No matter how many people there are, a group of Ukrainian United States is not as good as five or six soldiers who have seen blood because they lack the quality of daring to work hard.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿夜网 No matter how many people there are, a group of Ukrainian United States is not as good as five or six soldiers who have seen blood because they lack the quality of daring to work hard.

One of the most famous novices of Wang is that Wang Xin met this person when he was in Cangzhou Sports Car, Hebei Province. His name is Huo Zhenzhuang, and Huo Jiaji Boxing is Huo Diange, who represents his simple and solemn boxing.
Li Wen is recognized as the second master in the Republic of China. Although he is short in stature, he has a violent personality. Li Wen is a famous fighter who is the second master after Tiger Head and Shaobao Sun Lutang.
Extreme boxing is also famous in actual combat, that is, from Li Wen, it is said that Li Wen’s big gun is unpredictable, and a fly landed on the paper window. Li Wen’s shot used to nail the fly to the big gun, but the window paper was not damaged at all.
Huo Diange is Li Wen’s most outstanding brother, a representative of extreme boxing, and Huo Zhenzhuang is Huo Diange, who is highly skilled in extreme boxing, which means the most outstanding figure of the youth.
Extremely absorbed the essence of hexagrams Tai Chi, which means punching far away.
Huo Zhenzhuang met Wang Xin, which was quite dramatic. In the 1990s, waiting for a bus was a very awesome occupation, not only a profession, but also a high salary, not to mention driving a car. However, in that era, martial arts had been hit hard during the Cultural Revolution, and many martial arts practitioners did not practice martial arts, so they concentrated on farming and working. Huo Zhenzhuang could not practice martial arts since he was a child, and he could not support his family. He still had the strength to do coolie loading and unloading.
When Wang Xin arrived in Cangzhou to load the goods, Wang Xin was watching the goods with a high yard. Suddenly, a bag of rice fell from a car more than three meters high and hit Wang Xin. At this moment, Huo Zhenzhuang was carrying a bag of rice and throwing it next to him. It was a King Kong-style May cone that knocked a hundred kilograms of rice bag aside. Wang Xin was able to recover his life. At that time, the rice bag was not twenty-five kilograms, but fifty kilograms. It was not something that ordinary people could afford.
Wang Xin was very grateful to Huo Zhenzhuang. He took out 1,000 yuan on the spot to thank Huo Zhenzhuang, but Huo Zhenzhuang resolutely refused to accept it. Later, Wang Xin said that you should stop doing this hard work and follow me. Just follow the car and I will give you three times the salary now. So Huo Zhenzhuang will work with Wang Xin.
Huo Zhenzhuang’s kung fu is really high, which is mainly due to his good background, hard work and hard practice. As a result, Huo Zhenzhuang followed Xinyi Wang Huo Zhenzhuang, and it was really useless. Later, after Wang Xin entered the auto parts industry, Huo Zhenzhuang didn’t know how many times he ran away to make trouble, and Wang Xin’s thugs were all ministers in Huo Zhenzhuang’s hands.
After all, Wang Xin also started his career in transportation, and now Wang Xin’s transportation industry has given up, and many snobs still follow Wang Xin for a living, including Xu Pang and Xu Pan.
Wang Xinlai didn’t intend to let Huo Zhenzhuang come in person. After all, Huo Zhenzhuang hasn’t made a hand for a long time. First, the power has stabilized now, and there is no need to make a hand. Second, there are more people under his control, and there is no chance for Huo Zhenzhuang to make a hand.
When Xu Pang went to see Wang Xin, he had a good cry with Wang Xin. Wang Xin decided to send two thugs to meet this Lin Cheng. Huo Zhenzhuang was right beside him when he spoke. Now Huo Zhenzhuang is no longer Wang Xin’s hand. Wang Xin has taken Huo Zhenzhuang as a friend to get along with him.
Huo Zhenzhuang listened to Xu Pang’s complaint, and then he asked Xu Pang to repeat what had happened at that time. Xu Pang repeated it. Huo Zhenzhuang said, "I will go there myself. I feel that this Lin Cheng is a master."
It’s hard to find a lonely opponent. It’s hard to find a lonely opponent. It’s hard to lose. Now Huo Zhenzhuang really wants to find someone who can’t compete with himself. After listening to Xu Pang’s story, he decided to go there in person
When Lin Cheng came from Huozhenzhuang, he felt that a master had arrived. Although he had never been masked, Lin Cheng felt unusually keen. This is probably the result of playing Tai Chi!
13 Ji Junjie
Masters always have a sense, which is not born, but gradually trained in the process of becoming masters.
Huo Zhenzhuang followed Xu Pang to the door of Lincheng Freight Company and saw Wang Jie and Wang Wei in the warehouse, but Huo Zhenzhuang could feel that there must be a master behind Wang Jie and this master was still in the house.
