One minute passed, and soon Jiang Hao arrived. It was Qiao Xinwei who sent him a text message.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网喝茶品茶联系方式 One minute passed, and soon Jiang Hao arrived. It was Qiao Xinwei who sent him a text message.

"Husband …" Qiao Xinwei threw herself into his arms and sobbed. Her heart beat abnormally fast. She was afraid that she thought that her father was killed by a car accident. She was afraid that such a tragedy would repeat itself.
Jiang Hao patted her on the head and comforted, "Nothing will be okay, don’t worry."
At this time, the lights at the door of the operating room suddenly went out. Chen Jingye was the first to get up and rush to the door and pull the door out. The doctor asked, "Doctor, how is my wife? Is my wife okay?"
Everyone waited with bated breath.
The doctor took off his mask. He looked dignified and shook his head and said, "I’m sorry we did our best. The injured person’s brain was hit like tofu residue, and she was pregnant for three weeks …"
At that moment, Chen Jingye ran into it like crazy, and he roared
Qiao Xinwei also lost her tears, and her best friend in this life was completely lost.
The driver squatted in the corner and wept silently, which meant that he had to face the consequences of compensation and imprisonment.
Jiang Hao Ruan Bin was silent with red eyes.
Yun Qing is a careless person with a poor mouth and a good heart. What she is good at is hurting others and hurting Ruan Bin’s words when she catches the opportunity. Nothing is good. It is a standard shrew, but she never slanders others for no reason.
Chen Jingye didn’t let anyone in to see Yun Qing for the last time. He said that she loves beauty, so let everyone keep her most beautiful.
The funeral was very simple. Yunqing’s parents had such a daughter, and their white-haired people sent their black-haired people to be sad. It is conceivable that Chen Jingye seemed to be ten years old overnight, and his eyes were red and swollen, and his eyes were bloodshot. He had not slept for three days and nights.
Jiang Hao "Chen Jingye is alone at home tonight. I’ll go with Hama to play with him. Are you alone?"
Qiao Xinwei nodded. "Go ahead."
Three men were sitting in the living room, drinking, and the tea table was filled with bottles. Ruan Bin accidentally kicked down the bottles. Chen Jingye immediately "shh"-"You be careful to wake up my tigress, but she will call names."
Jiang Hao Ruan Bin said earnestly to take a look at Jiang Hao, "Work hard, you are tired, go to bed early and don’t think too much."
Chen Jingye was sitting on the sofa, bending his elbow and covering his face with his hands on his knees, silently crying. "I got married the year before last, do you remember? We were drinking and laughing in the hall the same way. Yun Qing suddenly came out and scolded us and made her go to bed. Hehe … Everything seems to be yesterday. I really regret not accompanying her to Maldives earlier. I have been dragging my feet and never got another chance. She always said that it would be the greatest regret in my life not to go to Maldives to see it."
As he spoke, he cried heavily and sobbed. "As soon as I close my eyes, she is swollen beyond recognition. She must be very painful. She loves beauty so much, but she walks like this … I forgive myself. I imagine that when she is dying, I am getting farther and farther away from her. I would rather be hit. Why should I lose her in this way? My wife, you are still so young. How can you break your word?"
Ruanbin gulped down the wine, and it was him who suffered the most from the cloud clearing. Although he was her company, she didn’t give her a face at all. He was annoyed with her, but one day this fault-finding person was so fond of hurting people that it was really sad to lose him.
Jiang Hao also always felt that Chen Jingye, a daughter-in-law, was too tough to bicker with her easily, but it would be much better if there was a clear sky at every party. He really envied the couple from the bottom of his heart.
Yun Qing, with her frankness, righteousness and kindness, enlisted her friends as well as her husband’s friends.
Later, after all, Chen Jingye couldn’t resist the fatigue and alcohol for days.
Ruanbin volunteered, "I’ll stay with him tonight, and some people in your family are sad. Go home."
Jiang Hao "You can do it alone"
Ruan Bin’s "Ke"
Jiang Hao nodded. When he got up to leave, Ruan Bin said, "There is a saying in A Hao that I don’t know if I should say it. I am afraid that you will misunderstand me and I will feel uneasy."
"Come on, I’m so entangled. I’m listening."
"Cherish the present, cherish when Qiao Xinwei is really a good girl. You are lucky to marry her. Don’t hurt her. God loves pretending to commit suicide and has been away for five years. You haven’t been sorry for her. If you must be responsible for her legs, there are many ways that are not emotional."
Jiang Hao listened to his words quietly. "I know the truth, but it’s not that easy to do. You also know that I love God before … Forget it, I won’t do anything sorry for Joe." He paused and asked a long-cherished question, "Bin, what would you do if Joe and I weren’t married?"
Ruan Bin replied without hesitation, "I will pursue her immediately until she marries me."
Jiang Hao zheng he saw from his eyes persistence, certainty, confidence, deep regret and regret. Suddenly, his heart flashed a trace of happiness that he had the first hand, or Joe Xinwei might be a friend’s wife.
Fate is so wonderful. Don’t rush early, don’t rush late, and it’s doomed.
"But I won’t give up trying if I have a chance. Please treat her well and don’t let me have this chance."
Jiang Hao felt a strong sense of crisis, and he vowed, "I won’t let you have this opportunity."
Chapter 20 Men’s Face
Chapter 20 Men’s Face
Jiang Hao hurried home at night. He may not be able to deeply understand the pain of Chen Jingye’s loss, but he really saw Chen Jingye’s decadence and crying.
Life can be so fragile.