At the moment, he wants to give Joe a good hug, but he doesn’t say much. Everything is pale. Being together is the most practical thing.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网喝茶品茶联系方式 At the moment, he wants to give Joe a good hug, but he doesn’t say much. Everything is pale. Being together is the most practical thing.

When he got home, he came into the house, but it was dark and there was no light at all. He shouted "idealism" and hit the hall lights for two people.
"Heart-only …" He rushed into the room and saw no figure. His heart suddenly became anxious. Where did he go?
At this time, Qiao Xinwei is staying with her parents at home, and she doesn’t want to be alone on such a sad night.
In the words "Hey, where are you?", I came to Jiang Hao anxious and worried.
"What happened to me at my mother’s house?"
Jiang Hao heaved a sigh of relief. "I didn’t see you when I got home. Where have you been? Why didn’t you tell me?"
"I’m sorry, I forgot how you got home. Didn’t you accompany Chen Jingye?"
"Hama accompanied me back to accompany you, and you felt bad."
Qiao Xinwei smiled gently and said, "Ruan always has a heart." She had walked through her room to the small balcony.
Jiang Hao said with relish, "You will know that he has a heart and I have it." There are some words he doesn’t know. He is not a seventeen-year-old boy anymore, and the older he is, the more reluctant he is to say sweet words.
"Then I’ll go back now."
Section 5
"No, I’ll pick you up."
Put the phone on, Joe just closed his eyes and took a deep breath. She lived here for ten years, and this small balcony remembered everything about her in the past ten years.
The night breeze blows gently, and she feels a little coolness. She crouches down to take care of the former planting wind, wind and letter, and the flowering period has passed. If it wants to spend again, it needs to cut off the dying flower. She carefully prunes it, hoping that it will spend again next spring.
Suddenly, a figure behind her blocked the light in the room. She turned around and saw Jing Shang walking slowly towards herself.
Jing Shang was dressed in casual clothes, and his hair was shorter than before. He showed his full forehead and heavy eyebrows and looked more energetic. He put his hands in his pockets and relaxed his tone. "Jiang Hao is coming over."
"Well, he said he wouldn’t accompany his friends. He came to pick me up." Qiao Xinwei continued to bend his head and fiddle with the wind letter.
"Are you happy now?"
"Well," she lowered her head, her nose was sour and her heart was sour. How much she longed for Jingshang to be her own brother, so she could talk to him when she was wronged.
"But I don’t think you are very happy. I watched you grow up and you can’t fool me."
Qiao Xinwei still bowed her head and fiddled with the wind letter. She said simply, "Brother, my colleague who had an accident was my best friend. How can I learn from her tragic death?"
Jing Shang Zheng, well, he was suspicious. He reached out and patted her on the shoulder. "Don’t be sad."
"Well, I’m ok. A few days will pass. I’m afraid her husband and family will live in pain in this life."
Before Jing Shang left, he leaned forward slightly with his hands on the railing. He turned to the topic, "Your married mother has been depressed for a long time. Every time she sits in your room in a daze, I know that she often goes home to see you after thinking about you again."
Joe’s heart is only the closest thing to a sudden burst of love, but his mother accidentally cut a knife on her index finger with scissors in her hand. "Ah …"
"What’s the matter … oh, why are you so careless?" Jing Shang grabbed her bleeding wound and pulled her to wash her hands. "Be patient and wash your hands first. Mom took out the disinfectant and cut her hand."
The whole family panicked, took the potion, took the potion, looked for gauze, looked for gauze.
Xiang Ling’s hands with forceps are shaking, and the more she wants to tap, the longer she gets.
Jing Shang looked so worried that he grabbed the forceps. "Mom, I have to hold it down to stop the bleeding. What line is it like you?"
The scene became crowded outside the door, watching a blood flow, and hurriedly said, "Can you stop the blood? If not, go to the hospital."
Bite one’s teeth and endure the pain. Qiao Xinwei looks at everyone’s eagerness to worry about how warm the heart is, and the pain is worth it. Her eyes are gradually blurred. She often says that Jingjia is not her real home. She often complains with her stepfather because of her aunt. She always classifies herself and Jingjia clearly, but she doesn’t know that this is all her self-esteem.
She came here at the age of thirteen, and her stepfather raised her from thirteen to twenty-three and married her off in style. How do outsiders say that’s an outsider? Stepfather never treated her like an outsider. Although he was not very close to her for ten years, he never treated her badly.
Before getting married, she always felt that she was an outsider in this family. On the contrary, after getting married, she felt that she was a part of this family, and many things were always understood after getting this part.
"Don’t cry, mom knows it hurts, but if you can bear it, you have to stop the bleeding if you want to go to the hospital, so you can’t dry the blood if you go to the hospital." Xiang Ling also became red-eyed when she saw her daughter suffering, and she felt bad in her heart. She couldn’t wait to suffer for her daughter.
Qiao Xinwei shook her head and blinked her eyes with tears streaming down her eyes. "I’m not crying because of pain, but …" She looked back at her stepfather. "Mom and Dad will often go home after me. Are you welcome?"
Jing Cheng nodded. "Welcome, of course. This is your home."
At this moment, the doorbell rang, and the scenery turned into the door. It turned out that Jiang Hao was coming, smelling of alcohol.
"The car still drinks"
Jiang Hao hurriedly said, "How can I? I’m calling. Dad’s been in good spirits recently. He’s heartless."
"Oh, she accidentally scratched her hand and was washing her hands to stop bleeding and bandage."
Jiang Hao walked quickly past and saw that Jingshang was holding Joe’s heart and carefully applying disinfectant. The worry and tenderness in his eyes were definitely not like the feelings of brother and sister. Jiang Hao sighed silently and quickly introduced Jingshang to a girl.
"Do you want me to?"
"I’m not happy." Jing Shang carefully put the band-aid on her wound, and posted another piece, "Let’s go to the hospital with such a big mouth and get a tetanus shot."
Qiao Xinwei waved his hand. "If you don’t do this, it won’t be so troublesome."
"No, I have to go." Jing Shang grabbed her hand and wouldn’t let her touch it. The cut almost forgot that others were there.
The scenery into and Xiangling look bad. I’m really worried that Son will do something out of line.
Jiang Hao was in a bad mood. He coughed lightly for two times. "It’s getting late today, and my parents should rest. I think it’s the same when we go home first."
"Take her to the hospital" Jing Shang looked at Jiang Hao persistently. He saw the deep wound.
Jiang Hao zheng nodded and said "good".
The taxi was silent for a long time. Jiang Hao finally couldn’t hold back and said, "Your brother still cares about you so much."
Qiao Xinwei recognized his sourness, but she was afraid of him and denied being jealous. She didn’t want to be regarded as stupid naturally. She simply said, "My brother naturally cares about me and I am his sister."
Jiang Hao sneered, "Hum, I’m afraid it’s not as simple as a sister. You treat him as a brother, but he doesn’t treat you as a sister. You two are not related."
Joe gave him a blank look and didn’t want him to argue. He turned and looked out of the window.
Jiang Hao said, "If I don’t come, it’s his turn to take you to the hospital." Then he suddenly said, "The driver goes to the hospital in front."
"What hospital are you going to? I’ve packed it. It’s interesting to go to the hospital and unpack it. No"
The driver is in trouble. The young couple are at odds and don’t know who to listen to.