"Come on, they’re not outsiders."


I heard Zhang Zhongxuan say that Zhang Huai was relieved to say, "Well, the master was actually ill because of his departure. Who wants to know that it never rains but it pours? The master owes several merchants in the city money for business. Every day these days, someone comes to ask for a bill, so that the cashier will not affect the master’s quiet place and close the door. If there is a cashier, ask me to inform her and she will naturally deal with it."
Zhang Zhongxuan thought that the cough just now must have been emitted by Zhang Ai. Now he hears Zhang Huai’s words and thinks that he has never been loved by others except the master. But now Zhang Ai is so angry that he is sick because he has been out for a few days that he can’t help but feel a sour and fatherly feeling, and he strides towards the house.
The total area of Zhangfu is not small. There are flowers, grass and pavilions, which are not much different from other courtyards. It is rare to see a person walking in the corridor when the mansion swings, and I feel that Zhangfu is really withered now.
"Xuan ‘er" is coming out of the dining room with steaming medicine soup. Zhang saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s body tremble, but his body also fell softly to the bowl of medicine in an instant.
Zhang Chongxuan can look at Zhang’s mind and fly out of the medicine soup to fly back to the bowl automatically. Zhang Chongxuan’s body is also flying to hold Zhang’s way "What’s wrong with your mother?" He reached out to Zhang’s face and found that it was very hot. Zhang Chongxuan had also seen some celestial medical books in the celestial world, and Zhang Huai suffered from the cold due to the transition from hard work. He quickly entered a real yuan to help Zhang help her warm up and get through some festivals.
Zhang leisurely woke up and said "medicine"
Weathered cloud hurriedly handed the bowl of medicine soup and said, "Here’s the medicine."
Zhang’ s heart is wide. "It took a few dollars to get medicinal herbs to boil soup. If you fall down at home like this, you can’ t afford to buy medicine."
"How did this happen in her family?" Zhang chongxuan’s way
Zhang sighed, "It’s nothing. In fact, this rotten stall of the Zhang family has been ruined for a long time. It was your father who tried his best to keep it from collapsing over the years. When your father fell ill, those who had debts in our family were afraid that the Zhang family would not be able to pay the money. Your father pawned some of his possessions and paid off his debts." Zhang said and took another look at Zhang Fu’s way. "Even this mansion doesn’t belong to us. I repeatedly begged others to allow your father to get well before leaving."
"Mother is a child. You’ll take me to dad. I want to make an apology to dad." Zhang Zhongxuan was not sad when he thought of the Zhang family’s actions.
Zhang Huai chimed in at this time, "Young Master is talking with Zhong Bo in the room."
Zhang Zhongxuan caressed Zhang and said, "Mother, don’t worry, the baby is back. Everything will be fine with the baby!"
Zhang looked at Zhang Chongxuan’s bright eyes and was worried. She couldn’t help but caress mo with warmth. Zhang Chongxuan’s head was relieved and said, "Xuaner, you have grown up to be a man."
Weathered clouds always look like a person who can’t fathom Zhang Chongxuan on weekdays, but now they are so lovely in front of Zhang, and they can’t help but want to laugh. At this moment, a murderous look comes over to see Zhao Zifeng, who is staring at him mercilessly, absorbing the soul and sending out bursts of shady mountains. Then what do you dare to think about? Hurry up and follow Zhang Zhongxuan and Zhang’s ass, and I’m afraid that Zhao Zifeng will do anything to him.
Zhang Chongxuan caressed Zhang and came to the room to see the door closed, sighing from time to time. Of course, the sound of Zhang Chongxuan was heard in the ear. One of them was Zhang Chongxuan, but the whole person was stunned for a long time. That sentence was Zhang Ai’s saying to Zhong Bo, "Hey, if the Zhang family is ruined, it will ruin me. It’s just heartbreaking that Xuan left me. Now he is gone forever. What’s the point of asking me to live?" If it weren’t for Xuaner’s mother, I wouldn’t have survived. "
Heavy Xuan sent the 27th generation of heavy Xuan real people. He had already seen through the feeling. Now when he heard Zhang Ai’s words, Zhang Chongxuan’s blood was hot and his eyes were wet. When he knelt down toward the room, he said, "Dad is unfilial and Zhang Chongxuan is back."
