In order to look more like him, he disguised his hair as red’ color’, and the hot breath kept coming out of his hair, which was no different from a magician who practiced fire magic since childhood. Now even a holy care teacher will not be suspicious when he sees Lin Sheng.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网喝茶品茶联系方式 In order to look more like him, he disguised his hair as red’ color’, and the hot breath kept coming out of his hair, which was no different from a magician who practiced fire magic since childhood. Now even a holy care teacher will not be suspicious when he sees Lin Sheng.

"Ha ha, it’s much more convenient to handle affairs with this disguise." Lin Shengzhan looked at himself with satisfaction and nodded his head, then walked towards the windy city.
Lin Sheng didn’t even look at the two guarding city guards when he entered the’ door’. I don’t know how long these guards have been doing this job, but they have already developed a sense of speech and color to lead those people to provoke those people not to provoke them.
Seeing this camouflage Lin Sheng and feeling that strong breath, I knew that it was really a hot breath that they could not provoke when Lin Sheng passed by them, which made them almost breathless.
"What a strong breath! I’m afraid it’s time to come to Fenghuocheng to take the wizard level exam again. The powerful wizard is going to recruit a large number of wizards this time. It’s said that all wizards in the realm of great wizards have the opportunity to be knighted, and some wizards in neighboring countries are all hungry. This seems to be a lively time." Two guards, such as Lin Sheng, talked about it lightly.
However, all this fell into Lin Sheng’s ear, and it is said that the two are only tens of meters apart, even if Lin Sheng wants to hear it for miles, he can hear it clearly.
"Wizard level exam? It seems that this is an opportunity … "
[4] Wizards’ Union
? Lin Sheng heard two guards talking, and he was interested. Anyway, he came to inquire. If he returned to the fairy mainland, it would be much easier to make friends with some famous local forces. This time, it is a good opportunity for Lin Sheng to recruit wizards in Rambo Empire.
Although Lin Sheng doesn’t know any magic, it is natural for him to simulate magic with his current strength.
"Come here, you two." Lin Sheng’s heart moved directly to the two guards who were whispering "private" words.
"Great Magician, are you calling us again?" Hear Lin Sheng call two guards there dare to have any hesitation, hurriedly is fart dian fart came running also a face of flattered.
"Well, I’m calling you two. I’m a magician from Crash College in Satan City. This time, I just received the news that Rambo Empire will recruit a large number of wizards to come here specially. Do you know some specific situations? I just arrived here today and I’m not very familiar with some things." Lin Sheng immediately lamented that the status of wizards in this place is really high when he saw two guards so humble.
Although he has always heard that western wizards are highly respected in the west, what he saw along the way still made Lin Sheng have to sigh with emotion. Those wizards can even enjoy staying in hotels and shopping along the way.
"It’s a great wizard’s adult empire. It’s not far in front of recruiting wizards. Where is the wizard’s union? The higher the adult’s strength, the more you can enjoy it." The two guards have a face of epiphany and naturally have no doubt about Lin Sheng’s identity. Patience explains something to Lin Sheng that they know.
"Well, it’s good for you to take me there now …" Lin Sheng said with a mysterious smile disguised as a red-haired man.
Two guards face a’ dew’ a xiyi way
"I’m willing to help you, my Lord. Please come this way." The two guards are really enthusiastic to the extreme, and Lin Sheng keeps explaining that Lin Sheng doesn’t know something.
In fact, it’s easy to understand that when people like them who live at the bottom of their official career meet such a powerful and respected wizard, they naturally have to try their best to please Lin Sheng, and now Lin Sheng is really poor. Two people who know things better here have their own needs, but the two guards don’t know Lin Sheng’s true identity.
I don’t know what they would think if they knew that they were full of pleasing the red-haired man, that is, there was a notice posted outside to find someone with a lot of money.
"Magician’s adult, this is the place where the Magician’s adult of our Firewind City Association has not yet obtained the Imperial Magician’s Association and issued the Magician’s Medal. Now adults need to go to the building to test and get the medal and then come back here to register." Two guards led Lin Sheng into a building that looked like a palace and didn’t look like a place.
"Good, then you wait here until I get the medal." Lin Sheng nodded, and then in a guild, the workers led the building. This staircase is a strange root, so you don’t need Lin Sheng to move by yourself. You don’t need to understand that staircase, but you will take Lin Sheng to the front by yourself.
This is the mystery of magic. There are great differences between the eastern and western cultivation methods, and each has its own point, which cultivation method is more difficult to compare.
Lin Sheng looked at the shuttle low-order wizards constantly thinking.
"I don’t know how many levels of wizards adults want to pass? Guild is the largest one in the windy city, which can test the level with a first-class magic apprentice, a second-class quasi-magician, a third-class low-order magician, a fourth-class medium-order magician and a fifth-class high-order magician … What can test the seven-level wizard, but that needs the guild president to personally preside over it? "Lin Sheng randomly entered an assessment level room, and the staff introduced Lin Sheng almost numbly.
It seems that she has met a lot of wizards who have come here to test the magic level recently. There are too many wizards recruited by Rambo Empire, and the wizard union has been busy recently.
"Let’s try the fifth-order wizard first. I’m not sure myself …" Lin Shenggen didn’t know how this thing could be divided. He said a rough grade by himself.
