See the source of this ShaQi turned out to be a large array, this large array of lotus flower like tide ShaQi rolling a kill array momentum is very terrible, in the large array ShaQi revealed a variety of images ferocious scary.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网约茶品茶工作室 See the source of this ShaQi turned out to be a large array, this large array of lotus flower like tide ShaQi rolling a kill array momentum is very terrible, in the large array ShaQi revealed a variety of images ferocious scary.

However, this large array is full of pitfalls, but it is aimed at the inside of the large array. Although it is also fierce outside, it is very different inside the large array.
Otherwise, if Xia Qi is in a large array, I’m afraid it will be safe at the moment, and I’m afraid it will be directly dispersed by this ShaQi impact.
"I’m afraid that there is such a kill array in this place, which is already thousands of miles deep underground."
Xia Qi was amazed that this large array was not hidden too deep, even though it was thousands of miles deep underground, it was afraid that even the fairy king would notice it on the surface.
Xia Qi is seriously injured at this time, and his knowledge is also damaged. A closer look at this horror. What’s the mystery in kill array? Frowning slightly, Xia Qi’s eyes suddenly showed a smile and simply sat cross-legged next to the large array.
"If I continue to flee, even if the consequences are not good, I might as well stop here. This Shaqi makes the two visions of blood dragon and blood tree help me recover."
Xia Qi recovered a little bit of fairy yuan, and directly summoned the blood dragon and the blood tree to appear in this underground place, recklessly absorbing the ShaQi from this large array.
At the same time, Xia Qi also took out the crack town platform and hung it around the large array, drawing this rolling ShaQi like a whale absorbing water.
Zhenbingtai is made of the bones of millions of immortals, but it is full of suffocation. Now it is damaged, and it can recover by itself. This is different from a treasure for Xia Qi.
If it weren’t for Xia Qi’s body until now, there was a silver awn hanging over it, and Xia Qi wanted to spend a period of penance here.
"Then Xia Qi arrived?"
"What’s that? How come it’s hard to see the lotus flower in the sky and the shape of Xia Qi? "
Xia Qi cross legs beside the kill array lotus flower bursting to peep at the mirror surface of the celestial mirror, and the lotus flower surging almost completely covered Xia Qi’s figure. Seeing this situation, a large number of fairy faces changed slightly, and many people exclaimed.
"There is something wrong with that place!"
The young man in purple robe has an extraordinary eye and can see at a glance that Xia Qi’s side is unusually barely recognized, which seems to be a large array hidden deep underground.
"This Xia Qi is afraid of being thousands of miles deep. Why is there such a strong and abnormal ShaQi?" There are fairy eyes with floating mind.
"This place is the Blood Fengling, a forbidden area in the Southern Wilderness. All kinds of evil spirits are everywhere. It is said that if Jin Xian enters it, he will lose his mind. It is said that Wan Jianzong people have secret ways to enter and exit it. Then Xia Qi is underground in the Blood Fengling. Can we enter the Blood Fengling?"
A fairy looked up at the scene in front of her and suddenly her face became extremely ugly. She said to a group of immortals.
Hearing this, Changlin, the real person and others all looked up and saw the scene in front of them changed greatly, and the gray mountains were bare and faintly visible, and blood red flashed in them. It was a road that almost psychic Shaqi flashed in it, and it was daunting to have the power of terror.
"It turns out that this bloody Fengling is the place where Xia Qi is located, and the lotus flower is surging and ShaQi is rolling. It is inevitable that this bloody Fengling is a forbidden area, and there are ten thousand sword sects that can enter and leave these years, which has almost become the private territory of ten thousand sword sects. If we rashly break into it, I am afraid that ten thousand sword sects will not let us go!"
Purple youth was a slight frown and said
Speaking of this time, there are more than a thousand hidden elites of various clans who came after Xia Qi’s immortals, and almost all of them were sent out to kill Xia Qi.
But only Wan Jianzong has never intervened in this matter.
