The next day, two people got home after ten o’clock in the afternoon. Professor Teng had cooked chicken soup for a long time. It was a little difficult, but I still walked over to Dad with a smile and stopped cooking, right?
"Why? You don’t like dad cooking soup, do you? "
"Of course not don’t like …"
Gentle said slightly turned to see her husband beside her, and then said in a low voice that it was a little … tired of drinking several times a day.
She is really afraid that her father-in-law will be unhappy, but she makes up for it every day, and sometimes she wants to vomit when she smells soup.
"Don’t cook any more later. The doctor said that the child is so big now that it doesn’t need to work as hard as it did in the first three months. After that, our family is light." Teng Yun finally stopped being difficult for his wife.
Professor Yuan came out of the room. Oh, I’m still gentle. I always like to drink it. Last night, I told Professor Teng that the soup was tasteless.
"Well, actually, I’ve heard enough," said Professor Teng himself, and everyone laughed.
"I’m going to the mall with your dad today. What are you two going to do?"
"Or we’ll go together?" Gentle turned to look at the husband said
"Didn’t you say you would rest at home?"
Gentle …
Professor Yuan looked at her eyes and knew what she was thinking, so he told her husband to let the young couple rest at home alone and let’s go outside and come back after dark.
Manager Teng doesn’t talk softly but he’s embarrassed. Mom, we …
"Then thank your parents." Teng Yun said, pulling his wife upstairs to change clothes first.
Gentle Kenai followed him downstairs and turned around. The old couple walked out with their coats.
When I got to the room, I was gentle and worried. Why did you talk to your parents like that?
"How can I be hypocritical and polite as a family?" He simply pulled her to the bed and pressed her down on the bed.
"It’s very kind of you to say so?" Gentle and low, I don’t know if I can’t do it well.
"That’s not for you. I’m already very excited."
At first, he was really worried that she wouldn’t be able to integrate with his parents. Although everyone is familiar, few young people are willing to live with their elders and get along so well now.
Gentleness never bickered with Professor Yuan, even though Professor Yuan sometimes said two harsh words, she listened patiently and quietly.
At first, he was really worried that everyone would quarrel after living together for a few days.
He helped her take out her clothes from the inside and change them. Don’t wear so heavy at home.
"good!" Gentle took the sound all revealed spoiled.
"Let’s watch the news at home this afternoon. At noon, I will cook for you personally, have lunch and go to bed."
He has arranged this day?
And it’s arranged like this
Stay at home all day today?
Section 12
Gentle looking at TengYun that serious is holding the clothes darling nod.
Teng Yun finds out his clothes and turns to look at her. Why don’t you change?
Gentleness, a lag, aura in her eyes, and then she went to wash her hands with her clothes.
Teng always frowned. Why is she still hiding anything?
But also nai is agreed.
Both of them changed their homes and then went downstairs. She changed the viewing platform on the sofa. Manager Teng personally went to the kitchen to help her cut the fruit and bring it out.
Tenderly, when I saw the fruit with a big appetite, Teng always handed it to me immediately. I didn’t know that Mrs. Teng turned out to be a little greedy cat
"You don’t know that some time ago, I bought this kind of fruit for my mother and grandmother, and even my younger brother and sister didn’t have any food. I am the eldest sister."
Speak softly and eat at the same time
Since becoming Mrs. Teng, her living conditions have improved so much that she can hardly bear to recall those bitter days in the past.
Teng always listened, but it was difficult and sad, so she quietly looked at her heartlessly eating fruit. At this time, her face was not in any pain. Although she was talking about those sad past, she seemed to be talking about ordinary family life.
"Do you want to eat some?" She picked up a melon and put it on his mouth.
Manager Teng raises his eyebrows slightly. I want you to feed me.
"What?" Gentle startled when he accidentally said something wrong.
"I said I want you to feed me," he said, holding her hand and putting the fruit in her mouth, then holding her to hold her head high and eat the fruit in her mouth.