Yun looked around at the noisy crowd around him. Where is the speaking place? "Brother Leng, let’s talk in detail somewhere else." Yun argued that he didn’t like this environment.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所 Yun looked around at the noisy crowd around him. Where is the speaking place? "Brother Leng, let’s talk in detail somewhere else." Yun argued that he didn’t like this environment.

"ah? Then please wait a moment for younger brother Yun, and first sign up for the contest to recruit relatives! " Cold sky with that woman.she squeezed past to the registration office.
Yun smiled bitterly and didn’t know whether to wait in the same place or leave now. Suddenly, someone in the crowd waved to him. When Yun looked at it, he was a handsome man, but he didn’t know the doubts. Yun looked around to see if he was misunderstood by other people. However, the man came over and pulled the cloud hand. "Don’t look, I’ll find you!"
Chapter IX Cui Yun Juzhu
Yun feels that the male hand is tender and delicate to the extreme. It seems that blowing bullets can break the skin, which makes Yun feel very embarrassed. "Is this male looking for the wrong person? I don’t seem to know you!"
"barking up the wrong tree? How can you forget? We met you last night, don’t you remember? " The man smiled leisurely and said slowly that although the people around him were buzzing, his voice entered the cloud accurately and clearly, which showed that his power was good
"Last night," Yun was confused. Did he ever see this beautiful man in front of him last night? "I don’t think so." Yun suddenly had a flash of light. "Are you Chen Shisan Lang?" Said the alert to withdraw your hand from the male hand.
"What are you talking about?" "I’m Li Qing."
"Ah?" Cloud froze. It was Cui Yun Liqing. What did she come to do? What is even more strange is how Li Qing looks better when she is disguised as a man.
"Come with me quickly. Someone wants to see you." Li Qing smiled warmly. mei, any man who comes will have unhealthy associations.
But Yun doesn’t seem to be one of them. He has a lot of opinions about beautiful girls recently. He just can’t avoid saying, "I promised a friend to wait here for a while. I still have something important to do, even if I can’t go with the girl."
"If you go, you will know!" Li Qing jiao Chen said that master told her to cheat the cloud into seeing her by any means, but she didn’t reveal anything.
"Are you really the Li Qing last night?" Cloud suddenly asked him that he was inexperienced but had a sensitive and abnormal intuition, which made him feel that Li Qing was very different in front of him last night, and the most important thing was that this difference was definitely not the appearance.
Temperament has to be aware of this ancient psychological problem. Temperament is formed on the basis of human physiological quality through life practice and acquired conditions, and is controlled by people’s world outlook and personality. Its characteristics are generally shown through people’s handling of problems and interaction with each other, and it shows personal typicality. Stable psychological characteristics: everyone will deform more. One temperament is inaccurate and changeable, which is a highly hidden means. The so-called human temperament should be based on the two main points of typical stability. It is a statistical characteristic (don’t scold the toughness for cheating words, after all, it is still bubbling and spoofing when grasping the stage). It should present a consistent cloud. Although I don’t know anything about these theories, my intuition tells him that there must be problems.
Li Qing seemed to be absent for a while before she replied with a charming smile, "Of course, you and Gong Sun were in love yesterday." She looked at the cloud very warmly. "The girl saw it clearly."
Yun glanced at Li Qing coldly with disgust. "Where is your master?"
"You promised to come with me?" Li Qing looked at the clouds with a surprised expression.
"Let’s go." The cloud stopped looking at her and pushed the crowd to try hard to get away from the sea of people.
"Ah ~ ~" Li Qing followed quickly. "You don’t know how to get there yet. I’ll lead the way."
"Oh" What do you think of the cloud? Now Li Qing is not pleasing to the eye, but she doesn’t know what the problem is. She patted her blood head and wordlessly followed Li Qing.
