But Chang Sheng did it anyway. So does he have any proof?


He is not a national team coach, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know the national team coach.
Just the next day, Gao Hongbo, who was preparing for the Asian Cup in Qatar, was also interviewed by reporters. When talking about the results of the Golden Globe Awards, he said that he had never seen the ballot paper, and he didn’t know who it was written on.
"But if I had to choose, I would definitely choose david silva," Gao Hongbo said. "Because he was the most outstanding and stable player in the last year, he won this award under his real name … I feel sorry for david silva that he missed such a good opportunity. I think he must be very eager to win this award because it is a recognition and an encouragement for him …"
Gao Hongbo said that he was voted before he even saw the ballot-it was still in the China media, but it was not long before the Spanish media, Valencia’s provincial newspaper, turned this story around and the whole of Europe knew about it.
Gao Hongbo’s words made the media realize that there may be some black-box exercises, but it may not be.
They went deep into the matter.
The media always like to confirm with these threats that they are determined to violate them and deny them, and they are determined to follow the rules.
But this time, this feature of theirs has helped Changsheng.
First, it is always winning. After all, it is limited that a person can influence others by yelling at his son.
However, when China national team coach Gao Hongbo did say that he had never seen the ballot before, the media intervened, which had social influence.
And this influence is the last thing FIFA wants to see
More people think and reflect-will the results of this wonderful Golden Globe Award really be manipulated by people?
In the media, we found out who are the three places of China national team coach Gao Hongbo’s votes.
The first one he chose was Messi, the second was Harvey and the third was … Diego Forlan!
David silva is not even in Gao Hongbo’s choice.
But in an interview, he said that if he chose himself, david silva would be the first one.
This seems to prove even more that he has never seen this ticket. Who helped him fill it out … Then it’s really impossible to solve the puzzle, and no one will be stupid enough to take the initiative to say that they are the agents.
However, filling out the ballot papers for the national team coach should have never seen it. Anyway, FIFA is to blame.
Even if FIFA doesn’t have black-box exercises, it says that their management is in chaos.
But it’s not that simple.
After Gao Hongbo’s voting results came out, China captain Du Wei’s voting results were also exposed. In the Golden Globe Awards, he chose exactly the same as Gao Hongbo. The first place was Messi, the second place was Harvey and the third place was Diego Forlan.
Has Iniesta and david silva been considered by him?
It’s quite a coincidence that the results of two people’s choices at the Golden Globe Awards are exactly the same.
But more coincidentally, it’s yet to come.
In the best coach selection, Gao Hongbo chose exactly the same as Du Wei!
Gao Hongbo chose the national team coach, the first was Spanish national team coach Bosco, the second was German national team coach Loew, and the third was Uruguayan coach tavares.
Du Wei is just like him.
When Gao Hongbo said that he didn’t see the Golden Globe votes, some people might think that he lied to help Changsheng, because both he and Changsheng knew that he would definitely win.
Now, when the coach’s ballot came out, everyone was convinced that Gao Hongbo had never seen the ballot.
If he filled in all these votes himself, how could he fill in Bosco’s name in the first option of best coach?
He and Chang Sheng will definitely fill in Chang Sheng’s name.
Although there is a rule that voters can’t choose their own national players when choosing the Golden Globe Awards.
But there is no such restriction on choosing the best coach.
Gao Hongbo is definitely an optional winner.
But he didn’t choose.
What does this say?
He and Chang Sheng, even if he doesn’t put Chang Sheng in the first place, must be the second, at least in the top three.
But he didn’t do it. There was no winning name in the three places.
This proves what he said before. He has never seen a ballot. All his ballots are filled by others!
There are more European media paying attention to the voting results of China’s coach and captain, which seems to be dismantling FIFA and embarrassing Messi.
There is even a lot of media speculation about Messi’s award, which has divided the Barcelona team and caused Harvey and Iniesta to be quite dissatisfied with Messi’s award.
At this time, Messi’s teammates came out to support Messi
Harvey congratulated his teammate Lionel Messi first. "I’m not disappointed at all, because the honor belongs to Barcelona’s youth training camp. It will be surprising to win the prize. I want to congratulate Lionel Messi. This award is awarded to Rama and Barcelona for their football philosophy. We need to enjoy this moment. Will I win the prize? Let’s wait and see. My life will not change because of the Golden Globe Award. I will continue to have the same passion for football. The Golden Globe Award has stayed in the big family of Barcelona, which is no problem for me. "
Iniesta, who has always been low-key, simply said, "If people vote for Messi, it is because he is ashamed and it is because he is right to win."
Naturally, these two people came out to support Messi to show everyone that they didn’t get upset with Messi because of a Golden Globe Award, and the Barcelona department was not divided and split.
But whether they really regret … That’s hard to say.
And the media did not give up the pursuit of the truth, they continued to dig the curtain.
Soon afterwards, the media broke the news that Guatemalan captain Stavo Cabreira revealed that he voted for Spanish and Lazio core player david silva, but in the final voting statistics released by FIFA, his third choice actually wrote "xabi alonso"!
Besides Gao Hongbo, others also testified that there was something wrong with their votes
This reinforces the fact that Messi won the prize and there is a tricky speculation.
Now it may not be speculation, but fact.
FIFA’s shady and black-box practices have long been nothing new.
It won’t surprise everyone that it happened at the Golden Globe Awards.
In the face of the media and the ever-victorious questioning, I kept silent before attacking FIFA.
It was not until the evidence of Gao Hongbo and Stavo Cabreira came out that they finally couldn’t sit still.
Their spokesperson responded to media questions.
"This selection is not considered shady by everyone. It is clean. We admit that we may have made some mistakes in some mitigation, but it was an accident. Such unexpected shortcomings led to the reversal of the results. We congratulate Messi and congratulate david silva and Iniesta, who are both very good players … whoever wins the prize is a football victory."
Changsheng bluntly commented on his personal website after the spokesperson spoke, "Where is this football victory? This is a victory for FIFA! Let’s have the cheek to applaud FIFA. They have successfully proved that they can win whoever they want! "
Naturally, his remarks were quickly broadcast by the media to get a title: "I often continue to criticize FIFA for its shady!"
His remarks are bound to anger FIFA.
But at this time, naturally, someone will come out to support him.