She didn’t think that the punishment was really like putting Pan Hui in the East NuanGe, and she really regarded herself as the emperor! However, it is no wonder that punishment is as true as the eye, and it has always been the whole day. There is nothing wrong with being less than the emperor in the whole world. There is nothing wrong with punishment as true as the heart!

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 She didn’t think that the punishment was really like putting Pan Hui in the East NuanGe, and she really regarded herself as the emperor! However, it is no wonder that punishment is as true as the eye, and it has always been the whole day. There is nothing wrong with being less than the emperor in the whole world. There is nothing wrong with punishment as true as the heart!

On second thought, Dong Nuange didn’t lock the punishment Qiaoyin, and then the punishment was white. It was really like giving her the key. It should be to lock Pan Hui’s hands and feet to prevent her from easily moving and fleeing. This is how to treat her lover, which made the punishment Qiaoyin have a numbness in her back and suddenly remembered that she had been treated like this by the punishment vulture. The whole person could not help but tremble for a while before he recovered his breath.
It turns out that punishment is really the same, even if it is not punishment, but it is exactly the same. Is it true that men are all the same in the name of love?
"door!" Punishment Qiao Yin closed her eyes and opened them again. When she was calm, she coldly ordered to wait on Xiao Huangmen outside the door.
Xu had punishment as early as a greeting. Xiao Huangmen didn’t ask more questions. He directly beat Dongnuange to detain a scent of blood that had been silent for a long time. He was so smoked that Qiao Yin immediately had a tumult in his stomach, but for forced pressure, he was afraid that he would have vomited out.
Punishment Qiao Yin went to the tuyere and took two deep breaths. I felt that the smell of blood in my mouth and nose was scattered. Only when I covered my nose with my sleeves and walked into the East NuanGe, did she already have psychological preparation or gasped in a gasp at the sight?
Everything in the East NuanGe is the same as before. There are two extra chains made of ten thousand-year-old mysterious iron to lock Pan Hui’s hands and feet in the bed. Qiao Yin carefully took two steps forward to see Pan Hui lying in bed with her clothes untidily dressed ~ pale and her eyes closed. If her chest is still slightly undulating, Qiao Yin should be ready to find out if there is still breathing.
But that’s not what makes punishment Qiao Yin lose. What really makes her close her eyes is Pan Hui’s skirt dyed red with blood and the red stillbirth.
Punishment Qiaoyin has always been cold-blooded enough, but Pan Hui’s experience still makes her scalp numb.
She had thought that the punishment would always imprison Pan Hui, and it was even possible to forcibly defile Pan Hui, but she never thought that this man was so mad that he even spared the unborn child.
Punishment Qiao Yin clenched his fists and pinched them into his palm by his nails, as if in this way, he could force panic on his heart. At this moment, she suddenly came to nothing. Punishment is really different from her, but she is ruthless and can’t do such a thing.
Chapter 57 Sadness is greater than heart death (1)
Punishment Qiaoyin is never whiter than it is now. If it weren’t for the punishment in her stomach, it would be more tragic than Pan Hui’s.
Pan Hui’s punishment is really like the so-called lover’s obsession with getting a punishment, not to mention her sister who is deeply related and hated by her.
"Come!" Punishment Qiao Yin shouted a little yellow door immediately came running to listen to her and told her to drink a way "this is how to return a responsibility! Nobody changed her clothes and cleaned her! You just left her in this room! How many brains do you have! If someone dies, how can you tell Xu! "
Xiao Huang’s passive Nuo Nuo replied, "Miss Fei, this … this is all Xu’s command that you should take care of the life and death of this girl." Xiao Huang said and carefully looked at a punishment. Qiao Yin’s face was livid and he was too scared to move.
