Nie Gai’s heart jumped violently, and he immediately pulled the bartender back. This just missed avoiding Pan Hui’s blow, but the cold strength rubbed his cheek and Nie Gai instantly felt a stabbing pain, and then he saw smiles send us light’s head cover flow with eyes wide open and hands over his mouth in horror to suppress the scream in his mouth.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网品茶论坛 Nie Gai’s heart jumped violently, and he immediately pulled the bartender back. This just missed avoiding Pan Hui’s blow, but the cold strength rubbed his cheek and Nie Gai instantly felt a stabbing pain, and then he saw smiles send us light’s head cover flow with eyes wide open and hands over his mouth in horror to suppress the scream in his mouth.

After the stabbing pain, it was burning pain. Nie Gai raised his hand and stroked his cheek, and immediately it was white. This was cut by the strength. When you look at it, there are a few drops of scarlet blood at your fingertips. Although it is not much, it is also very eye-catching.
Pan Hui got up and walked slowly forward. Her eyes were cold. "Who allowed you to come in!" She just practiced at the most critical moment. If someone interrupts her, she is afraid that she will be possessed immediately. If it is light, the true qi will be reversed. If it is sad, the lungs will be heavy, and the meridians will be broken. The abdomen will be abandoned. As soon as she remembers, she told me that she needed to send a little girl to wait on her. No one is allowed to disturb this bartender. It’s dare!
Chapter 159 Buy a servant girl (2)
The strength is instantly covered with a blue dress, and the wind is automatically hunting, and her voice is a little colder than her eyes. "Do you want to die!"
At this time, the bartender was shivering with fear from Pan Hui’s appearance, and he was very grateful to the shopkeeper for knowing that he would be dead now if it weren’t for the shopkeeper’s load and fear.
"Miss Pan is not sensible. Your acrobatics are all about Gai’s lax discipline. Gai is here to make amends to you. If you hit a lot of people, don’t generally care about him." Nie Gai stretched out his hand and pulled the bartender behind him.
Pan Hui sneered. Before she spoke, she heard a lazy voice outside the door. "What do you have for such a short-sighted person?"
Pan Hui and Nie Gai were all surprised when they saw a white figure running to the door, and Nie Gai wanted to protect them again.
At this moment, a crimson figure also appeared next to the bartender, and a move blocked the personality. When the two collided, they sent out a strong strength or blew Nie Gai and the bartender back.
Punishment is really like smiling at the corner of your mouth and stopping yourself. Pan Huirou said, "What do you care for him when he makes you unhappy?"
Pan Hui gently hum a "he makes me unhappy, that’s my thing you do? I want you to mind your own business! "
"If others make you unhappy, I will naturally make others unhappy." Punishment really makes Pan Hui turn over a supercilious look directly.
She glanced at the bartender coldly and shouted, "Do you really want to die? Get out of here! "
The bartender immediately ran away from the building.
Pan Hui just let go and was about to pull himself back to the room only to find that his hands were still being punished, but the other party was narrow-minded and didn’t want to relax.
She immediately blushed and said, "Let go!"
Punishment is really like a hook on the corner of your mouth and a pick on your eyebrows. It’s true that you put your hands behind your back and looked at Pan Hui with your rest.
Pan Huicai was too lazy to take a reason. He went straight back to the house and frowned at a piece of water damage. This was just white. What was the second brother whining about just now? He immediately baked the ground with his hands.
A crimson qi appeared beside her. Pan Hui looked around and saw that the punishment was really like a pair of Gherardini eyes. Suddenly, he was so angry that he didn’t even bother to pay attention to him. He directly regarded him as a labor force.
In less than a moment, the water stains in the house disappeared, leaving fragments of boards and collapsed screens scattered on the ground.
Pan Hui was too lazy to take care of these things. He went straight to the bed and called Gai Liu to his side and said to Nie Gai, "Gai shopkeeper Pan Hui has one thing to discuss with you today, and he also went to Gai shopkeeper to give up what one favours."
"Give up love?" Nie Gai glanced at Gai Lian’s appearance, and saw that my little girl twisted her clothes uneasily with her hands beside Pan Hui. She didn’t dare to look up at people and asked, "Did the girl see this girl?"
Pan Hui nodded.
"Since the girl saw it, it’s also a blessing for this girl to take her away." Nie Gai smiled. He just received a rough maid to warm the bed. This little girl hasn’t stayed around yet, and he doesn’t want to eat anything. Since Pan Hui wants it, he should send a accommodating person to the punishment. He can also leave a good impression as there.
So thinking about Nie Gai, he stole a look at the punishment. It’s really like seeing his own public spirit. He simply sat at the round table and listened to his words through the overnight herbal tea. He seemed to be very satisfied and nodded slightly. He immediately felt that he had done a good job in this business.
Pan Hui was a little surprised to see that Nie Gai was so accommodating. On second thought, I wanted to find that this person seems to have always been accommodating. It was because she didn’t like him that she had some prejudice. At this time, her heart changed a little about Nie Gai and added, "I heard that Gai Lian was originally sold to Gai shopkeeper, so I naturally can’t let the shopkeeper suffer. The shopkeeper still has a good price."