"The fifth-order magician’s adult, please sit in this test room first. You can test the third-order magician. Please wait a moment. I’ll ask my teacher to come over." Hearing Lin Sheng say that he wants to test the fifth-order magician, the worker was obviously startled, and then his lazy attitude changed a lot. At this moment, he was almost laughing at Lin Sheng.
After that, the worker went out directly, and she came back in less than half a cup of tea, and behind her was an old man with gray hair. It seems that it should be the teacher she just mentioned.
"Is this the adult who wants to test the fifth-order wizard?" The strength of this old man is much stronger than that of the worker just now, and he speaks with a lot of confidence.
"Tell me what I need to do?" It is rare for Lin Sheng to greet them directly and see the mountain road.
"Adults need to instill their magic vitality into the magic crystal ball. The crystal ball will judge your level according to the quality and quantity of your instilled vitality." The old man is not proud of anyone because Lin Sheng’s words are different. Oh, you are a proud Lin Sheng. This behavior is in line with the special’ sex’ of western magicians
"All right, then," Lin Sheng nodded and directly put his hand on the magic crystal surface referred to by the old man. In case Lin Sheng didn’t have his own true qi course, he gave a sound to swallowing day pythons to let him instill a little magic energy into this magic crystal ball.
Swallow day python body is the nature of Warcraft holds some magic to control the magic vitality, but it has reached a certain level. However, Lin Sheng is worried that the magic vitality from the other party’s "shock" will be too powerful, and then it will be too scary. Lin Sheng directly rejected the magic vitality and then carefully instilled it into the magic crystal ball.
Once the vitality is instilled, Lin Sheng is to see the magic crystal ball. One is to light up and the red light is to burst out.
"Good magic vitality" The old man was horrified when he saw the red light on the crystal magic sphere, and then he saw stripes on the crystal ball surface.
One, two, three … five … six.
"The wizard of the fifth order has surpassed the limit that this crystal ball can bear. Please stop." When the old man saw the sixth stripe, his face suddenly changed, and then he was horrified. Once the area in this test crystal ball is exceeded, it will burst the crystal ball. This crystal ball is quite expensive, and even a guild will not exceed ten such crystal balls.
However, he was still a step late, and his voice was still falling, that is, he heard a bang, and the crystal ball in front of Lin Sheng couldn’t bear the crashing and breaking.
"hmm? What’s wrong? " Lin Sheng still has some’ scratching their heads’ or what went wrong when he was controlling this magical force?
"The old man’s eyes fail to see that the adults have reached this level of interest, and please go to the top of the guild. An adult has exceeded the limit that the old man can pass the test, so he can ask the president’s adult to do it himself." Although the broken magic crystal ball made the old man quite’ fleshy’, it was not a pity that he could find such a powerful magician.
"No, you need to give me a fifth-order wizard medal. I don’t have so much time to" wave "here. I think I can get a fifth-order wizard medal with my strength." Lin Sheng waved his hand. He didn’t care so much about this so-called magic hierarchy. If it weren’t for "mixing" in, I could find out how to return to the fairy continent. Lin Sheng was really too lazy to come here.
"But …" The old man’s face was in trouble.
"But what? Can’t I even get a fifth-order wizard medal? If so, I’ll go "disguised as a magician Lin Sheng is a little arrogant to the limit.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it’s not a problem, but it doesn’t represent adults. You are so kind to adults …" The old man explained that Lin Sheng was in a hurry when he heard that he was leaving.
"This is not because you are so stupid that you are afraid that others will not know their own strength and hang their own strength on their chest."
"It’s foolish to say that a young man hangs his strength on his chest." At this moment, the door came in, and another old man was actually a master and reached the realm of the holy care division.
"President’s adult, you’re here." Seeing the old man who just presided over the Lin Sheng test is a joy in his heart.
"Well, you go ahead and get busy. I’ll arrange things here." The president nodded to the other two people and said that they should leave.
"Hello, President of the adult" Lin Sheng first narrowed his eyes and looked at the old man in front of him and then said a good light.
"Hehe, what’s so good about a old bones? I don’t know when it will go to old bones." Although the president is old, his conversation is quite interesting
[49] Seven Order Magician
? "Since you don’t value that medal very much, I don’t force you, but I think your strength has reached the realm of great wizards, and it’s not far from the fear of the holy care teacher. You can take this seven-order great wizard medal. Although it’s better to be a low-key person sometimes, a high-profile one can save you a lot of trouble." The old man smiled and handed Lin Sheng a glittering wizard medal.
"Well, thank you for your honor." Lin Sheng is also welcome to pick up the medal directly. This medal is made of Xuantie and then it is difficult to imitate after magic blessing.
See Lin Sheng took the medal that old man also smiled.
"If the president has nothing to do, he will go to the meeting first and have some things to deal with."
"Well, go, young man," the president didn’t leave Lin Sheng but smiled.
Then Lin Sheng is out of the "door". Just now, the worker was waiting for him outside. When he came out, he quickly greeted him.
"My Lord, please come out this way. This is our VIP channel, which can directly register you."
"Well, thank you." Lin Sheng nodded and went downstairs with the man.
Lin Sheng didn’t know it was just for a moment. Almost everyone in this wizard guild already knew that there was a seventh-order wizard in the guild.
It’s those two guards who just led Lin Sheng here. At this time, they are talking about where they are, but they don’t know that this seven-order wizard is the man who brought himself.
"May I have your name, my Lord?" The registered workers are also respectful to Lin Sheng to the extreme.
Since "Renault" is pretending to be a western magician, it naturally deserves a western name.