Punishment Qiao Yin close your eyes and take a deep breath. Only in this way can you refrain from killing people on the spot. At this time, the pungent smell of blood has been completely ignored by her, and her hands are pinched into fists. For a moment, she opened her eyes and suddenly said, "Draw water! Ma, clean this place up for me! I’ll come back in a quarter of an hour. If there’s still a little blood smell in this room, you won’t even want it! "
Say that finish punishment Qiao Yin left the East NuanGe came to the door and never looked back, and gave the key to the side Gong E and ordered "help the girl clean up and change into a suit"
She really can’t imagine how Pan Hui suffered the punishment. If she saw the ground dry up into dark brown blood and the little stillbirth, she was already chilling. If Pan Hui didn’t know what it would be like …
Punishment Qiao Yin blinked, and there were tears in her eyes unconsciously. She can better understand the pain, and the punishment is really like hand punishment, as much as hating Duane. It is definitely a cruel hand to abort!
So cruel and absolutely also conforms to the punishment as it is now … Punishment Qiaoyin originally hated Pan Hui. After all, this woman occupied the punishment as it is, but now she is full of sadness when she sees Pan Hui’s situation.
It turns out that loving the wrong person and being loved by the wrong person are equally tragic.
Pan Hui didn’t know that she was in a daze, and felt that her body was in chaos around her. However, her heart kept pouring out of sadness, but she didn’t want to wake up to see what she had become.
She vaguely saw a red and black figure tearing at her clothes in a daze, and that person was reckless ~ Lin, she made her black and blue, and she also tasted the pain of heartbreaking separation, which was to separate life from her body. The pain made her faint and never want to wake up again.
Pan Hui suddenly opened her eyes and sat up.
She remembered that she remembered everything.
She was taken to the Palace of the Song Dynasty for house arrest, and she was forcibly violated. Even the child who had been formed for more than three months was beaten down by the punishment.
She’s … She’s lost everything, and even her body has become unclean without her children …
Pan Hui tugged at the corners of her mouth and laughed, full of sarcasm and bitterness.
She never thought that she would fall into such a situation one day. If she had a choice, she might not have left Changxuan.
Pan Hui’s mind suddenly flashed and she spoke to Wansheng Island Master when he left Changxuan. At that time, Wansheng Island Master asked her not to leave Changxuan. Could it be that Chiying had anticipated what would happen today? ! She knew that there were prophets who could see through the fate of others, but she didn’t expect that the owner of Wansheng Island just couldn’t leave advice everywhere.
However, it is already too late.
There’s never been a time when …
"Are you awake?"
There was a light tone behind her. When Pan Hui was stiff, she looked back and saw that the punishment was clever and pretty, and her face was light and you couldn’t see the joy and anger.
Punishment Qiao Yin went to the edge of the bed and decided to look at Pan Hui and smell the smell in the room carefully to make sure that the blood smell is very weak. Then she asked, "But I feel better. You have been asleep for three days. I have prepared some porridge for you. You eat first." She waved and asked people to bring porridge dishes into the room and put them on the table.
Pan Huishun punishment Qiao Yin eyes to see each GongE in and out of busy arrangement, but she is glassy-eyed looking at any didn’t mean to bed.
Punishment Qiaoyin shook a key in his hand and said, "I’ve untied your shackles. Let’s eat something!"
Pan Hui looked up at the golden key and lay down again without saying a word.
She doesn’t want to eat anything now, and she doesn’t want to say anything. She wants to stay alone quietly. Anyway, she has come to such a situation. What’s the difference between life and death? She knows that punishment is really like tying her to nature, and it is impossible to watch her die, so she will die and be punished.
It’s a dream to make her follow him willingly!
Punishment Qiao Yin was not surprised by Pan Hui’s move. She waved her hand and let everyone go out. She also went to fasten the door in person and walked back to the bed. This time, she was no longer sitting on the edge of the bed and talking casually, as if telling someone else’s story.
"When I was twelve years old, my eldest brother was sent by my father to inspect the forces of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty. In that year, my father told me that he was going to betrothed me to a good family so that my generation would be loved. At that time, my hair was still very fierce, although it grew out, it was just a few more strands of hair than baldness. My father told me that I was thinking about this world and I didn’t take a fancy to the skin man. I looked like this, and everyone was willing to marry me and promised to love me all my life. That person must really love me."