The main reason for this is that Wan Jianzong and Tian Daozong are in the southern wilderness. Although it is not harmonious on weekdays, Xia Qi’s eyes have soared, which has changed the scenery of the Yellow Desert from desolation to treasure land. Wan Jianzong also got a small part of his eyes. If he is involved in the killing, Xia Qi is afraid that Tian Daozong will be difficult to get along with in the future.
The two top clans went to the south together and the heaven was too strong. Wan Jianzong really didn’t want to fight with the heaven.
Of course, there is another reason, that is, Wan Jianzong’s immortals all think that there are so many immortals after Xia Qi, and Xia Qi will die. There is no need for them to get involved again.
At this time, the purple youth Changlin Zhenren and others dare not enter it without authorization in front of Blood Fengling, not worried that Wan Jianzong would stop them from entering but worried that Wan Jianzong would not let them out.
Killing Xia Qi Wan Jianzong is happy to see it, but if you can catch them all by the way, Wan Jianzong will be very happy.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-four Luo Tian Ju evil spirit
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-four Luo Tian Ju evil spirit
Changlin, a real person, and other thousands of immortals are frowning slightly outside the lotus flower and blood Fengling with a hint of hesitation.
This bloody Fengling is famous, except for Wan Jianzong, who can get in and out with the secret method. Even Jin Xian is afraid that there is a big crisis if he wants to enter the bloody Fengling.
"This Xia Qi is just underground. We don’t really need to set foot in the bloody Fengling to directly bomb the land, so it’s just that we don’t care about the bloody Fengling!"
The reality of Changlin glanced at the mirror to see the mirror. Xia Qi’s figure was looming in the lotus flower, and the silver awn was shot out of the mirror. At this time, it seemed to have faded. Generally, seeing this scene, the reality of Changlin flashed a bit anxiously and sank to drink a way.
He didn’t repair enough and didn’t refine the telescope. It was just a temporary job. He had a chance to spy on the telescope for such a long time, and this opportunity was coming to an end.
Zi Xia Holy Land has spent so much money to get a glimpse of the mirror from the mirror fairy king. First, if Xia Qi is allowed to escape safely, how can Changlin be willing?
"Changlin Daoyou said that there was something strange about this bloody Fengling. It seems that Xia Qi’s appearance was also blocked outside the bloody Fengling. We broke the earth and Xia Qi’s seriously injured body could not escape!"
Purple youth and others also nodded in agreement.
It will be successful to hunt Xia Qi down in such a situation. This group of immortals are really unwilling to let Xia Qi get back a life because of a bloody Fengling.
What’s more, Xia Qi did not enter the blood Fengling.
It is terrible to decide that thousands of immortals will not hesitate to display a sharp attack knife, mans firm but gentle, and bombard the earth in a vertical and horizontal way.
This blood Fengling is very strange. It is a horrible blood phoenix in ancient times. A group of immortals broke ground on the periphery of blood Fengling. Although it is not in blood Fengling, the land is also contaminated with a trace of blood. It seems that blood infects the earth.
Thousands of immortals are attacking fiercely, and ordinary land is afraid of being broken and annihilated in a blink of an eye, even if Xia Qi is thousands of miles away.
However, the land near Xuefengling is different. The light maroon stained with soil and rock makes it hard and abnormal, and it is as difficult to break as a fairy.
"Haha, God helps me!"
Xia Qi also felt the surface conditions in the underground, and he was startled by the hardness of the earth. At the same time, Xia Qi also laughed and lit up.
He was seriously injured at this time, and the vision of the blood dragon and the blood tree was greatly helped by Xia Qi’s injury when Shaqi recovered here.
The earth outside Xuefengling is hard and unexpected, but even so, it won’t last long after thousands of immortals attack. Xia Qi has already felt that the rock has been broken and will be close to the bottom of his place.
"Force attack that Xia Qi can’t escape!"
Faint Xia Qi ear has come Fang Changlin reality cold drink.
"Can’t escape? Maybe today is not that I can’t escape, but that you can’t escape! " Xia qi gently hum a glance at the essence of mans bloom over a bit cold.
After such a long time, he has recovered some vitality. At the same time, Xia Qi also discovered this mysterious place in kill array, which is deep underground.
And this mystery may be the opportunity for Xia Qi to reverse today!