Nie Gai’s right hand clenched fist in front of his mouth and gently coughed. When he saw the punishment, he was really natural and unhappy. "It took only 12 silvers to buy her at the beginning. She also stayed in my place for half a year. At most, you might as well give it to Gaimou according to the original 12 silvers."
Pan Hui turned her eyes and asked Gai Lian to go to the cupboard to help her get a small purse. She first took out a small ingot of 12 silver ingots from the purse, and then took out a piece of silver, which was about one or two pieces of light and heavy silver, and handed the two pieces of silver to Nie Gai. "Pan Hui has never liked to take advantage of others. This 11 silver also asks the shopkeeper to put it away and then give me the little pity deed."
Nie Gai looked at the size of two pieces of silver in the palm of his hand and smiled. "Just go and get the deed of sale according to the girl Gaimou, and please wait a moment for the girl." He turned and left the room.
Pan Hui looked at Gai Lian, who was soaked to the skin. "You should change your clothes first. Be careful to catch cold. I can’t take care of people’s heels. If I am sick, I can’t take care of you."
Cover flow immediately blessed the body also back out.
At that time, Pan Hui’s punishment was really like two people.
The punishment here is really like not talking. Pan Hui is also happy to take the initiative to take a reason when he is angry.
When Nie Gai came back from the indenture, he felt that the atmosphere of the room was very subtle. Both of them were sitting on their own, and no one spoke to anyone, but they were a little more nervous.
Pan Hui watched him go and return, and then asked first, "Did you get the things?"
Nie Gai immediately sent the indenture to her.
Pan Hui stretched out his hand and took the analog sample glanced at the surface. In fact, he didn’t look at it at all. He saw a small fingerprint on the signature surface and nodded with satisfaction. He folded the deed of sale and pocketed the middle road. "I have to stay in this Qiyang city for a few days. These days, I have to pay for my accommodation and food. When I leave, I will settle with the shopkeeper."
Nie Gai hurriedly laughed. "Miss Pan is welcome. The original girl didn’t get a silver here. Her accommodation and meals these days are counted in the silver just now. There is no need to pay extra."
"Whatever." Pan Hui raised her eyebrows and didn’t bother to care. She stared at Nie Gai, who had finished speaking, and hesitated to leave her appearance. "Is there anything else for the shopkeeper?"
Cover flow busy way "no no girl if there is no other command cover a excused himself first"
"Walk slowly and don’t send" Pan Hui smiled and looked at Nie Gai softly back out and didn’t forget to give the door a look in her eyes that gradually sharpened.
Chapter 16 Buy a servant girl (3)
She always feels that Nie Gai’s attitude today is very wrong. Although she is also a very accommodating person on weekdays, she has no feeling of being low-spirited, but today she is not used to it.
What the hell is wrong with this guy? Why do you suddenly want to be pinched like a cat with a neck?
Pan Hui couldn’t help glancing at the punishment. It’s like intuition and this man’s presence, but seeing the punishment is like drinking tea with a serious eye and a nose, as if Root hadn’t noticed that they had just traded.
Xu had felt Pan Hui’s eyes. Punishment was really like putting a cup and looking at her with a gentle smile, which provoked Pan Hui to hum a light head and ignore him directly.
At that time, the room was so quiet that two people were left breathing and punishment was like pouring tea.
Pan Hui selfishly held a wooden comb in front of the dressing mirror, twisted the long hair into strands and overlapped it on the top of her head to make a cloud-facing bun, and then tilted her hair around the bun, so that she could comb it satisfactorily.
At this time, she heard a burst of footsteps behind her. Before she got up, she saw the white figure appear behind her from the bronze mirror. As soon as the man lifted it, he inserted the agate flying butterfly Hosta in her head yesterday. The original scarlet butterfly Hosta was very beautiful.
Pan Hui’s heart jumped and her intuition was about to stretch out her hand to pull it out, but she was really like holding her right hand.
Punishment is really like putting your head to Pan Hui’s ear and laughing. "Don’t pull it out. It looks good on you."
Pan Hui looked at the two faces in the bronze mirror that were very close together, and suddenly the punishment was really like a face smile, which was regarded as a master elder brother’s heart. When she looked intently again, she jumped up immediately from the eyebrows.
She was caught off guard when she hit the shoulder. It’s like the two of them gasped in pain together. It’s like being hit back a few steps before she stabilized her posture. At this time, the whole mouth was twisted because of the impact of Pakistan. It’s very ugly
Pan Hui couldn’t help smiling when she looked at the punishment. She was in a good mood, and even her shoulder hurt less.
Punishment is really like seeing her smiling like a flower, and it seems that she is not gentle in her eyes. When Pan Huixiao has had enough, judo is "not angry?"
Pan Hui lift eye eyes with a little confused.
She doesn’t remember where the punishment really upset her today. If it was just now that he tried to kill the bartender, she finally stopped him from coming, so there is no need to be angry.