Thunder and fire retreat from a virtual shadow of human form. When the length of the body is Zhang Er, the eyebrows reveal bright and dazzling blue, and the god Mang God floats and manifests himself to resist the crushing of Wanxian array.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网约茶品茶工作室 Thunder and fire retreat from a virtual shadow of human form. When the length of the body is Zhang Er, the eyebrows reveal bright and dazzling blue, and the god Mang God floats and manifests himself to resist the crushing of Wanxian array.

Looking at this meteorological Baiyun Tower from a distance, I immediately realized that Xuan Ming had finally transformed into a successful monarch.
A half-Xuan Ming micro-strong ice blade storm suddenly raged in a large array, and even the Wanxian large array could not be suppressed for a while.
"Ha ha ha ….."
When laughing wildly, Xuan Ming pulled out a pale blue ice sickle with his fingertips, and the qi machine was full of light at the blade of the sickle, as if he could easily penetrate the celestial void.
Laughter gradually closed. Xuan Ming lifted his sleeve and brushed his body. In a few weeks, all the magical powers were blown up and the ice flame disappeared and dissipated
With a wave of his hand, the ice sickle breaks and cuts out the sickle, the mountain incarnate in myriad moments, and goes to cut out the number of Xianbing, even the roaring sky and several Xiandu. Is this robbery of the Xianzhen array force to cover only a ray of true spirit and then it is taken to the Xiandao rules to reward and punish the Xianchi for re-evolution?
Many immortals suffered a lot, and the momentum of the large array of immortals was faint at once, and soon there were signs of collapse.
At the same time, two blue eyes shine through the large array and pitch, and the eyes of heaven and earth are disillusioned and return to the truth.
"So it’s a good way for the three realms to belong to the immortal emperor, but now it’s cheap. Hahahaha …"
Xuan Ming looked up at the sky and laughed wildly. The light swept across the vast star and suddenly he saw a mighty long river falling like a waterfall.
"The fallen fairy can control the Tianhe River …" When he muttered to himself, Xuan Ming immediately dodged and didn’t want to be bound by the chains of several fairy rules, but it was difficult to break free at the moment.
"Peng Peng …"
It’s too late to break the chain of order and break it one after another.
The weak water and the milky way went straight down for nine days, washing Xuan Ming’s body method with absolute strength.
Escapable artifact ice sickle broken back to Xuan Ming front to prop up a mountain field.
However, in just a moment, the field collapses and dissipates directly, and even the artifact can’t escape the weak water erosion robbery. After being erased, it disappears in the blink of an eye.
The enchantment of the divine realm is fleeting
Protective Xuan Bing melts like snow.
Xuan Ming’s body is hard and resistant to weak water, and it is as strong as a divine monarch’s body, and it is hard to resist weak water erosion, and it is gradually showing signs of ruin
The powerful god has not been able to retreat, and the cracks are all over the traces of time branded by Tianhe Fairy Rhyme.
A moment later, Tianhe once again hid and revealed a charming figure, which seemed to be extremely tired and disappeared for a long time in Chaoyang princess royal.
Baiyun Tower flicker and embrace the morning sun in your arms. The weather gently wraps the fairy soul and gently helps moisten it.
The little flower spirit also appeared with her appearance, and she looked tired. She was sitting down with a small cloud holding a small jar of honey wine to supplement her immortal strength.
"Back to the front, this one hasn’t finished yet …" The Baiyun Tower sighed lightly and took the floret spirit and put it on his shoulder, then flicker back to the fairy array.
The voice fell in the middle of the large array and the broken figure of the ruins was really moving.
Xuan Ming propped up the broken mutilated body eroded by weak water and laughed sadly. "Jie Jie weak water … so much …"
"But so … that sb talks about air leakage everywhere …" Baiyun Tower grumpily replied, slowly sealing the seal of the fairy.
This print shows a fairy land shaking and singing, and Xuan Ming Shenjun, who has just propped up his figure, was immediately suppressed by a powerful qi machine and fell down again to cut the ruins of Yaotai.
"Hum …"
With a deafening hum, the god embedded in Xuan Ming’s eyebrows will shine brightly. Although the body method is used to repair the falling machine, it will skyrocket.
In the instant, Xuan Ming’s body suddenly disappeared, and all the remaining order chains were broken. A blue mountain went straight into Wanxian large array to condense the virtual boundary.
