This building is all kinds of fitness equipment for employees’ leisure sports ground, including a fighting field. Of course, this fighting field rarely really fights, but all kinds of props let employees punch and beat the dispatchers, which is very stressful for the company. Different companies have such a wide scale.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 This building is all kinds of fitness equipment for employees’ leisure sports ground, including a fighting field. Of course, this fighting field rarely really fights, but all kinds of props let employees punch and beat the dispatchers, which is very stressful for the company. Different companies have such a wide scale.

But Fang Ya is interviewing her new assistant here. Li Shu, the most capable of her bodyguards, fights with a little girl.
Fang Ya’s original assistant went to the United States to study for an mBa, and another pregnant woman went to a school. Fang Ya urgently needed to recruit two assistants. The recruitment announcement was for both the company department and the outside of the company.
Generally, the new recruits have a big fight without effort, but this is her new assistant’s personal envoy, and naturally she needs to have a look and make a decision
The human resources department initially screened out three excellent girls, and Fang Ya happened to meet them this afternoon, so sometimes she decided to meet them.
The human resources department said that both of them are company departments, and the other one is a female college student who is outside but still at school, but she broke through the interview because she was very outstanding after graduation.
Fang Ya, the minister of human resources, a close confidant of Fang Ya, said with a smile that some people said that the female college student was their relative.
The Minister of Human Resources quickly said that it was not his niece’s friend, but he was not sure that he was really excellent. Except for lack of work experience, all other conditions met. However, this female college student participated in various social practices and internships at school, and she was not a Bai Ding. Speaking of this, the Minister of Human Resources relaxed, "I am not avoiding relatives!"
Minister said Fang Ya naturally curious to know that the company knows that Fang Ya has always been divided between public and private, so that Fang Ya can talk about personal feelings. However, if you want to train people, the minister is afraid to recommend it and look at it!
President Fang Ya met with two people.
Everyone gives five minutes. Although they are a little nervous in front of each other, their comprehensive quality and adaptability are not bad. It is a good candidate who has been experienced in various positions in the company. It seems that the screening workers in the human resources department are still in place
Fang Ya read the last personal profile. This is what the minister said about the college student. Fang Ya signaled a secret and immediately went out to call the female college student Feng Yujin.
Fang Ya’s eyes lit up immediately when Feng Yu came in. This girl is so beautiful! More importantly, this kind of beauty is not dazzling, and the whole person has a rounded feeling that makes people feel kind; There is a heroic spirit in the brow, which shows that people are bound to be capable.
In the absence of comparison, Fang Ya recognized that the first two were good. Feng Yu immediately covered the first two styles. Although she didn’t ask specific questions, she was confirmed. But on second thought, she was still a college student. Fang Ya couldn’t help frowning. It seems that she can’t record Fang Yawei’s thoughts. She can let her practice in various positions of the company first, so that she can be familiar with the company’s situation and record her once, which may put her at a disadvantage in the company.
Fang Ya is looking at Feng Yu, and Feng Yu is also looking at Fang Ya, a strong woman in the Chinese business community.
Feng Yu looked neither secretly nor shyly, but looked squarely at the martial arts practitioners with extraordinary courage and boldness.
But seeing this professional beauty sitting in front of me proved to be beautiful. Even Feng Yu somewhat felt the oppression from her powerful aura.
Dark clouds generally pile up to form a clean and neat shape. A pretty face with a positive face and a black-rimmed glasses is small and slightly serious. It is elegant and gray professional suit. The fabric is soft and loose, which is quite intellectual. The neckline is just a little low, and at the same time, it retains the dignity of Boss and the unique charm of women. So Feng Yu always suspects that there may be foreign affairs activities.
Feng Yu guessed that it was true that Fang Ya really had an activity to attend, so he chose this professional suit which was suitable for both office and attendance. He always had experience in dressing up Fang Ya and didn’t need an assistant to wake up.
She is sitting in Feng Yu’s chair at the moment. According to the analysis of her sitting height, once she gets up, she has such a tall and perfect figure that she stands out from the crowd. If she wears suspenders, evening dresses, high heels and a neck as long as a gooseneck at a dinner party, with sparkling pearls or diamond necklaces, she will naturally dump all beings!
At this time, Fang Ya has picked up Feng Yu’s materials and read them again, saying, "I have read your materials very well, and I am very interested in one of them, that is, knowing martial arts."
"A little," Feng Yuqian said falsely.
"Well," Fang Ya suddenly got up and said, "I won’t ask if you don’t. I have a few bodyguards who are also proficient in martial arts. How about you have a discussion?" Fang Ya, the other examiners also got up.
Feng Yu also got up and asked, "Now?" There is a trace of doubt but a trace of timidity in the sound.
Fang Ya nodded his head in dark praise. "Now our fifteenth floor is an employee activity center, where there is a venue and judo can be changed."
Feng Yu is really hesitant when he sees it.
"It doesn’t matter, it’s just a contest." Fang Ya said that although Feng Yu is full of heroic spirit, she is a woman and her hand is a big fellow. It is difficult for her to hesitate when this contest suddenly comes out.