Out of Suzhou City, Li Qing came to a house on the bank of Taihu Lake with clouds. The scenery of Taihu Lake is elegant, delicate, magnificent and magnificent. The clear water is vast, the mountains are vast, the natural scenery is looming, and the surrounding mountains and islands in the lake are beautiful. The combination of beauty and beauty makes people feel relaxed. Of course, the cloud is not here to see the scenery. Although the famous master in the Jianghu has lost several wars, he is still quite confident in his martial arts, but he will face Xi Cuiyun, who ranks second in the "Tianpu" of the famous Wulin. He still feels nervous that Cui Yun’s owner will recognize the blood and cause more trouble. The special prize of the cloud will leave the blood in the Woods next to the house and let the blood hang in a small tree for a while.
"Master, I brought someone to your old man’s house. Come out quickly!" Liqing let the cloud stay for a while and then shouted at the house jiao.
"What are you yelling about, dead girl? Isn’t this coming?" As soon as the entrance of the mansion "babbled", a young and beautiful young woman came out. Is this the Cui Yun who has been famous for more than ten years? How can she feel that she is less than thirty? Has she been fooled by someone? Or is it that the Lord of Cui Yun lives in beauty? Deep in the cloud’s heart, he prefers the former, and he has a feeling of being rude.
"Are you the recently famous martial arts rookie Yun?" Cui Yun Lord looked at the cloud and asked lukewarm.
"Dare not" is precisely because the cloud can’t figure out the actual situation, so it’s neither rude nor flattering to reply to her simply.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
"I heard that you betrayed your master, killed the master, stole Shaolin secrets and got the secret treasure of Tianlong?" What a sharp word! What a ridiculous charge! What a hat! Cui Yun’s master has the meaning of singling out the blame at a bite.
If someone else had said such a thing in other environments, Yun might have smiled and said nothing or left, but at this moment Yun became angry and said, "Even so, what are you doing?"
"joke! Everyone in the Wulin villains will be punished! " Cui Yun in the main face if frost coldly light drink a way.
"That also has to be capable!" Yun stared at her eyes without any fear, and Cui Yun was the most overbearing person he had ever seen in his debut. It was unbelievable that such a lean figure was actually a beautiful young woman if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.
"good! If you are brave enough, you don’t know if martial arts are as hard as your mouth! " Cui Yun’s face was a little twisted with anger. "Your son took this fanatic for the teacher!"
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Chapter 10 Misty Rain Jiangnan
"It’s Master!" After Li Qing was ordered, she took off her headscarf and scattered a beautiful black hair, which floated with the wind. Her face was full of water, and her eyes were beautiful, but her nose and lips were a little rich, but it became the biggest highlight of her face. Perhaps it was this slight difference between the standard beauty and the standard beauty that made her particularly different from the title of the first beauty in the Central Plains.
"Then please advise." It’s not that Yun hasn’t seen a beautiful woman before. This seduction can’t be finished for him, but it makes him despise it even more. It has been deified as the first beauty in the smell.
Li Qing saw the clouds turn a blind eye to her beauty, and she was secretly annoyed. She slowly pulled out a beautiful dagger as thin as cicada’s wings from her waist bright green scabbard. "The sharpest sword in the name of’ misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River’ is Cui Yun, so you should be careful."
"Thanks to the girl’s heart," Yun replied lightly, secretly calculating what to do.
Li Qing no longer speaks softly. In the hands of a "embroidered curtain peeping at a little moon", "misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River" turns slightly to the left breast of the cloud. It’s not fast to move. The firm but gentle doesn’t seem to be as strong and gentle as a lover’s whispering. It’s hard to imagine what effect such a soft move can have. Is it that Cui Yun’s big title is all imaginary?
Yun has cultivated the posture of King Kong to the point of "one thought" at the moment, but his opponent’s moves have not yet stopped. He has long been accustomed to attacking the enemy and is not moved by this sword. He still looks at that sword from the ground and looks at it coldly.
"People are lying on their pillows before they sleep, and their hair is in disorder." Halfway through the sword stab, they suddenly accelerate their eyebrows! Because the dagger handle is smaller and lighter than the strength, the sudden and rapid acceleration is just a missed thought. The sudden change of speed like a flying swallow is really an accelerated turning point. If someone else is paralyzed by Li Qing’s peerless beauty, the emperor may not be able to fortunately lose the name of the words in Su Shi’s "Cave Fairy Song".