"So how long have you been here?" The nangongshan month immediately asked

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网约茶品茶工作室 "So how long have you been here?" The nangongshan month immediately asked

"This ….." Oriental peak is to answer.
"When I came back just now, this little boy was furtively looking into the house!" Timekeeper interrupted Dongfang Fenghua.
"In fact, I didn’t understand the situation until then …" Dongfang Feng quickly defended.
"It’s strange to believe you." Nangong Yueda was angry. "Hum, see how I ask Sister Qing to clean you up!"
"Where did Brother Shi go just now?" Cloud turned this embarrassing topic.
"I’m afraid it’s not so good to explore a terrain." The timepiece replied with a trace of worry on his brow. "According to the treasure map, the location of the hidden treasure should be in a slightly sunken cave in Kunlun Mountain. I just carefully observed it. Although it seems that I can see it vaguely, it is said that it is a cave but I really can’t see it."
"Then there may be something in the cave to appear?" Dongfang Feng scrambled to say
"Everyone will think so!" Timetable looked at the "pig’s head" and stared at the Oriental Peak. "But have you ever thought that the mountainside is a section of a cliff and there is no road around it, so it will take manpower for someone to dig a cave there? And it also requires a high level of martial arts. "
"Is Tianlong Shinto awesome?" Cloud asked mindless.
"Of course, the Tianlong Shintoism once won a great victory, and at that time, the ranking of Wulin experts had been’ 1234′." The Oriental Peak in Wulin history is still very clear
"Yes," the timepiece nodded. "The so-called’ 1234′ refers to the top ten players in the day, one of whom was in Wudang, two in Shaolin and three in Cui Yun, and all of them were in Tianlong. What was even more frightening was that Yun Feng, the founder of Tianlong, single-handedly picked four of the Wuyue Sword Schools except Huashan, and the Wuyue Sword School, which was famous in the world, declined."
"How can a person beat so many people without getting tired?" The nangongshan month naively asked.
"The gentle wind and drizzle sword is said to be the most complicated and labor-intensive swordsmanship in the world. It is said that this swordsmanship is not powerful when two people confront each other, but it is the most terrible swordsmanship for a long time because it can be borrowed."
"Borrow? Is it to absorb the opponent’s strength? " Cloud asked.
"It’s not a gentle breeze and drizzle sword. It’s the ultimate theory that makes this swordsmanship almost effortless, but it has high requirements for eyesight and mental strength. It should be regarded as the ultimate pure swordsmanship." Dongfang Feng continued, "This swordsmanship is said to be under control."
"When you are in control?" The clouds are even more confused. Can this be controlled?
"The so-called control is actually to grasp the best time to make the swordsman grasp the flaws of the opponents around him all the time and skillfully change the route of some opponents to kill others." The plan helps him to solve the problem. "It is so exhausting that no one has practiced it since the storm."
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The first chapter amazing past
"Another set of sword rules of Xiang Yun Feng is that the master fights against the sword technique of sudden storms." The interest of the meter is getting higher and higher. It seems that Xiang Yun Feng is very admired for his "fast and concise sword potential, once it is exhibited, there will be advances and retreats, offensive and defensive, and he will be the first in the world."
"But this set of swordsmanship has extremely high requirements for people’s courage and endurance, which was unfortunately lost afterwards." Dongfang Fengyan also highly praised Xiang Yun Feng
"Yun Feng’s wisdom, courage, charm, courage, endurance, heart and strength are outstanding people." Timepieces rarely boast so much.
"It’s no wonder that such a character was a great success in Wulin, but later it seems that something happened to Tianlong Shinto, and it disappeared in Wulin overnight, and there was no more news." Dongfang Feng’s tone was full of regret.
"Yes!" Timetable with a sigh: "There is no news of Tianlong Shintoism overnight. The congregation in the altar is full of deaths. It seems that the bodies of the brain-teaching figures should be beaten to death and none of them have been found. Not long after that, Yun Feng, the leader of Tianlong Shintoism, was assassinated by hand and left a treasure map. It is said that Tianlong Shintoism has accumulated many treasures in the past hundred years."
"After the news came out, it caused a bloody battle in the Wulin. I don’t know how many people fought for this map, but I have never heard of anyone finding the treasure." Dongfang Feng said slowly, which seems to be meaningful.
"Do you mean that maybe this picture is just a trap? There is no such thing as a secret treasure of Tianlong Shinto?" Timekeeper has understood Dongfang Feng’s words
"Although I left home this time for this treasure, I came out to see the outside world more. Just now Brother Yun suddenly invited me to treasure together, so I went back to my house to sort out the story information of this treasure map at home and came to this unexpected conclusion." Dongfang Fengqi agreed.
"Hey, hey, you’ve made a lot of sense, but you didn’t get the point." Shi Ji laughed.
"Is it true that the old-timers have other ideas?"
"You can tell a little if you don’t talk about it," the timepiece said mysteriously
"What is it? Say what you want. What are you selling?" The nangongshan month interest is coming.
Everyone stared at the timepiece together to see what he had said.
"Everyone knows that peak tower is the master of ten hands." The timepiece did not directly answer.
"Of course!" This time, Lianyun also won the reputation of the first master in the world. Do you know?
"In fact, the treasure map of Tianlong Shinto is not the same as it was in the past." The timing is becoming more and more irrelevant and more complex.
"What’s the solution?" Yunwen
"I’ve seen the treasure map in those days, and I’ve been to the treasure place myself!" The timepiece speaks amazingly.
Have said to the point, the remaining three people stopped interrupting and stared at the timepiece together, waiting for the further secret.
"When the treasure map pointed to a place called Pengkun Island in the East China Sea, about 200 Wulin people who had seen the treasure map went there ten years ago to seek treasure. Only two people came back alive, one of them got most of the martial arts in the treasure, while the other got the remaining martial arts secrets and a small part of the treasure." I said so much in one breath and took a long drink of tea.
"That one who got less than half of martial arts is a senior, right?" Oriental peak breaks the silence.