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Chapter ninety-seven Two broken instruments
It’s really a bit of trouble to fight with each other. Although the Xiandao attack was repelled this time, the strength of Xiandao was not greatly damaged, and the two large arrays were run away and not cracked, which made Wentian and them at a very unfavorable position.
Moreover, the large array of twelve mixed elements may recover at any time, which is even more troublesome. There are too many immortal Taoist priests. When they flee for their lives, they disperse in a hubbub. It is too difficult for the Ministry to chase them. After hearing the news, they didn’t kill Twelve Jinxian
Kong Xuan saw Wen Tian frowning and couldn’t help but ask, "Hey, don’t talk nice. In the end, we will be killed by others, so you won’t be in trouble!"
Wen Tian looked back and he was also annoyed that none of the people who sang the songs behaved well, which really gave him a headache. This time, there would be no one in Di Xin.
"Grasp the situation is not very bad for us. The three large arrays are what I expected. If they don’t move, they will say more, but I don’t know how to get Sendao out. If I know the mystery, it will be easy! It’s bad for us that we can fight hard this time. "It’s really impossible to find out the mystery for a short time."
Jin Peng also feels quite a headache, which he knows very well. If Zhu Xian’s sword array stays still, the toothless tiger will be broken one day, but in sports, it is difficult to find opportunities to observe the mystery of the array. Generally speaking, it is a battle array that mainly blocks the opponent’s retreat, and so is the converging attack array.
Brave and strong array is not in the array, then there is no way for the other side to fight in the enemy’s territory when the long-range strike capability is very strong. It is very unfavorable to fight in the enemy’s territory. Array is also a field that can create a favorable situation for ourselves. Those who enter and break the array are all stupid.
When others let you into the array, you just go into the array as stupid as that. I never thought of breaking the array. It is not necessary to break the array violently. It is more in line with the taste of heaven and earth. It is necessary to see clearly the mystery of the operation of the array and forcibly cut off the heaven and earth and the large array. The natural power of the array is greatly reduced
The requirement of breaking the array is to understand the laws of heaven and earth. No matter how mysterious the array is, it is necessary to create the world with the help of the ultimate method of heaven and earth. The so-called two-instrument dust array is just arrogant to repeat the world. Even if a different world is formed, it is closely connected with the wild world. If there is a connection, it is a flaw
"This time, we didn’t expect each other’s power. They weren’t so easy once! Too many of the same things will be seen as flaws. Nothing in this world is perfect! There will always be flaws! " Kong Xuan, otherwise, since it’s not perfect, it’s possible to crack it
"Say it’s nice to hear you crack it! Even the war is not so good, but it can stimulate the land fertility array! It’s too short to find out the mystery! " Wen Tian frowned. Although he cracked the law, it was because his seal body was unpredictable.
"Then you are still talking nonsense here and don’t find out the mystery of the array!" Jin Peng’s eyes are staring at the boss. This is no joke. This is fatal.
Wen Tian curled his pie mouth and looked unhappy. "You don’t think about it yourself. Why did you throw it all to me? Besides, it’s your business to kill the sword array, or you should try to crack it yourself!"
"If only it were here. You cracked that big array. No one can escape. Even the golden light method can’t escape the real arrow. Unfortunately, this guy doesn’t know what to do?" Kong Xuannai sighed that if he had a wife, none of the four large arrays would run away.
"Come on, the plan can’t be static. Who knows where the Tao is really? But if he doesn’t come back, we’ll find a chance to run! " Wen Tian sighed. Without his nose, I’m afraid there’s no chance to play.
Kong Xuan was silent and Jin Peng didn’t speak, so the result was not that they could accept that they had to retreat at this point. It was not their character, but it was better than being destroyed by the immortal Terran. Although it could stop the deity, it was meaningless.
"Rest assured, even if I run away, I am absolutely sure that I will disappear from their eyelids and die. There will always be a chance when we come back later! I want to miss this great opportunity! " It is obviously a key thing for Xiandao to seal the gods when it is heard. Once it is destroyed, it will definitely turn for the better.
This is Wen Tian’s speculation that sealing the gods should be a key battle. After this war, the immortals almost disappeared, maybe went to the so-called celestial world, but what is the reason is unknown, and they will never disappear because of it.
"If that little boy doesn’t come back, we’ll run away!" Jin Peng is quite upset.
Sitting quietly with his nose cross-legged and his eyes closed on a big stone, he has been watching the concave, throwing her umbrella and shining the two-meter micro array for ten days, but there is no head, but he has already found a new way to break the array, and quietly said to the people behind him, "Stand back a little, I’m going to break the array!"
The nose quietly condenses and focuses on tailoring clothes. The wind automatically grows and flies. I quietly look at the face in front without any expression.
"Enchantment! Get up! " Yi said softly that he wanted to use the enchantment, which was his breakthrough in the ancestral wizard realm to practice the magical power, but he never knew this magical power very well and rarely saw it. He preferred to use his bow to solve problems.
