I’m afraid I can’t come when I want to send it off again now.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所 I’m afraid I can’t come when I want to send it off again now.

Moreover, Bai Zhi and the Ghost King will be repaired later, so even if they are released, it will not help the whole situation, and they will just send two dishes to each other. It is better to keep them as a Indiana Jones key moment.
Before he can figure out a feasible way, he will see each other, and all kinds of magic weapons have come here.
Yang Xiu’s Zhang Qingluan’s wings are off the ground. He’s a monk of the same rank, and he keeps wandering around to avoid the attack from everyone.
At the same time, the bow and arrow spirit was released, not shot, but aimed at everyone
Take out the bow and arrow, and he has some doubts about how Sancaizong would react.
After all, this bow and arrow was obtained from Lin Yifeng, and it was so sharp that the monks of Sancaizong should all know it.
But now he also has this bow and arrow, which can be dangerous to everyone, so he can’t care so much. Let’s solve the immediate crisis first.
Just as the bow and arrow were taken out, the door and the monk Sancaizong suddenly felt surprised, especially when the bow and arrow were pointed back and forth at several people to renew their hearts and feel a sense of chills. A feeling of incomparable pressure forced the bottom of my heart to make life without a trace of resistance.
You know, when Yang Xiu came in, he didn’t need money because he met the stone statue and the bow and arrow couldn’t hurt it. He injected fifteen drops of spiritual fluid and aura when the bow and arrow were not needed.
This is already the maximum spiritual force that the bow and arrow can bear. How can these monks be indifferent when they are only in the late stage of Jiedan?
However, although the bow and arrow are powerful, he dare not shoot the arrows easily.
After all, an arrow can kill one person at most, and it will kill three hearts with one arrow. "If so many people shoot this arrow, he will come to the barren face to inject aura, which would be really run."
Therefore, this bow and arrow can serve as a deterrent to all the other parties, so that none of them dare to take the initiative to attack.
Sure enough, the door and the monk Sancaizong were immediately stopped by this great spirit. Looking at the bow and arrow in Yang Xiu’s hand, they were indecisive and took back the magic weapon to attack, which made them angry for a while.
Looking at Sancaizong Godsworn’s eyes with indecision and other strangeness, Yang Xiu couldn’t help secretly wondering.
It stands to reason that the power of this bow and arrow should be well-known in Sancaizong, and it should not be unknown to the other party.
After he was ready, he was prepared to be hunted by Sancaizong. I didn’t expect the other party to have a fart reaction, which didn’t puzzle him and greatly relieved him.
No matter what the other party doesn’t recognize this bow and arrow, it’s better than recognizing it.
So after Yang Xiu took out the bow and arrow, the two sides were so deadlocked.
Monks Daomen and Sancaizong don’t know what to do, and the attack is not. After all, no one can stop this shocking blow, so people dare to test their lives.
But it’s even more inappropriate to just let it go. After all, the other party has become a huge threat. If you don’t get rid of it, how can you feel at ease!
Yang Xiu looked at also know each other from the heart suddenly move not slowly walked to the send array.
He’s going to leave here while the other side is being strangled by bows and arrows.
Even if there is a bow and arrow in hand, if the other party is cruel, he will be finished.
Although there is still the card of "Wild Craftsmanship", it will cost too much to display it. In my sophomore year, I learned this occult art from Sancaizong, and it is very likely that the other party will not have to.
When Chen Zai, Magic Beggar Stealing God and others saw Yang Xiu walking towards the array, they immediately knew that the other party was trying to make up their minds with hesitation.
If the other party takes the initiative to leave, then don’t worry about the other party staying here and making trouble with the door and the three talents, so you can compete with peace of mind.
However, if you let him away from each other like this, the danger will eventually be difficult to protect, and it will be even more difficult to deal with fear at that time.
But if you force Yang Xiu to take out the bow and arrow and the flying degree, there will definitely be personal injury on your side. Who wants to make this head?
Even Chen zai doesn’t want to!
So this made him hesitate to stop the ship.
Ignore each other’s heart struggle. Yang Xiu stared at each other step by step with a cold face and a bow and arrow.
At the same time, when the wrist shakes, a step stone is embedded in the array sending method.
However, he was not close to the array, and suddenly he saw that the array itself lit up, and then he saw a figure appear in the array
The other party is also a responsive generation. This just shows the figure on the net. Suddenly, the figure flashes and suddenly disappears in the law. This person actually shows his figure from the side of the hall.
This man is dressed in a monk’s robe and his face is turned out to be a "Uncle Tu"!
Tu shishu immediately changed his face when he saw the situation in the field. He didn’t want to "snow" a mouthful of JingXie, and suddenly it was ejected from his mouth, and there was a rod and a half inches long in the JingXie.
After the banner was exported, the green light flashed, which not only swallowed up the horses around Jingxue completely, but also turned from green to dark red.
When Uncle Tu saw this, he immediately pinched out a magic banner and immediately wrapped him in it in the size of ten feet.
Seeing that he was ten feet in Fiona Fang, the cold and biting evil wind made him cry and whine like a nose hell, which made the world look creepy.
After all this, he didn’t feel at ease to look around with his eyes rolling around and wondering what he was thinking.
It was also a surprise for Yang Xiu to see the bearer turned out to be "Uncle Tu". I didn’t expect him to find it here, too. It seems that this escort can come in many places.
However, it is more beneficial for him to have the other party come in, which can distract the attention of the door and the three talents, so he is not in a hurry to leave here!
Yang Xiu is happy to see another monk coming in when Chen is waiting for someone to see him. His face is not even uglier.
Moreover, when he saw the truth, he recognized that Uncle Tu disappeared as soon as he came in. It was a kind of wind escape technique, and the foul smell of the other side was worse than that of the other side, which would be eroded by poisonous gas.
Therefore, people should not be underestimated.
But the bigger the avatar, the more difficult it is to deal with, and of course the mood will not be good.