The original female ceremony had predicted this change long ago, and Sun Hao’s position was quite an Sun Hao, who also topped Xingtian’s dry Qi Fangdun and prepared for defense, but the real pressure was not great.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网喝茶品茶联系方式 The original female ceremony had predicted this change long ago, and Sun Hao’s position was quite an Sun Hao, who also topped Xingtian’s dry Qi Fangdun and prepared for defense, but the real pressure was not great.

But Jordan’s finger immediately made Sun Hao’s eyes cold. This guy was still suspicious of himself. His finger seemed to be fine, but it dragged Sun Hao to the direction of the huge counterattack force of the plough Beidou array.
If Sun Hao doesn’t understand the array, he may suffer a big loss this time.
The bride should not help Sun Haoneng in the face of her sudden attack and drink "Be careful on the hill"
Sun Hao looks like a frantic swing out of Xingtian’s dry Qi Fangdun and slams it forward.
Sun Hao’s square shield hit the column at this moment, and the counterattack force of the plough Beidou array rushed over. According to the truth, Xingtian’s dry Qi Fangdun can’t stop this blow. Sun Hao is likely to suffer heavy losses. Jordan opened his wings to protect his face and revealed a faint smile.
However, as soon as Jordan was successful in protecting himself, Sun Hao and Xingtian joined the broken plough like a bridge, and the energy of Beidou plough array was quickly advanced into the plough and the earth demon array.
Bounce out of Jordan’s finger point very quickly.
A series of large array forces quickly rushed to attack the large array Jordan.
In the protection of white wings, Jordan felt a huge explosive force. How could he have such strength inexplicably?
The wings couldn’t stop Jordan, so he had to spread his wings again to form a second line of defense. Feathers splashed in the right cloister, and Jordan’s body was constantly slapped and hit by the rebound force of the huge array, like a huge humanoid pit embedded in the right cloister wall.
After half a ring, Jordan’s grey head and grey face shook his wings and rushed out from the inside with a livid face.
At this time, everyone recovered after the broken array.
Jordan takes a look at the big man across the street and is not hurt, and the whole scene counts himself as the most embarrassed except for being attacked by the divine power and being in a slightly worse state.
Gave Corleone a hard, unwilling stare, and Jordan didn’t care.
The tone of the female ceremony is cold, and Sun Hao is around to blame. "Jordan, everyone agreed to go together and just aim at the hill?"
Jordan is a female gift key and always helps Sun Hao with a slightly better face and a haha mouth. "It’s an emergency. I just gave myself a free hand, but I didn’t want to target people."
King Gexu stretched out his hand to stop the still-angry bride and said in a low voice, "What’s going on? Everyone knows that the hill was just your lucky time. You should pay more attention to yourself. Of course, the king and the bride will try to look at you."
King Gexu finished.
No, the king of death has sunk and said, "flying terrans and male and female witches are all in array. What’s wrong with you?" Can this array be broken? "
Chapter DiYiJiuSiYi Bronze Wu Tian Chen four
Jordan said with a smile, "The great thing about the spirit ban is that it can be adjusted according to the situation. If you want to break the array, you really have to try many times and wake up first."
No, the bronze fangs mask on the face of the king of death sank slightly and said, "Then go on, but you’d better abide by the basic agreement and don’t do anything out of line or it will cause complications."
Jordan smiled and said nothing.
What will happen? We’ll see who’s better then.
Qiao Ri said loudly at this time, "Witch King, can we break the top of the earth, the evil spirits and the gods, and then try our best to break a few small spirit arrays?"
Theory can really be so broken.
King Gexu hesitated for a long time and said, "That’s a conventional array-breaking technique, but after the array is broken, everyone’s reaction speed must be very fast and the position must be more accurate, otherwise it will be difficult to work, and the four small spirit arrays are very similar to the big spirit forbidden connection method, and it will be quite uncomfortable for a bad spirit forbidden to recover and break back."
King Gexu said that Qiao Ri was also lost in thought.
Sun Hao beside the bride touched her head and muttered, "Are you thinking too complicated? Is it really that hard to break this array?"
