang immediately exaggerated and then looked at Meng Lin.
Although Meng Lin is actually a little nervous sitting next to Wen Liang, it is a bit melodramatic that one accident is enough.
"Then I’m all ears." Wen Liang smiled and sat in the chair and gently pulled his suit.
"It’s about you and Meng Lin. Are you dating or dating or dating now?" Allow Xiang to ask again and again.
Gentle think this girl is really a bit more and more outrageous.
Gentle little smile can’t help but look at Meng Lin Meng Lin is a conditioned reflex to see him and then look at the opposite YunXiang YunXiang elder sister.
"I also want to know if you two are a good match. Are you both good-looking or good-looking?" chenchen’s teeth are very reluctant to put chopsticks
"I’m afraid this kind of thing has to be natural, don’t you think?"
He turned to look at Meng Lin asked a.
"Well" Meng Lin nodded very sure to answer.
She is already in her heart, Bai Wenliang is not ready to associate with her, even though she has good conditions in all aspects, but …
When that happened to Belle, although he was watching the play coldly, it was because of that that Meng Lin could see his indifferent appearance and his heart was mixed with love and hate for Belle.
It is easy for a person to love someone, but it is difficult to give up.
It seems that she fell in love with Wen Liang at first sight.
But this love at first sight is also wishful thinking.
Maybe it’s just a beautiful dream
Listen to my brother say that gently and immediately think of Meng Lin didn’t resist buying that watch this afternoon.
I’m afraid that watch won’t be worn on his wrist, will it?
But tenderness is a guess. How can you be sure?
I don’t know if Meng Lin will send the watch out. If Meng Lin does, then it’s a way of expressing her love, right?
"It’s nothing new. Naturally, when your sister Chen got married, you still couldn’t see your brother-in-law. As a result, your brother-in-law came back from the army several times and loved it to death. Now you can’t stand it if you don’t see it in minutes. Is this natural?"
Yun Xiang compared chenchen.
Chen Chenlai came to the theatre to ask Yun Xiang to call Wen Liang out. However, after hearing this example from Yun Xiang, he immediately had an impulse to kill the donkey.
"Who do you take as an example?" Chenchen immediately asked a sentence.
I feel that I * have sacrificed or lost such a pair. I don’t know if I can become a little guy. "If you two want to go to court, I won’t." Wen Liang suddenly said
Gentle is nibbling at the food on the plate and can’t help laughing.
Those two women are arguing, and their eyes will pop out.
Meng Lin tried to make herself feel low, but she couldn’t help laughing
Allow Xiang said that Wen Liang is a little sullenly, but his bones may also be very man show