Pan Hui was lying on her back with an expression on her face, and I didn’t know whether she was listening to the punishment. Qiao Yin saw her eyes at a glance, but she didn’t care. She continued, "Naively, I didn’t know that it was my nightmare. That night, I was forced by my father. That kind of crying and saving despair made me cry every time I came back at midnight for the next three years. No one came to save me at that time. In fact, I knew that no one could save me. I was chained to the bed by him ~ I ate and drank Lazar, and there was a small skylight outside the house that could
Chapter 5 Sadness is greater than heart death (2)
Pan Hui’s pupil hole contracted for a while and soon returned to a pool of stagnant water. Qiao Yin smiled in the eye and pretended not to see it. She still talked to herself. She knew that the punishment was really as safe as giving her the key to the shackles. Because the punishment was really accurate, Pan Hui’s current situation-a man with a dead heart is bent on dying. Since he begged for death, where did he die? There is no difference between this person and nature, and there is no need to escape.
What Qiaoyin has to do now is to rekindle Pan Hui’s survival, because no one but her can empathize with Pan Hui’s experience, and there is no one more like her to monopolize the punishment. Even if she is going to die, she can’t die here. Qiaoyin knows that punishment is really like making up her mind. Even if Pan Hui really thinks about it, she is absolutely not at ease. He would rather let Pan Hui die in his own hands and never give Pan Hui to anyone else.
That’s good!
Punishment Qiao Yin definitely wants Pan Hui to leave here, even if she dies in the future, it is better to let punishment be as satisfactory as it is now!
But she doesn’t mind doing anything that makes the punishment really crazy and angry. It’s really like killing her for the time being.
"Later, I learned to yield to him, and I really wanted to follow him. Only then did he untie me and let me walk out of that small room, so that I could walk freely, of course, only in the fire palace where he could see. At that time, I was thinking that a gentleman can bend and stretch my little girl, so what can I do to get revenge in the future? Even after many years, I will temporarily endure this humiliation!"
Pan Hui finally looked at the punishment Qiaoyin and jumped out with the word "punishment vulture"
"Yes, I killed the punishment vulture." Punishment Qiaoyin laughed lightly. Anyway, people are dead. Her electrocution has already been reported again. This name no longer feels dull, just like a stranger. The difference is that this stranger was killed by her own hands. "Can you really kill the punishment vulture with punishment? That’ll be the day! Punishment vulture root don’t believe that he has been to prevent him, he can’t even close to the punishment vulture melee, let alone kill the punishment vulture that person … I died in my hand and stabbed him alive with a knife. "
Punishment qiaoyin although there is no hatred, but when she said the last sentence, it was cruel to let Pan Hui touch slightly.
Pan Hui can understand the punishment and feel that what Qiao Yin said is exactly what she wants to do now-stabbing the punishment like a knife!
"Do you know the medicine man?" Punishment Qiao Yin suddenly look at Pan Hui is still a faint smile and a little play abuse.
"Medicine man?" Pan Hui asked blankly what she suddenly wanted to understand and blurted out, "Are you a medicine man?"
Punishment Qiao Yin raised his eyebrows and chuckled, "It took me three years to turn myself into a medicine man. The absolute poison is not fatal, which will make the people cultivate immortality and have no other place to move except a head. Of course, this medicine will not be developed in my body. It will only exert its efficacy by guiding the poison from my body into another human body by the drug introduction … You will definitely not guess that I will not let you guess that it is’ seven inches of incense’."
Pan Hui all froze and looked at the punishment strangely. I didn’t expect this woman who had been despised by myself to take revenge and be so … wronged myself.
Seven-inch incense is the most popular medicine in the world. Even a person who cultivates immortals must pay for it. Otherwise, he will definitely die.
Punishment Qiaoyin hates punishment vultures to the extreme, but she doesn’t hesitate to refine medicine. In the end, she will abolish people in such a humiliating way and take revenge by herself.
Pan Hui believes that she can never do it. This is not because of the so-called courtesy, justice and shame, but because she can’t do it, regardless of the results and the process.
At this moment, Pan Hui’s eyes are already a little more inclined to look at the punishment Qiaoyin. She knows that the punishment Qiaoyin doesn’t need her sympathy. It’s not to win others’ sympathy, but to tell her that this world has not experienced such a tragic thing. Others can get up again and live well. Why can’t she? !
Pan Hui sat up slowly, her eyes still a little dull, but also a little more angry than before. She muttered to herself, "My child is dead …"