Anyway, since I’m here, I’m definitely going to see it. Otherwise, how can I feel at ease!

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 Anyway, since I’m here, I’m definitely going to see it. Otherwise, how can I feel at ease!

This time, with sufficient preparation, the delivery process is very smooth.
But what surprised him was that this time he had a total of less than half a bottle of Wan Nianling Liquid, which was finally on the ground again.
Let him wonder whether the value he got in the end is as precious as this small half bottle of Wan Nianling Liquid!
After all, the value of Wan Nianling Liquid is more and more clear as he builds it, and it is never worse than a natural treasure.
And no friar will give it up for exchange.
It’s one of the most important necessities to save your life when Du Jie fights the French.
It’s also that he has a spirit pool that can produce ten thousand years’ spirit fluid, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to squander it as it is now.
As soon as he came to the net in the array sending method, he felt an unusually abundant aura and five elements of force coming on his face and wrapping him tightly like a substance.
Its abundance is several times stronger than the spirit pool in his underground abode of fairies and immortals.
There is very little impurity in this aura that can be directly melted into meridians without being tempered by real fire. It is really an excellent place to practice. Even one year here is worth fifty years outside.
He looked at the room again and suddenly felt a shock.
This is not a house. He feels like he has come to a deep forest surrounded by deep flowing water and trees.
It’s much bigger than the whole attic, even less than the whole fairy house, and it’s several times bigger.
He wants to come here, which should be similar to his dry hand.
However, he still thinks that Gankun’s hand is much more magical than him, but now he can’t swing much.
See the surrounding mountains, mountains, ancient trees, towering cliffs, and even more waterfalls.
There are many secluded springs and streams in the mountain stream, exotic animals and fierce birds look colorful, and many of them are things that Yang Xiu has never seen or seen before, which really opened his eyes.
Even the consumption of less than half a bottle of Wan Nianling Liquid is not painful at the moment and he left it behind.
"Isn’t this the celestial world? Only by thinking so in his mind can he explain what he saw and heard.
Seeing that the mountains here are unusually tall, they are generally not much different from the Daomen Taiwu Mountain, the first mountain in the fix-true world.
Among them, there are countless mountains as high as a thousand feet, and there are still faint high peaks that go straight into the sky, as if they were connected with heaven and earth, just like the giant pillars in the ancient news.
Such a scene made Yang Xiu seem to have come to the primeval forest of Taikoo.
In particular, there are several caves and stone platforms hidden at the junction of mountains and mountains.
There is a cave next to the old pine, and it is really a natural fairy’s paradise to coil the green bamboo and put a little bluegrass.
It’s not much to sleep in the cloud pavilion than in the underground Ranfu Tianxuan in Yang Xiu, so it’s far better to be full of aura.
"In this place, you can just find a cave and set up one or two bans, which will become a blessed land where you can practice after you finish your training."
"But it’s just that people are short of practice and it won’t be long before they will stagnate. It’s a pity that Yang Xiu sighed in his heart that he really wants to live here for a long time if it weren’t for the practice achievement method after the fit period.
"Well, I don’t know if this time it will be the magic weapon that the sect got this fairy house town house. What a pity! Unfortunately! "
If he came online, he really fantasized about what would happen if he got the magic weapon of the town government.
However, when he saw in the seagoing ship that those sects were all one force and one force fought against each other, he died completely.
Even if he dares to use a bow and arrow, it won’t help in such a melee. After all, bows and arrows can’t be restricted.
Moreover, the Nanling faction forces are there, just like the arms and thighs will be destroyed by the door, the Acacia Sect or the Sancai Sect at any time.
Therefore, it is better to think more realistically about how to get more benefits so that those who finally get the fairy house can get a shell!
"But they want to enter here. Maybe those fit periods still have some opportunities in the Dan period and the Yuan baby period. After all, not everyone has a token and ten thousand years.
Think so his heart suddenly feel a lot.
After all, who is now in a benevolent place, but the base can’t have it for himself, and it won’t be comfortable.
"Let’s find out what’s in it to take away."
He has several small monster beasts in it, although it is far from the Dan period, but there are so many monsters here that there will be no powerful monster spirits in it.
So as soon as he was abnormal here, he quickly fled into the ground and went out of hiding to observe the surroundings carefully.
I don’t see the passage to the fourth floor attic here, and I don’t know if there is any array, huh? This Lingcao is good.
Thought of here, I immediately used a magic weapon to transplant this plant with leaves as thin as willow flowers as big as pots, and he didn’t know Lingcao, even with roots and mud, into the hands of Gan Kun.
The line of "Polygonatum sibiricum" in Gankun’s hand, when the Polygonatum sibiricum mouse saw another spirit-filled Lingcao coming in, suddenly it was a big shock and ran to Lingcao’s position.
Seeing it, I don’t know where I pulled out a small yellow cart with a small Huang Ma, so I carried Lingcao into the yellow cart, and then I drove my ass to the vicinity of the Huangzhu courtyard.
See all kinds of Lingcao arranged in rows near Huangzhu Courtyard.
Among them, there are common elixirs such as Polygonatum sibiricum, Ginseng, Radix Aconiti, Angelica sinensis, etc., and there are also many exotic dwarf trees that don’t know exotic herbs.
However, they have one thing in common, that is, all kinds of elixirs are very aura, which makes the whole hand of Gankun light and vivid.
Regardless of the fact that Polygonatum sibiricum is working hard for planting, Yang Xiu is also very busy outside.
No matter whether you know it or not, flowers and trees with aura should lead to Gankun’s hand.
Just some spirit beasts. If he doesn’t know him, he won’t let go.
After all, this fairy house has been hidden for thousands of years, and these monsters may still be ancient beasts, but they didn’t reach it at that time!
Anyway, Gankun’s hands have to add something to it, so it’s killing two birds with one stone.