But this time, he has to change the bow, and there are also problems that he can’t solve. Now there is an array that he can’t solve, and he can solve it. Now he has another thing that can solve this problem.
There is a strong light from the nose and body, and the bow of Apollo is getting brighter and brighter. The boundary around it is getting bigger and bigger. At that time, he will be able to see everything in this large array.
Without that nasty dreamland, this array is not terrible at all, and the dreamland key is the fog outside, and the golden enchantment expands rapidly with the continuous infusion of power from the boundary.
"Give me a break!" Nose shouted an enchantment and suddenly the whole large array was doubled. It was immediately seen clearly that the large array was supported by the enchantment in front of the truth.
Fierce Gang Qi was stopped by the enchantment, and there was no more display. Just in front of the truth, Tai Chi Fu struggled to scatter light, as if trying to repair the whole array, but all this was in vain, and it would not be given such a chance.
With a gentle wave of the nose, the Tai Chi operator suddenly broke away from the array eye, and all the light disappeared. A small Tai Chi operator lay quietly in his hand.
"Is a little thing like you trapped me for so long but now you don’t have a chance! Just wash your necks and wait! I will get this account back! " At this moment, all the vigorous parts disappeared, and the whole dust array of two instruments disappeared in front of Wentian.
The nose was put away and the archer bow quietly took two steps forward. "It’s better to be outside and finally stop that small place!"
Don’t stretch yourself. The other party should already know that it is very troublesome to send people back to Zuwu Temple when he breaks the array. It is also a problem to shoot an arrow towards the sky, which means that those troublesome immortals should consider their own arrows when they come to find fault again. He is giving Wen Tian their support when the time comes.
"Lord Houzhen, where are we going now?"
"It’s safest to go back to the ancestral temple!" I really didn’t say much. It’s urgent to fly directly with everyone to the south wilderness. He doesn’t believe that Xiandao people will be indifferent
The nose is very fast. A million miles away is not a long distance for him, but it is only a day away.
At the moment, Wen Tian and others are worrying about what to do. The evil arrow fell from the sky, and the three men looked up at the same time to carry out the arrow. They knew this guy had an arrow.
"I’m out now and I’m going to Nanhuang Zuwu Temple!" This is the information that the county gave them.
"Ah low this little seems to come out! Now we don’t want to run away! " Kong Xuan smiled and Jin Peng was equally happy that the nose was okay.
"So it’s better to have a boundary, so we don’t have to worry about it. If he dares to come, we can’t let him go back! It seems that there is nothing like being able to avoid the real arrow and kill people! " Wen Tian nodded. I didn’t expect this time to come out.
It’s good news for Wen Tian and others that the rear boundary is broken, but it’s not good news for Tailaojun and others. After this time, it’s really suspicious that even the combined array method may not be able to stop the arrow of the back ground.
Even the lunar star can penetrate and shoot the arrow of the sun god, and even the sword array of Zhu Xian may not be completely damaged, which will block the old gentleman from frowning when he really breaks the array.
Xuan Du Shi, who is healing, was suddenly startled that he broke through the dust array of two instruments in such a short time, which made him expect that this law could not persist until the end of the war of God. I didn’t expect it to be broken so soon.
These troubles are the common idea of banquet master and Taibanjun.
After that, I really didn’t care so much about flying wholeheartedly to the south wilderness. At this time, he can only do things wholeheartedly if his people arrive in An, otherwise it will be very troublesome. After all, he can’t be with his people all the time
The back bound must take the people to the Ancu Witch Hall, and we can’t let Houzhen come out of the Ancu Witch Hall! We must trap him again! Too old gentleman instantly made a decision!
Chapter ninety Heaven and earth change
The Pan Gu Temple in Halong is as quiet as ever. Suddenly, the Pan Gu Temple has sprung up in a hundred miles.
At this moment, the old gentleman suddenly felt something was wrong, and a powerful force tugged at him. His body was too old, and he was horrified. What happened? Why would such a force appear?
Too old gentleman forcibly stopped this powerful attraction, but it made him even more horrified. This force was even stronger. Too old gentleman’s resistance was sucked away, and the whole Jinggong milli sign disappeared in 33 days.
"This is a celestial call. What celestial call will come so soon!" Too old gentleman knows what this irresistible attraction is in an instant. Even saints can resist the attraction from the celestial world.
Like the old gentleman, all saints, such as the celestial leader, were also sucked away by gravity, and Jin Ao Island also disappeared in the East China Sea. The earth kept shaking and the world changed mysteriously again.
Just for a moment today, the Godsworn disappeared completely, leaving those who have not become immortal, and even saints can compete with gravity to make the immortal department disappear into heaven and earth
Wen Tian also encountered the same problem. Shortly after En Xun came back, Wen Tian and Jin Peng and others were talking about the sudden arrival of gravity, which made Wen Tian and Kong Xuan and others unexpected.
"Kong Xuan Jin Peng, what’s wrong with you?" Wen Tian roared and felt the attraction, but it was far less intense than Kong Xuan and Jin Peng. Kong Xuan and Jin Peng’s body were gradually fading.