Wang Wei saw at a glance that the bearer was Huo Zhenzhuang Wang Wei in the hair area and Huo Zhenzhuang in Fushan District. Both of them were not the boss but the second child. Wang Wei had a very good memory for people. Although he had seen both sides of Huo Zhenzhuang, he recognized it at a glance.
Huo Zhenzhuang didn’t recognize Wang Wei. His interest was in the master, but he was not interested in shrimp, and Wang Wei was the shrimp in his eyes.
"How did Brother Huo come over today?" Although Huo Zhenzhuang didn’t recognize Wang Wei, Wang Wei couldn’t help but greet Wang Wei no matter what he did.
Huo Zhenzhuang looked at Wang Wei carefully and realized that the man who was being swayed by a young man turned out to be Wang Wei, the second brother in the hair area. "Hehe, Wang Er, why are you here?" Huo Zhenzhuang means that the mess in your hair area is not enough for you to have a headache for a while? After all, why do you still have time to wander around a goods when your eldest brother is dead?
In Huo Zhenzhuang’s view, the freight industry is not yet in the mainstream, and it may be faster to make money than ordinary industries, but it is absolutely invisible to the underworld.
Wang Wei and Huo Zhenzhuang actually can’t see each other, but they still greet each other. Lin Cheng came out of the back room. Wang Wei went to live beside Lin Cheng.
"Who’s this?" Lin Cheng surrendered to Huo Zhen Zhuang’s arch. Although he knew that Huo Zhen Zhuang must be a master and furious, Lin Cheng didn’t get used to it as soon as he met. This may also be the reason why Lin Cheng played Tai Chi first.
"In Huozhenzhuang" Huozhenzhuang’s own reputation is not small. Most people must have heard of it, especially Lin Cheng, who often hangs out with Wang Wei.
"I’ve heard a lot about you." Lin Cheng casually perfunctory "What’s your purpose this time?"
"Haha, I’m here to get back the 20 thousand yuan that Xu Pan accidentally fell here just now. I heard that Boss Lin picked it up?"
"Good talk, good talk, Wang Jie, get 20 thousand."
It wasn’t long before Wang Jie brought twenty thousand dollars, a penny less and a penny less. It was just Xu Pang who gave Wang Jie the twenty thousand dollars.
This is a contradiction for Huo Zhenzhuang. Come on, how can you just take out the money? Lin Cheng is determined not to give it to himself. Now he says that Lin Cheng actually took out the money and made Huo Zhenzhuang accumulate strength. It is particularly uncomfortable to punch like hitting the air.
"I heard from Xu Pan that Boss Lin’s style is good, and I came to ask for advice today." Huo Zhenzhuang is a warrior. He won’t say that he has brewed an excuse all the way, but Lin Cheng easily solved it and couldn’t find another excuse. Come directly for a real consultation.
Wang Jie was watching some angry people. Did he break his own door? This 20 thousand yuan is compensation. Now he has to go back. Now he has to find an excuse to fight.
Wang Jie in the previous step "fight, right? I will come. "
"I’ll come when Wang Jie comes back." Lin Cheng saw at a glance that Wang Jie was not Huo Zhenzhuang’s opponent. He didn’t let Wang Jie, but chose to do it himself. Lin Cheng had a feeling that he was not even this Huo Zhenzhuang opponent. He was a little unable to see through Huo Zhenzhuang’s details.
Huo Zhenzhuang laughed. "Okay, I’ll ask Boss Lin’s unique skill." After that, Huo Zhenzhuang put on a split palm frame.
Lin Cheng also put on a white crane with bright wings.
Huo Zhenzhuang is really excited to meet an opponent at this time. It is not easy for experts to have intuition. Huo Zhenzhuang intuitively feels that Lin Cheng will be an excellent opponent.
Huo Zhenzhuang is a gate boxing. The so-called gate boxing means that the extreme boxing greatly emphasizes inch by inch, and the hard hitting force runs on the heel and penetrates the fingertips, so the explosive force is extremely strong and full of technical attack characteristics. Because the extreme boxing is strong, simple, and explosive, it has the potential to "shake the arms against the sky and stomp the feet to shake Kyushu", so there is a saying that "there is Tai Chi, An Tianwu and an Gan Kun".
Extreme boxing can be said to be famous for Li Wen, the magic gun. I don’t know whether it is Li Wen or several disciples of Li Wen are also famous all over the world
Huo Diange, the eldest brother of Li Wen, was a martial arts teacher and guard officer of the last emperor Puyi until the Puppet Manchuria.
Li Wen’s last brother, Liu Yunqiao, worked as an instructor of the Guards and a guard of Chiang Kai-shek in the Kuomintang government guard service.