King Gexu glanced at Sun Hao and said that if you don’t understand, don’t comment.
The female ceremony is low and explains that "the spiritual forbidden art is so difficult."
On the other side, Jordan heard Sun Hao’s words with a sharp ear and burst into laughter. "Since you think we are thinking too complicated, do you have a simpler way?" Ha ha ha … "
Qiao Ri smiled. "If there is a Mahayana peerless, it is not difficult to press it with one hand, and it will naturally break. We don’t have the ability to do it step by step, but don’t think too simple."
In the face of two flying people, Sun Hao can be cynical, and he has no intention at all. If it takes a long time for these guys to break the array, the effect will not necessarily be good.
So Sun Hao didn’t hide his thoughts at this time, and he planned to gently touch his big head. Sun Hao looked at the entrance of the hall and said to the bride, "The bride’s adult hill thinks that since bronze is dead, the monks can’t worship in the cloister, can they? Maybe we can go into the patio without breaking the array. "
Sun Hao finished Jordan and Qiao Ri suddenly leng.
The bride’s gift is an instant reaction to come over and clap her hands and say, "Don’t tell the truth about the hill. Maybe we think it’s too complicated. Let me see …"
Jordan and Qiao Ri looked at each other and saw each other’s eyes angrily. For a long time, the flying terrans have developed the habit of breaking the mindset when they see the array. However, this time it is the simplest and most direct method, and it may be really effective.
This is really a few unexpected
After watching it for half a ring, the bride clapped her hands and said, "Hill, you are really right. We will walk through two huge columns facing the palace gate and arrive at the Bronze Death Hall without being intercepted."
No, the king of death glanced at Sun Hao meaningfully and said, "When we get used to a way of doing things, we will become well-behaved, and that is the biggest test for monks. Please teach everyone how to go in."
With Sun Haoxing, he changed his thinking of breaking the array, and the female ceremony led everyone to find the right way to enter quickly. After following the female ceremony, everyone entered the patio unimpeded, and before the tall bronze died.
Halloween Palace is amazing. When everyone enters the patio, they suddenly feel that the surrounding environment has changed.
At this time, everyone seems to be a huge altar in the white clouds. One hundred single columns around the altar are like huge cornerstones to hold the altar high.
The area of the altar is also as wide as 10,000 hectares. The bronze coffin looks very powerful and majestic. In the middle of the altar, clouds are lingering, as if there is a treasure light looming from the tripod cover, and the whole altar is fragrant.
Treasure light, fragrance!
These two discoveries refreshed the monk Qi Qi.
There really is a treasure in the bronze coffin.
More than a dozen monks lined up the altar and looked at Baoding in the middle with bright eyes.
Lorraine said crisply at this time, "If Baoding is really valuable, please remember not to open the lid at will."
The Dragon King Ao Ba nodded and said, "Yes, Bao Ding Yun has raised Bao Dan for many years. Maybe Bao Dan has been alive. If we really open the Ding Gai Bao Dan rashly, we may escape."
The female ceremony clearly said, "The opening method of the tripod is relatively simple. It is forbidden to open the tripod, leaving the back way. When the monk opens the tripod, he can open the tripod without touching the body gas or force. If the monk has the ability to take the treasure naturally, you have invited each exhibition to take the treasure pill."
Luohe laughed. "God King, you are the first person to take treasure. I don’t know if you will abandon it? Of course, if you give up this time, you have to wait for others to open the tripod before you come to the second round. You are the first again. "
Sometimes it’s not a good thing to rank first, especially this kind of buying sheep across the mountain. I don’t know when Baoding will go to get the treasure first, but it’s a little bit of a loss
But if you don’t go, it may be even worse. If Baoding doesn’t have ten freighters, wouldn’t it be a loss in vain before the second round?
No, although the King of Death is defiant, he is more credible. The bronze fangs of his head waved a few times before Baoding asked, "What range does it take for a female gift Baoding to escape from Dan?"
After a glance, the bride said, "It’s better not to chase after the range control altar area escapes from the altar or is higher than the bronze dead day …"
No, the god of death, Wang Bai, nodded slightly to show that he knew