Booming Zhang Chongxuan’s kneeling was a lightning strike, and the whole sky suddenly became stormy and dark clouds shrugged. It was dark in Bilang Wan Li at this time, and Zhao Zifeng and the weathered cloud clothes danced non-stop. They actually felt a sense of fear, and Zhang Huaize had already been shivering on the ground. Zhao Zifeng’s mind was extraordinary, knowing that Zhang Chongxuan was in a great repair must be a day. Seeing him kneeling, I hereby responded to him. He dared to think more and knelt down with him. He immediately felt much more comfortable when he knelt down.
A thunderbolt struck the weathered cloud, and the cloud was frightened. Seeing that Zhao Zifeng was kneeling, he hurriedly knelt down and shouted, "Oh, my God, I’m not kneeling, I’m slow-witted and unresponsive. Please forgive me."
The door was automatically hit by the wind at this time, and Zhang Ai, wearing a coat, came out in Zhong Bo’s arm.
"Sir" Zhang Ying went to hold Zhang Ai.
Zhang Chong Xuan Chao, with a morbid face, knocked his head and said, "Dad."
Zhang Ai came to Zhang Zhongxuan’s side without words, but he put his hand on Zhang Zhongxuan’s shoulder and quietly said, "Get up, dad, don’t blame you for wanting you to come back. It’s good to come back." Zhang Ai coughed and turned red, which was very uncomfortable.
"Master" Zhang worried that the Taoist hand tapped Zhang Ai behind his back.
Cough Zhang Ai a heavy cough Wu wear the mouth hand Huo Ran shed filar silk blood Zhang Zhongxuan hurriedly got up and held Zhang Ai way "dad windy outside the back room to help you cure"
Chapter 34 Context ()
From time to time in Wan Liyun, a few birds chirp and fly lightly.
Room Zhang Zhongxuan sat at the desk and looked at Zhang Fu’s accounts. After reading them for a few industries, he threw away the Zhang Family’s books. These accounts were really rotten, and he didn’t want to take over, but wanted to re-create the Zhang Family.
I glanced at the weathered clouds and looked indifferent in that atmosphere. "Zifeng, what do you think is the fastest way to make money if I want to do business?" According to Zhang Zhongxuan’s plan, the Zhang family should be revitalized first, and then the sects should be revitalized. Because the sects should be revitalized, it is also necessary to have money and land to establish the sects’ sphere of influence.
Zhao Zifeng did have the real thing in business. Huo Ran refuted Zhang Chongxuan’s words. "Master, making money is not an overnight business. Pay attention to long-term fishing. If you are greedy for success, it is impossible to make a big deal."
Weathered cloud before a disdain "teacher younger brother, you this is not nonsense? Master, his old man’s house asks you and doesn’t know these things. He wants you to think about what you can do. Maybe the master has already had an idea in his heart to see your ability. "
Zhang Zhongxuan doesn’t speak, and people can’t see the truth or falsehood.
Zhao Zifeng thought that he had seen Zhang Zhongxuan’s deeds, and his heart was also a "I was really confused about the master’s ability and there was no way for him to test me." Beware of the sudden change of thinking method. The so-called people used their quick wits. Zhao Zifeng had an idea when he thought about it. "The master’s way of making money is not without the shutter, but it is the fastest way to make money, such as brothels and casinos. Of course, pubs are also ok, but there is one of the biggest problems in these industries."
Zhang Zhongxuan scrambled to ask "What’s the problem?" You’re right. You’re always hesitating about what to sell. "
"The biggest problem is that the power like these popular industries must be mastered by a giant. They not only have complicated physical power, but also have a certain background in the government. It is impossible for us to just want to make money in the store without the background. It is very likely that we will be suppressed by the other party. When I did these businesses, I spent a lot of money to buy off the official road before I could gain a foothold." Speaking of this, Zhao Zifeng’s face was filled with emotion, obviously thinking of the difficulties in doing business at the beginning.
Zhang Zhongxuan sneered, "Do you know what the word power is?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
When Zhao Zifeng saw Zhang Chongxuan disdainfully, he remembered that Zhang Chongxuan didn’t even pay attention to the old demon in Yinshan. He woke up and said, "Master Zifeng’s power is equal to strength, and Zifeng is too worried."
At this time, the weathering cloud cried, "Yes, I’m afraid of anyone who dares to make trouble when I have a master here. Don’t say that the master can get a dead ray of the other party’s house and the side branches casually, even if we don’t care."