"Martial arts contest didn’t learn" Feng Yu thoughtfully for a moment and suddenly said.
Hearing what Feng Yu said, Fang Ya became more interested and asked, "What?"
"It’s a martial arts contest, but it’s bound to be disabled. Otherwise, it’s an opposite performance."
"Oh, really? Then play it, "Fang Ya said at once. At this moment, her heart likes this youthful and dare to be a woman. Fang Ya needs such a girl for company!
Feng Yu hesitated for a last serious nod.
On the fifteenth floor, Fang Ya invited Li Shu to the fighting field. Li Shu is next door. People like Fang Ya have been in danger for two or three times since they were young. Therefore, the security guards never relax. Now they are a group of bosses, and someone is waiting around for them 24 hours a day. This Li Shu is the best bodyguard in Fang Ya because of his position in the local family. Fang Ya usually calls Li Shu.
Fang Ya invited Li Shu to go out because she knew that Li Shu might be out of order if she were in someone else’s shoes, but Feng Yu’s words that "martial arts contests will hurt you" were more interesting to Fang Ya. She really wanted to see what a real master fight was like, but she also knew that it was too dangerous and she had to restrain her curiosity.
Li Shu reposed in the next room. When she heard the big lady calling the horse, she came over to listen again. It made others feel a little unhappy, but on second thought, it was natural for the big lady to do so. Although she didn’t know martial arts, the momentum of the owner was often not weak but more intelligent in the face of martial arts. What she did was naturally reasonable.
Uncle Li obeyed the call in the fighting field.
When Fang Ya saw Li Shu, he called "Li Shu" and said, "Please, Li Shu, my new recruitment assistant. She will write martial arts on her resume. I want you to give me some advice."
Li Shu glanced at everyone’s eyes and naturally fell on Feng Yu’s body. Feng Yu’s pupil projection was instantly blurred and instantly clear. The Li Shu then immediately shook his ears and intuitively told him that this was a master!
Li Shu was secretly surprised that the other party was just a little girl with a ponytail, but the whole person was full of explosive strength, even bones, long breath and clear eyes. Among the young people Li Shu had seen in the past, one of them was a female lawyer, who had a military background at home. It is not difficult to estimate what she had learned, but at present, the little girl had a great energy and was as beautiful as the big lady, even if she was next to the big lady, it would still cause men to look askance. Li Shu couldn’t help but think of the old saying in Wulin that she had to fight with old men and not with women!
I want to go back. After too much killing, Li Shu walks up to Feng Yu without any fear. His eyes shine and he looks straight at Feng Yu.
Feng Yu is not afraid to know that this Li Shu is a fierce practitioner. He can’t hurt himself if he learns from it. It’s even more uneconomical to smile and hand over. "Senior and junior Feng Yu, a master in Jiangxi, dare not say that he can learn from his predecessors to see if he can get into the eyes of his predecessors?"
Fang Ya and others are at a loss to understand.
Feng Yu said that after a spin, he had a light whimper in the middle of the fighting field. People suddenly felt the impact of sound waves, and then they saw that people were dancing.
Fang Ya immediately went up to Li Shu and asked, "Haven’t you heard of Inch Hand Door?"
Fang Ya listened to Li Shu mumbling "ancient boxing door"
"Oh, Miss," Li Shu nodded, "that is, the ancient boxing method is not like modern famous boxing such as Taiji, Gua and Xingyi."
"Ancient boxing?"
"Yes, and most of them are lost."
After listening to Li Shu’s tone, Fang Ya asked again, "So what is her hand now?"
Li Shu shook his head and said, "An inch is the law. If you drill, you will get hurt. That’s a killer skill. You can’t see it even if you drill."
"What about her now?" See Feng Yu as light as a swallow and fast as a flash. Fang Ya naturally knows that this girl is obviously much worse than she thought.
"Now she makes it should be the Yues’ Sanshou."
"Family Sanshou" Li Shu’s eyes are bright. To tell the truth, he really doesn’t want to be distracted to answer the big lady now. The problem is that she asks but it’s not good to answer.
"It’s not surprising that Grandpa Wu Shengyue stayed in the Yuegujun against the enemy in those days because Grandpa Yue gave him Sanshou in the army. Later, after Grandpa Yue was killed, his guards didn’t want to work hard in the court, so quite a few of them were hidden in Jiangxi and Hunan today." Li Shu is a military man who naturally respects Yue Fei and dares not call him Grandpa Yue.
"Then she is better than Li Shuru?" Fang Ya finally asked.
"She’s better than me, but she’s not as good as me if life is at stake."
Fang Ya know Li Shu badly heard him to evaluate a little girl’s breath in a gasp, but his heart was glad. Such a stunt assistant is perfect for himself, but it is good to have this girl after Fang Ya’s bodyguards are both male and female.
At this moment, Feng Yu in the field is another light, and people have closed their fists and stood upright. As said, their faces are not red and they are out of breath. Everyone is surprised because there is still a "buzz" lingering in the girl’s ears until she finishes the exercise.