"Click" a loud noise enchantment shattered into hundreds of Xianbing Fairy will be crushed by itself on the spot, and the power of Wanxian large array will drop, but it still makes Blue Mountain stagnate for a moment.
At this moment, the seal of the fairy was broken and the strong seal was accurate, and Xuan Ming was set in the virtual middle
Seal the immortal seal is the immortal big bursts of eyes. This fall will immediately suppress several turning forces in Xuan Ming.
"It’s safe to take revenge for the wrongs and do your best to wait for you Xianyou …"
Bai Daxian’s voice fell to several magical powers, and the immortal seal led to the broken body of God.
Tung tree should be angry with Xuan Ming for his affection for Tao Yao, and decisively beat him to the crack all over God, and then he condensed the sky with his hands, and the rocket rain mercilessly took turns shooting down God, and then he cracked.
At that time, the divine light and generate collided with ice and fire. Although the divine light still suffered losses, it did not retreat. The forced annihilation of the two led to virtual detonation.
Obviously, the fire tree was really angry, and it did not hesitate to consume its own divinity to obliterate Xuan Ming’s deity.
Baiyunlou was about to make moves to resist Taoyao, but it was obvious that the abnormality was immediately comforted by pulling the red paulownia soft.
Perhaps influenced by Bai Daxian’s sentence of revenge, the little fox spirit on the other side also fell into a frenzy.
Luoli not only showed that Vulpix method took turns to make moves relative to Xuan Ming, but also tried to break through the realm of law with the breath of weak water left after the Tianhe River was just swallowed up.
Vulpix and Qiwei, who are separated by a natural barrier, have been accumulating the inside information for several years. I didn’t expect to take revenge for the Nangong Feiyang this time and risk breaking the boundary.
Although the chances of repairing the celestial world have been constant, it has swallowed up a lot of weak water, but it is still far from the real breakthrough. At this time, the chances of success in breaking the boundary are slim.
However, at this time, Luo Li obviously regarded the consequences of the failure to break the border and forcibly condensed out the virtual rule of breaking. The seventh virtual shadow immediately took advantage of the short-term opportunity of soaring strength to throw a huge tail at Xuan Ming.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and ninety-one Wan Jian to one.
Luoli is not the kui is a descendant of Kyubi no Youko tian hu. Although it is forced to condense the virtual image of the seven tails, the place where the tail falls is virtual and instantaneous.
The rule that the tail tip of the giant tail virtual image contains the avenue seems to regard all Shinto means as penetrating through Xuan Ming and propping up several protective barriers, and finally patting the broken demon body.
When the blow hit the full force, it seemed to have stopped for a moment. Xuan Ming’s demon body was broken again with snow and frost. It was brewing that the avatar was also shattered by the earthquake and was immediately completely suppressed by the seal of heaven.
In this situation, Xuan Ming has turned over and waited for the large array to be forcibly crushed and turned into a massive merit
According to the Baiyun Tower, it is planned that Xuan Ming’s god body can destroy the true soul, but this god still has to keep it, which is also an account for the gods.
After all, now that the Three Realms have returned to France and the whole celestial enemy, if they want to keep God, they will be accepted and recognized by the celestial realm.
Elder martial sister Qingchi once said that for the gods in the divine domain, there is no emotional bond between strength and respect, let alone no revenge.
Moreover, due to the high rules of the divine world, the gods can’t directly fight for life and death, so they accidentally fall, and the remaining gods are the real chance for his protoss.
Read the Baiyun Tower and stop. The two of them have been staring at the cracks all over God for a long time, and they are taking turns to chop them up.
Fall is the instant breathing machine. Xuan Ming propped up the broken god body through the sudden outbreak of residual divine power, and manifested the demon god method with dozens of feet high.
The Baiyun Tower has not been crushed by strong action and great force.
Have this machine Xuan Ming face upwards roar a run most divine power gathered residual qi taxiing out two huge claws in front of several zhangs to forcibly tear a crack.
Looking down the crack, it’s not chaotic, but an independent small world.
It is said that all gods in the realm of gods can be transformed into one side. The small world doesn’t want to see the Baiyun Tower in such a situation today. It is curious that it didn’t immediately seal the fairy seal and ban the virtual entrance, but looked at it.